10 Steps to Becoming a Social media Influencer

Written by Johnson Temiloluwa

Johnson Temiloluwa is one with many colours and boots; she is a photographer, content strategist/writer, poet, and essayist, but, Temi is first a storyteller. Temi loves love. She tells stories and aims to tell them with intricate photographs and share tales about her lifestyle and others. The lover of plantain and black clothing is the author of Detrimental Tales at 19.

August 10, 2021

Social media has grown from simply a collection of websites to an online community that builds relationships with users interacting with each other from all over the world education, growing businesses and expanding, and even selective advertisements. Becoming a social media influencer is now a thing

Becoming the new age celebrity, or rather, social media influencer involves growing, creating credibility in a specific industry, and being able to affect purchasing or involvement decisions of people that follow you. Below are ten steps to put you through on how to become a social media influencer.

1. Pick Your Platform

Picking the social media application is the basic step on how to become a social media influencer as are different ways of engagement for each platform with its own target audience. Think carefully, survey every platform, decide your target audience and create an account.

2. Find Your Place

Every social media influencer has an area of specialization or a business niche where they fall under. Having an area of specialization where you are passionate about and work well with, will help you build yourself.

3. Post Engaging and Interactive Content

There is a lot of diversity on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, different things to explore and new things to discover. People will only engage with your content if it’s something they can relate too or something that invites them to interact with it.

Twitter: The first step to attracting people to you on Twitter is making your bio eye-catching. Following and staying up to date with trending issues, using the right hashtags when dropping your opinions, using viral content and words with a bit of smartness and humor is a nearly fail safe way to attract people and build up your stage. It is also important to post consistently and respond to followers and replies to your posts.

Facebook: This has the largest audience on all social media platforms and includes audiences from all age ranges. An easy way of drawing attention to your page or account is writing captions that not only reflect your area of specialization but are also controversial enough to engage people. Post your views and opinions on important matters and use the right hashtags.

Instagram:  A very important skill in attracting an audience and becoming an influencer on Instagram is being active and posting true and engaging contents. Whether it is writing or comedy skits, it is important to be consistent with your posts and engaging with other people’s posts too, following and engaging on posts by other influencers.  An attractive profile with original contents will earn you a follow faster than you think and using the right hashtags is important as well.

4. Consistency and Patience

One thing that puts everyone, especially people on social media, off is inconsistency. If you won’t be able to create content every day, the best thing to do is create a lot when you have the time, then schedule post time and dates. Posting engaging content only to disappear and reappear after a few days will only make people disinterested in you. Note that while consistency is great, you still have to take care not to overdo it as that could lead to easy disinterest. Posting your content at the same time after the same period of days or a day would be a good way to go.

Be patient, nothing happens in a day. Your followers might start as small and might not be encouraging at first but as long as you stick to being consistent, you’ll slowly build more followers.

5. Only Post Original Contents or Give Credits to Original Owners

You cannot become an influencer by copying other people’s work or claiming them as your own. There are different things you can do to attract people to your page, it could be singing, dancing, or anything at all. All you need to do is sit and note what you are good at, then utilise it. Social media is a wide, open place and the chances that you will be discovered is nearly a hundred percent. You could even try to teach people how to become social media influencers yourself!

6. Grow Your Network

Being an influencer isn’t something you can do alone, it isn’t a one-man island. Communicating with, and even doing a collaboration with other influencers will boost your audience and influence.

7. Engage with Followers

A mistake some influencers make is ignoring their followers and only interacting with fellow influencers. This might anger your followers and diminishing your audience, thus putting a roadblock on your influencer journey. 

8. Avoid Any Sort of Negativity to Any Race, Tribe, or People

Whatever your personal opinion might be, remember that you’re posting on social media, where hundreds of thousands of people will be able to view it. Do not make posts that may imply hatred or dislike to a particular group. People’s opinion on your content matters where brands and sponsors are concerned and one thing is certain, the internet never forgets.

9. Stay Updated

New things are happening every minute, new trends, discoveries are being made, dramas happening, etc. Be sure you are on the know, become a go-to for your audience, somewhere they can be sure to always get the latest updates.

10. Enjoy What You Do

Building up followers, content creation, becoming an influencer, all of these are things that take time and happen slowly. Be sure that whatever it is you are doing, it is something that you, yourself enjoy and find joy in doing. If not, you’re likely to get exhausted after a period of time.


In conclusion, if you follow and stick to the steps above, especially the last one, you’ll be sure to build a base of decent followers that will continue expanding. From there, brands will notice you, start sponsoring you and then, you can become an influencer. Remember that all of this takes time so don’t give up midway.

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