100 Fascinating Facts About Family

Updated: Jan 22, 2022
By Editorial Staff
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Everyone belongs to a family and that’s what gives us a sense of identity. A family system is believed to be a small unit of the larger society, most importantly, it’s the foundation upon which a society is built. In other words, without family, there would be no society. But how well do you know about the family system? Many think it’s simply about their parents providing their basics until they’re mature. However, there is more to the family system than you think. Find out in this article containing 100 facts about family.

Random Facts About Family

1. A family is complete with or without children, as long as there is an association of two or more persons.

2. Nuclear family is the oldest, standing family system on earth— It is composed of a man, his wife and their children. 

3. A family system is an institution that regularizes sexual conduct and procreation— Within the context of family, procreation becomes necessary and healthy. 

4. Family helps provide necessities for those who aren’t able to fend for themselves.

5. Sadly, one in every two children will live in a single-parent family at some point in their childhood— This is due to misunderstanding among their parents which results in separation. 

6. Globally, more than one million children are victims of divorce or separated parents every year.

7.  Family feud is kept at a minimal level in homes where the responsibility is fairly divided— Each member of the family should be assigned tasks within their ability. 

8. Historically, servants were considered as being part of the family they served, since they lived permanently with that family.

9. Recently, the majority of families consist of a step-family, single-parent family, and family living together outside marriage.

10. Two out of every three people have step relative— This shows that the polygamy system of marriage is increasing daily. 

11. Intact family has a positive impact on a child’s present and future well-being— This is because peace and unity are present in the home. 

12. Children from families whose parents are continuously married have a low risk of academic, social, emotional, or cognitive problems. 

13. Interestingly, children in two-parent families have access to economic resources at childhood and till the adult stage— They receive support from both parents. 

14. Male from intact families have a high chance of independence at an early adult age— Oftentimes, the way to achievement has already been laid by their parents. 

15. Working together in the family teaches teamwork, applicable to other aspects of life.

Scientific Facts About Family

16. Growing up in a family of both biological parents reduces your chances of poverty by 82%.

17. Single-parent families are mostly headed by single moms globally— The kids are often left to stay with their mothers when a relationship becomes faulty. 

18. Unmarried mothers have low education levels. Hence, dependent on welfare assistance compared to married mothers.

19. Well-functioning families provide financial security to family members by providing for the needs of everyone. 

20. Single fathers are more likely to stay with cohabiting partners compared with single mothers— A cohabiting partner is someone you live with as though you are married to them. 

21. Everyone learns about relationships from their family— How you treat others is a reflection of how you are treated in your home. 

22. Family provides support systems to members during challenging times— In essence, they provide encouragement and motivation through their words and deeds.

23. Family is an essential source of affection and encouragement— Family gives you a helping hand when the need arises.

24. History is preserved within families. Transfer from one generation to another through story sharing.

25.  Sadly, a negative family system worsens mental health issues— This is because there is a high rate of disagreements and rivalry in the family. 

26. Children who spend quality time with their both parents are academically sound— The love bond established helps the child focus in school. 

27. Family inculcates moral values into an individual— People learn the standard way of living from the lifestyle portrayed in their family.

28. Emotional management and effective communication are first learned from a family system.

29. Did you know that a healthy family forms the backbone of a healthy society? Individuals from positive homes will have the progress of their society at hand. 

30. About half of the single mothers have never married before— The majority became mothers from forced or voluntary sexual affairs. 

Weird But True Facts About Family

31. A large extended family can help minimize the crime rate in society through proper upbringing.

32. Children living with both biological parents are 20 to 35 per cent more physically healthy than children from broken homes— Broken homes shred the emotional coordination of a child. 

33. The actual concept of marriage is learned from an intact family— How a healthy relationship is meant to exist between a man and his wife. 

34. Male and female children learn about their gender roles from a family system by watching their father and mother’s responsibility respectively. 

35. Children who take part in decision making in the family develop healthy self-esteem— They are able to make meaningful decisions independently when away from home. 

36. The family is a unit of emotional and economic cooperation. Everyone in a family is emotionally connected and works corporately to achieve economic development. 

37. Building a healthy family requires commitment from both parents— Both couples must be willing to make sacrifices and consider the opinions of their spouse. 

38. Families are essential building blocks of society— Every member of society is from a family. 

39. Family does handle the major part of child development, not the society— Family fends for an individual well being until they reach maturity.

40. The value of a family will be reflected in society at large— It’s what a family deems right that every member of that family showcases in the larger society. 

41. It’s impossible to choose your biological parents. However, you can choose your spouse, so make that choice right to give your unborn children a healthy family.

42. The best way to live with family members is by embracing tolerance— This is important because all members of a family have unique individual characteristics. 

43. Support from one’s family is one of the greatest motivations that keep one soaring high towards their goals and dreams.

44. Family is the group through which descent or ancestry can be traced.

45. The family system teaches us to care about others, through the care and support we receive from other members of our families. 

Surprising Facts About Family

46. The family system teaches you to accept people for who they are by looking beyond their flaws. 

47. Every family on earth has a problem to solve. In essence, they are no family void of problems.

48. Miscommunication is the major cause of family problems— This is when information is not communicated as desired or properly. 

49. Finance is necessary to the well-being of a family and should be given considerable attention and planning.

50. The habit of eating together in a family paves the way for an important discussion.

51. Listening attentively to what each member of the family has to say communicates value and worth.

52. Research shows that families who eat together are the most successful— This act strengthens family bonds. 

53. Positive communication boosts family bonds— Negative words and actions will inevitably tear down the emotions of another which breaks the family bond.

54. Spending quality time with family creates happy memories and builds unity. The more time you spend with your family, the happier you become as you all share similar beliefs. 

55. Setting schedules keep the family running smoothly— Schedules tell everyone what to do and when to do it. 

56 . In many cultures, eventually all family members share the same surname for identification.

57. In a family system, it’s impossible not to hurt someone’s emotions mistakenly. But, what comes next is your ability to apologize.

58. As a parent if you don’t correct your faults it will be reflected in the lives of your kids.

59. Starting a new family as a married couple will change your entire life— from positive to negative and somewhat in between.

60. Good parenting prevents a child from developing anxiety, depression, eating disorders, antisocial behavior, alcohol and drug abuse.

61. Did you know children get spoiled when you give them things in place of love? Yes, things like leniency or material possessions they don’t need at the moment.

62. Medically, a  healthy relationship increases your lifespan by 50%. In other words, it reduces your chances of depression and anxiety which often result in higher diseases that can shorten your lifespan.

63. It’s normal to be independent of your family, especially males. This is because it’s part of human nature to be in control.

64. When it comes to a family system, respect becomes reciprocal. Even the least person in the family deserves some sort of respect.

65. It’s way more profitable to show your kids what you want them to do than simply telling them.

66. The act of love releases feel-good hormones called Oxytocin in the brain. Hence, to feel good, begin showing love to your immediate family.

67. Sadly, certain diseases are family-oriented— Sickle cell, cystic fibrosis, haemophilia and muscular dystrophy.

68. Family is the smallest unit of society. It’s the addition of two or more families that make up a society. 

69. In many cultures it’s wrong to start a family by marrying your sibling or a close relative— Incest.

70. As a parent let your children learn from both your strengths and weaknesses. This enables them to work on their strengths to overcome their weaknesses, knowing that everyone has weaknesses.

Fun Facts About Family

71. A single-parent family is one where there is one parent and one or more children.

72. Foster families are families where a child lives with and is cared for by people who are not his or her biological parents.

73. Studies show that spending time with family reduces stress, anxiety, and leads to a healthier lifestyle.

74. Perhaps, if you don’t know how to restore a broken relationship in the family, try to get the help of a family therapist—they know just what to do.

75. A family mustn’t be a biological member. Close friends, guardians, step-siblings can also be considered as family.

76. The best place to learn about conflict resolutions is in the family. Where sibling rivalry becomes inevitable and parents must provide solutions. 

77. Unsolved family crises increase the risk of emotional stress. This is because an individual is no longer happy or comfortable in his/her family.

78. Staying connected with your family increases happiness and satisfaction.

79. A strong family bond helps you face life challenges strategically—two heads are way better than one.

80. Those with strong social networks live longer and healthier compared with those without— In essence, humans are social beings by nature. 

81. Establishment of set rules helps checkmate behaviours in the family— For every action there is a consequence, either positive or negative. 

82.  Always have your family at heart in whatever you do for you’re a representative of your family in the bigger world.

83. Taking good care of yourself is one way to raise a strong family. You need to stay strong as a parent to effectively make important family decisions.

84. Effective listening is needed to provide solutions to family crises.

85. Nonverbal communication goes a long way in strengthening family relationships compared with verbal communication.

86. As a parent, ensure that everyone in the family knows what the family values are. This enables them to uphold it diligently.

87. Did you know that the first contact of a child is the family?

88. Family has the most influence on a person’s life from birth till death. Family happens to set the foundation for everyone’s growth. 

89. Family is more like a universal group found in every part of the world, irrespective of culture and traditions.

90. The most common type of family is the one based on marriage.

91. Every family provides an individual with a name— nomenclature.

92. When families suffer from poverty the society will also be poor— This is because fewer individuals are the ones contributing to the growth of the society. 

93. Family is the most important association in everyone’s life. Even when everyone and everything leaves, the family sticks together!

94. No matter what happens, always stay connected with your family. This is because despite the thin and thick family strengthens each other.

95. A healthy family is one in which duties and responsibilities are fairly divided among family members.

96.  The continuity of the human race is preserved through the family— Procreation.

97. Traditions and culture are kept for ages through the family system. They are transferred from one generation to another. 

98. The concept of division of labour begins in the family— Large family tasks are divided among family members for quick and easy achievement. 

99. Family is a primary agent of socialization— A process of learning how to live in an acceptable way in society through communication with others. 

100. Strong family bonds can prevent children from being victims of peer pressure— In such homes, kids are free to open up to their parents and siblings at home. 

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