100 Fascinating Facts About Marriage

Updated: Jan 19, 2022
By Editorial Staff
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Marriage is defined as the legal union between a man and a woman which leads to family ties, procreation, social, cultural, and religious interactions—although recently there being cases of same-sex marriage being legalized in some parts of the world. However, it’s upon the basis of marriage that different families are birthed which is referred to as the foundation of the society and the world at large. Interestingly, marriage means so many things to a different person. Likewise, it can appear to be an advantage to some and a disadvantage to others. Therefore, we have compiled 100 facts about marriage to give you a clearer picture of what it entails.

Surprising Facts About Marriage Today

1. Did you know that married couples influence themselves both positively and negatively? Hence, your chances of being obese will increase by 37% if your partner is obsessed.

2. The more time you spend with your spouse, sooner than later you both begin to look alike— Shared emotions result in similar resemblance.

3. Older people who get married tend to be committed to healthy living through exercise, eating healthy food, avoiding harmful habits, and many more.

4. For many married couples trust is more pivotal to a happy marriage. They believe trust leads to other requirements like friendship, laughter, forgiveness, sex, and love.

5. Interestingly, individual birth positions influence the growth of a marriage. For instance, two firstborns isn’t a great match because both will want to be in control—no submission and understanding.

6. Marriage to many people influences the level of honour given to man. Hence, unmarried men are often looked down upon.

7. Many men feel better about life when their wives like and enjoy the marriage. But, the reverse is rare!

8. Short men are more committed to their spouses. They further compensate for their shortness by bringing in more income to the family.

9. In homes where the house chores are evenly distributed, the wives in return spend quality time with their husbands.

10. Committed love is what makes a marriage last, not romantic love— This is the type of love that sticks through the thin and thick of life. 

11. Divorce rate is high mainly for couples who cohabit before getting married. In addition, they suffer low marital satisfaction. 

12. Did you know that marriage doesn’t make people happy? However, it’s your happiness before the marriage that determines your happiness after the marriage.

13. A large percentage of divorcees get married a few years after their divorce— They feel remarrying will solve their previous marital problems. 

14. Kids from intact families have higher chances of better educational opportunities— Both parents contribute to funding their children’s education. 

15. Divorce becomes high when both couples are the only child of their parents— This is due to the high rate of interference from third parties, especially their parents. 

16. Perhaps, you feel like your partner is not faithful, one of the ways to confirm your curiosity is to look through their social media accounts.

17. Cancer patients whose marriages are strong tend to live longer than those whose marriage isn’t— Support from their spouse serves as a healing balm for them compared with singles. 

18. Particularly, stress that arises from a divorce weakens the body’s immune system compared with any other stress factors.

19. Indeed, two heads are better than one in a marriage system, because married people accumulate about four times more savings and assets when compared to singles.

20. Oftentimes, a person’s education level influences the age at which they get married— those highly educated marry late and vice versa.

Historical Facts About Marriage

21. The word “husband” is from the Old Norse, husband is interpreted as “master of the house”

22. Historically, marriage was never about mutual love but a quest for acquiring property, and more workforce.

23. Did you know why most marriage ceremonies end with a kiss? It’s because, in ancient Rome, a kiss was a legal bond that sealed a contract, and marriage was seen as a contract.

24. It will interest you to know that in ancient times bridesmaids would dress in similar outfits as the bride, in order to confuse rival suitors, evil spirits and robbers.

25. In the past, money and power were the major reasons people get married.

26. In many cultures and traditions across the globe, the wives are designed to take up the last name of their husbands.

27. Surprisingly, until the 20th-century marriage was rarely a matter of choice— It was based on force or under the influence of money or power. 

28. Scholars trace the word “bride” to the Proto-Indo-European root bru, “to cook”.

29. Historically, it was cool to marry your cousin in most parts of the world like the Middle East. The reason for this was to foster the continuity of the family bonds.

30. Historically, parents normally determine who their child gets married to. However, it’s still in existence but rarely practised.

31. Did you know that in the past people got married without the presence of any authority or witness?

32. Previously, when a marriage is unfruitful it’s believed the woman is infertile and she would get dumped. However, all thanks to technological advancement, men can be infertile too.

33. At the beginning of industrialization, marriages were viewed to be permanent— Couples were more committed to each other based on religious beliefs. 

Amazing Marriage Facts You Need to Know

34. Couples who get married between age 28 and 32 are more likely to stay together for the long haul— At this age, most people tend to be more committed to building a healthy family. 

35. Most successful marriages have been recorded among couples who spend more than 5 hours together— The closer the merrier!

36. Research proves that marriage does more in promoting life satisfaction compared to money and sex— Having the feeling that someone cares for you and will always support you is more satisfying.

37. Those with small stature are less likely to get married— Eventually they do, they are the most committed in every relationship.

38. Some people believe that marrying younger than 25 years puts such marriage on the verge of divorce— They think those within that age aren’t mature enough. 

39. Men tend to feel and complain that their wives aren’t submission even if she is, because she is older.

40. In a marriage where the wife is older the man is liable to cheat— He tends to feel he can’t lead the marriage and move outside to feel more like a man. 

41. Did you know that people in happy marriages are more productive at work than unmarried people? This is because a strong social network is a motivator. 

42. If a marriage is happy when kids are around it becomes better when the kids leave the home—marital satisfaction increases.

43. You remain happy in and with your marriage if you limit that level of third-party inferences, most especially from friends and family.

44. Did you know that your behaviour improves when you get married? This is because you no longer make decisions all by yourself but with the consent of your partner.

45. Partner’s with similar money attitudes tend to be happier than those with different money attitudes, most especially spending sense.

46. Did you know that you will have a happy marriage when you marry your best friend? Hence, you either marry your best friend or make your spouse your best friend.

47. Recently, some people think the closer a couple is in age the lesser the divorce rate. Do you think so?

48. Being happy about your partner’s success is the foundation for a successful relationship.

49. It will interest you to know that resentment builds up quickly among couples who don’t engage in house chores together.

50. Marriage tends to crash due to preconceived ideologies and high expectations about marriage.

51. It’s impossible to change your partner through force. In contrast, accept them for their uniqueness in love and watch them change gradually.

52. You will need an attitude of tolerance to stay longer in your marriage because it’s only in marriage you get to see the real colour of your partner.

53. Did you know that if you’re economically dependent on your spouse, you’re more likely to cheat on them?

54. The bond of love increases when couples appreciate and celebrate each other.

55. The happiest set of couples gets married because of love not under societal pressure or possessional things.

Shocking Facts About Marriage

56. Be prepared to adapt as your partner’s behaviour tends to change over time.

57. Did you know that those who are materialistic tend to wreck their marriages? Therefore, be more content with what you and your spouse can afford.

58. Cohabiting is not the fastest route to getting married but the reverse— Cohabiting means living with someone as though you are married to that person. 

59. Medically, marriage protects children from having mental and emotional health problems— Healthy homes make a child feel secure. 

60. The truth is, love is never enough to sustain a marriage. Other factors include money, trust, understanding and more. 

61.  Visiting or having a marriage counsellor doesn’t mean your marriage is faulty. In contrast, it helps prevent future marital lapses.

62. Lack of contentment with your spouse fuels the likelihood of divorce— Be happy and satisfied with whatever your spouse provides, it saves you from the thought of cheating. 

63. Research proves that cuddling increases the tendencies for a long term relationship— Cuddling improves your relationship by showing your partner how much you love him/her. This serves as fuel for a long term relationship. 

64. Financial arguments easily make a marriage grow sore. In essence, be open to having the money talk before you get married.

65. Oftentimes, divorce is contagious and hereditary. In other words, if your parents were divorced or members of your family you have a high chance of becoming a divorcee. 

66. Did you know that marriage is good for the heart? If you don’t agree, ask a happily married couple.

67. To ensure a long-term marriage you must be willing to consider your partner before making a decision.

68. Oftentimes, having an emotional affair with someone other than your spouse leads to sexual affairs.

69. Did you know that “Endogamy” is the practice of marrying someone from within one’s tribe or group?

Fascinating Facts About Marriage

70. A woman is happy in her marriage when there is a fair division of house chores and the husband faithfully does his part.

71. Children whose parents enjoy their marriage tend to be physically and emotionally healthy.

72. Surprisingly, one in every four couples don’t sleep on the same bed as a result of various sleeping disorders like snoring.

73. Did you know that the 13th February annual is declared as world marriage day?

74. The longest recorded marriage currently stands at over 90 years.

75. Sadly, the percentage of people getting married is declining across the globe. This is because many feel marriage is a burden.

76. In developed countries people marry late as a result of career pursuit, educational achievement, and another life pursuit.

77. Oftentimes, marrying early increases the chances of having many children.

78. It’s impossible to love your partner genuinely when you don’t like yourself— Loving others is more effective when you value and care about yourself. 

79. Many couples have been married for a long time, and have personal secrets that they haven’t shared with their spouses

80. Surprisingly, wives grow unhappy and less productive when their partners are sick— females are emotionally connected with their spouses. 

81. There are more marriage therapists than ever before, this is due to the high rate of divorce across the globe.

82. Reckless social media activities are one of the many factors that pull marriage down— especially sexual related activities. 

83. The rate of remarrying is on the increase because many feel it will solve their previous marital crises.

84. Did you know that hugging your partner is an instant stress reliever? This influences the release of Dopamine— The feel-good hormones. 

85.  In most marriages, men feel the house chores are meant for the women alone— this ideology is tearing many marriages apart.

86. Men who kiss their wives in the morning are said to live 5 years longer than those who don’t— It often boosts their productivity which boosts their general well-being.

87. In recent times divorce has replaced death as the primary destroyer of marriage— More people get divorced over minor issues than ever before. 

88. In many parts of the world women marry younger than men in terms of age.

89. Those who suffer from pride prefer to leave their marriage than to accept their fault.

90. On average, a person spends about two years thinking about divorce before taking action.

Mind-Blowing Marriage Statistics

91. Sadly, divorced couples have their assets 77% lower than singles— Their initial assets are halved between them after their divorce. 

92. The probability of a first marriage ending in a divorce within 5 years is 20% compared to the high rate of break up of 49% within 5years of premarital cohabitation.

93. Did you know that over 75% of people who marry their partner after an affair eventually get a divorce? Having a sexual relationship outside the context of marriage isn’t healthy. And marrying each other after that will only breed a lack of trust which later ends in divorce.

94. Statically, over 70% of married women had thought about leaving their husbands at some point in time.

95. Research shows that those who are married are 14% more likely to survive a heart attack compared with singles— Depression which is one cause of heart attack is less within healthy marriages.

96. Did you know that body language is responsible for 55% of the messages spouses receive from each other?

97. 38% of an unhappy marriage is a result of third-party interference— Especially friends and family. 

98. Divorce rate is less among those who married at age 50 and older— They tend to be more mature and committed. 

99. Sadly, the decline in marital satisfaction is experienced by about 90% of couples once they have their first child— Mothers attention become more focused on the child compared to her husband. 

100. An average couple spends less than 5 minutes together alone due to the distraction that comes from jobs, kids, TV, internet, family responsibility, and individual hobbies.

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