100 Interesting Facts About Weddings

Updated: Jan 19, 2022
By Editorial Staff

A wedding is the official celebration of the beginning of a marriage. It’s supposed to be a day of joy and celebration, where individuals come to witness the legal joining of the couple. However, a wedding means different things to different people. Its mode of performance varies across many cultures and it’s of different types. For some people, a wedding isn’t complete until a large crowd is assembled while to others a few guests is just fine. These 100 facts about weddings will surprise you.

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Irrespective of your perspective of the wedding, I assure you that you can learn one or two things more, to spice up your ideologies and broaden your knowledge base. In response to this, we have compiled 100 interesting facts about weddings across the globe.

Famous Wedding Facts

1. The wearing of the wedding veil by the bride began from the Greek and Roman wedding ceremony— It’s said to protect the bride from evil spirits.

2. In Sweden, it’s a tradition that any time a groom leaves the room during the reception, other men are allowed to kiss his bride!

3. Most wedding ceremonies involve the exchange of marriage vows by a couple, the presentation of gifts, and a public proclamation of marriage by an authority figure.

4. Surprisingly, In France, you can marry someone deceased, as long as you can prove they intended to marry their partner before they died.

5. Across many cultures, white is worn by the couple to symbolize sexual purity, perfection, innocence, and light, especially the bride.

6. An expensive wedding isn’t a sure guarantee for a successful marriage life— Always plan your wedding within your budget, not trying to create an impression.

7. The Romans believed that there was a blood vessel that ran from the fourth finger (ring finger) directly to the heart— When a couple wore rings on this finger, their hearts were connected.

8. Oftentimes, some couples met themselves through a mutual friend who may have invited them both for an occasion or created a common ground.

9. To ensure the majority of your guest list attends your wedding, make sure you don’t stray too far from a central location.

10. In places like India and Malaysia, throwing rice at newly wedded couples symbolizes prosperity and fertility.

11. In most cultures, the wedding ceremony is usually followed by a wedding reception or wedding breakfast. During this period, the couple may have their first dance together and cut their elegant wedding cake.

12. As a result of modernization, wedding receptions now include a father-daughter dance for the bride and her father, and sometimes also a mother-son dance for the groom and his mother.

13. In many religions, marriage is esteem to be a lifelong union between the couple till death draws them apart.

14. According to Hindu tradition, rain on your wedding day is considered to be good luck.

15. Did you know that weddings are least common in January while June records the highest wedding month of the year?

Shocking Facts About Wedding

16. In the Muslim tradition, a wedding is a happy time for families to celebrate and have to be declared publicly and is never to be undertaken in secret.

17. The Christian faith emphasizes the raising of children as a priority in a marriage.

18. Islam recommends marriage highly; among other things, it helps in the pursuit of spiritual perfection.

19. Hinduism sees marriage as a sacred duty that entails both religious and social obligations.

20. Did you know that civil divorcés cannot remarry in a Catholic marriage system while their spouse is alive?

21. The proclamation of parents’ blessings to a married couple during the wedding ceremony is highly esteemed by most traditions. It’s believed to ensure the peace and longevity of a union.

22. A civil wedding is also known as a court wedding. It’s conducted by an elected or appointed judge, justice of the peace or the mayor of a locality depending on the region.

23. In Jewish traditions, the couple usually write a marriage contract called ketubah, specifying the obligations of the husband to the wife and contingencies in case of divorce.

24. Jewish couples usually get married under a chuppah (wedding canopy) signifying their new home together— Usually made from pieces of cloth attached to four poles, held over the couple by four family members or friends.

25. According to the Quran, a married Muslim couple, both husband and wife act as each other’s protector and comforter and therefore only meant “for each other”.

26. Make the little details personal. Your wedding is all about the two of you, so don’t be overwhelmed with joy and tell everyone what’s certainly none of their business.

27. Did you know that in Islam a wedding is also viewed as a legal contract particularly in Islamic philosophy?

28. Oftentimes, in Islamic weddings, an Imam performs the ceremony and may deliver a short marriage sermon.

29. In most Islamic cultures, the main wedding ceremony is followed by a marriage banquet known as Walima.

30. Did you know that in Islam, polygyny is allowed with certain religious restrictions— The practice of having several wives at the same time.

Fascinating Facts About Wedding

31. According to Islamic practice, it’s forbidden for parents to force or trick their children into a marriage that’s contrary to their children’s choice.

32. Although it’s now being practised, same-sex marriage is still viewed as a taboo in most cultures.

33. In a Christian wedding context, the couple usually takes mutual vows or solemn promises of lifelong love and fidelity.

34.  In many cultures, wedding rings are worn by couples to solidify their union and bind the couple in love.

35. Civil weddings allow partners of different faiths to marry without one partner converting to the other partner’s religion.

36. When a Japanese bride leaves her home with her groom to his house, a “Good Luck Woman” whose marriage is healthy and fruitful, will hold a red umbrella over her head— It is believed that the red umbrella protects the bride from evil spirits.

37. The use of wedding cake came into practice from Ancient Rome, where a loaf of bread was usually broken over a bride’s head to ensure fertility.

38. Traditionally, the bride is made to stand to the groom’s left hand during weddings, this is because it’s believed that he needs his right hand free to fight off other suitors.

39. Based on some schools of thought, marrying on Monday signifies wealth while on Tuesdays signifies health.

40. In Ethiopian weddings, the exit from the wedding ceremony is also called “send-off”, it usually includes a wedding party bowing and kissing the knees of the elders.

41. The groom’s wedding band is part of European tradition since the ancient Romans still date.

42. According to Egyptian culture, women usually pinch the bride on her wedding day to attract good luck to her marriage.

43. In the Middle Eastern part of the world, the bride usually paints henna on their hands and feet to protect themselves from evil.

44. Traditionally, Moroccan brides take a milk bath to purify themselves before their wedding ceremony.

45. In the symbolic language of jewels, a sapphire in a wedding ring means marital happiness.

Mind Blowing Wedding Facts

46. Historically, the groom often kidnapped the bride, and the groom’s friends would help him, leading to the modern-day groomsmen.

47. In some cultures, something blue in a bridal ensemble symbolizes purity, fidelity, and love.

48. Historically, a bride usually carries or wears something old on her wedding day to signify continuity from the past to the present.

49. In Hindu and Egyptian weddings, the hands of a bride and groom are tied together to demonstrate the couple’s commitment. This gave birth to the popular phrase “tying the knot”.

50. The act of running away secretly to get married to one’s intended spouse, usually without the knowledge of parents or others is called elopement.

51. Men who kiss their wives in the morning are said to live five years longer than those who don’t— This one simple act boosts their productivity that enhances general well-being.

52. Handfasting is a form of dating in the old pagan custom. It’s more like an engagement period, where two people would declare a binding union between themselves for a year and a day.

53. In Greek culture, brides usually tuck a lump of sugar into their wedding gowns to bring sweetness to their marriage.

54. In modern times before a wedding ceremony, the couple are believed to have dated for some time, this enables them to familiarize themselves with each other.

55. Amazingly, in Chinese tradition, the tea ceremony is the equivalent of an exchange of vows at a Western wedding ceremony.

56. Interestingly, three out of every four grooms help select their wedding items. This reveals that more men are becoming concerned about how their wedding day will appear.

57. Initially, the wearing of white wedding dresses symbolizes wealth. This is because the white dress was difficult to clean once dirty, hence, most wealthy individuals wear white once, as a sign of luxury.

58. Wednesdays are considered to be the best day to get married maybe because it has the word “wed” in its spelling.

59. As a bride when choosing bridesmaids, choose your sisters, long–term best friends, or close relatives— They serve as a support booster during the entire wedding process.

60. Green is a taboo colour in Scottish weddings because it’s the colour of fairies and is a symbol of revenge.

Wedding Statistics

61. Statistically, about 85 per cent of brides still choose to wear a white wedding dress because, in its typical fashion, it has remained steady through the years

62. Did you know that of all weddings today, 40% involve someone who has been previously married?

63. Statistically, 67% of women continue to wear the same fragrance they wore on their wedding day.

64. 55% of couples dated for over 2 years before getting engaged.

65. In recent times only 25% of couples choose to include a photo booth in the wedding ceremony.

66. Recently, more than 40% of couples now plan their wedding together when compared with the previous era, where the bride is saddled with that responsibility.

67. Weddings on “gimmick” days such as Valentine’s Day are 18-36% more to end in divorce.

68. Due to the voluminous nature of the wedding ceremonies, 27% of couples hire wedding planners to guide them through the process.

69. Did you know that  75% of proposers get down on one knee to pop the question? It’s a way of being polite and convincing the woman into saying yes.

70. 30% of Millennials create a Pinterest board for wedding inspiration before getting engaged.

Interesting Facts About Wedding

71. The term “best man” comes from Germanic Goths back in 200 AD— Families sometimes tried to reclaim the bride by force, the best man’s task was to guard the couple from the bride’s family.

72. One of the most expensive weddings ever, was the marriage of  Sheik Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum’s son to Princess Salama in Dubai in May 1981. It cost an estimated $44 million.

73. The tradition of bridesmaids came into existence from Roman practice. Historically, it was believed that evil spirits usually attend a wedding to curse the bride, hence, bridesmaids will wear the same dress as the bride to confuse the spirit.

74. Recently, more couples cohabited before tying the knot— This type of marriage often ends up in divorce.

75. Historically, the usual bridal bouquet was made up of herbs especially garlic to keep off evil spirits.

76. A wedding is a ceremony where two people are united in marriage. Previously, it was a legal Joining between a male and a female. Sadly, same-sex marriages now exist. 

77.  A white wedding is a term for a traditional formal or semi-formal Western wedding, although it’s worn specifically by the bride.

78. Mehendi ceremony is a traditional ritual in Hindu weddings, where Henna application takes place on the bride’s hands and legs, before the wedding.

79. Civil wedding ceremonies may use references to God or a deity, but generally no references to a particular religion or denomination.

80. Oftentimes, most married couples marry someone with a different background— This is because the theory of like charges repel and unlike charges attracts applies when it comes to relationships.

81. A wedding ceremony where two or more close friends and family agree to wed on the same day is referred to as a double wedding.

82. In Las Vegas, most wedding ceremonies are recorded on Valentine’s day and New year’s Eve.

83. In Turkish tradition, the bride usually spikes the groom’s coffee with salt before the wedding; if he drinks it without complaint, he’s a keeper.

84. In Egyptian culture, the family of the bride usually takes care of all cooking duties for one week to allow the couple to relax.

85. The Ancient Roman goddess Juno represents marriage and childbirth. This gave rise to the massive popularity of June weddings, which still holds today.

86. Oftentimes marriage ceremonies are influenced by religious beliefs. For instance, a white wedding is deeply related to Christianity values.

Wedding Planning Facts

87. During wedding planning, it’s a common mistake to forget all the little extra expenses. Hence, ensure you include a miscellaneous expenses list.

88. Hiring a standard wedding planner takes the stress off you by providing honest advice and full-time assistance.

89. As a couple don’t be guilt-tripped into inviting people you don’t want to come— To avoid too many expenses, be selective about your guest list.

90. To have a successful wedding ceremony it’s advisable to start planning early— This helps you have control over everything.

91. No couple ever envisioned anything to go wrong on their wedding day, however, it’s best to have a plan B in place, just in case.

92. It was recorded that Queen Elizabeth II had 12 wedding cakes— The cake she cut at her ceremony was nine feet tall and weighed 500 pounds.

93. Did you know that one of the biggest talking points at any wedding is the food and the quality of the couple’s outfits?

94. To avoid running into debt after a wedding, don’t overdo things— Simply keep it simple and beautiful!

95. To have a pleasant throwback whenever you stir at your wedding photos, get a good photographer.

96. To avoid getting exhausted during your wedding ceremony ensure you use the help of trusted hands like friends and families.

97. As a bride, carry your groom along in your wedding planning, although men aren’t good at selection, they can assist in one or two things.

98. Don’t hesitate to use a wedding planner when confused about the entire wedding planning— A wedding planner will help you find out the kind of wedding you want and then will create it and bring it to life.

99. Wedding ceremony consisting of guests between 10 to 15 persons including friends and family is referred to as a micro wedding.

100. The first three important things on every wedding list are Insurance, rough guest list numbers, and the budget.


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