100 Less Known Facts About Entrepreneurship

Updated: Feb 8, 2022
By Editorial Staff
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Entrepreneurship is one of those schools of thought that has been debated by many scholars, economists, and innovators throughout history. Fortunately, it has been in existence longer than you expect and there is no specific definition for it. In other words, entrepreneurship means many things to different people. However, what comes to the mind of many when they hear entrepreneurship is a risk-taker who creates a business to make profits. Therefore, this article contains 100 facts about what entrepreneurship truly means and how to successfully venture into that path.

What Are the 7 Characteristics of Entrepreneurship?

The main characteristics of entrepreneurship include passion, self-motivation, risk taking, vision, curiosity, creativity and confidence. Other characteristics include planning, money management, flexibility, focus and networking.

What Are the Advantages of Entrepreneurship?

Among the many benefits of entrepreneurship comes the escape route from a fixed routine, becoming your own boss, learning new things, determining your earnings and lots more.

Facts You Should Know About Entrepreneurship

1. Entrepreneurship is a risky part to tread upon. But, for every risk, there is a reward attached

2. Entrepreneurs are those who create new business and engage in entrepreneurship.

3. Most entrepreneurs are willing to use their time, energy, and resources in creating value for others.

4. The main benefit of every entrepreneurial activity is of monetary value.

5. To attain a successful entrepreneurship endeavour you must draft a business plan— This plan contains strategies for growing your business. 

6. Qualified and adequate human resources are needed for entrepreneurial ventures. This refers to the availability of manpower to execute the task at hand. 

7. All entrepreneurial ventures thrive better when they have the availability of material resources and finance.

8. Good leadership skill is a pivotal quality every entrepreneur must possess— This attribute enables you to work cooperatively with your team. 

9. Reluctancy towards risk-taking limits the growth of entrepreneurial activities. 

10. Creativity and innovation are inseparable driving forces of entrepreneurship. You must be creative to generate innovative ideas. 

11. Oftentimes, governments are willing to support entrepreneurs and promote entrepreneurship activities due to their benefits to society at large.

12. Small business constitutes a larger percentage of entrepreneurship. This type of business requires little funds to begin. 

13. As an entrepreneur, take responsibility for your venture.

14. Small business creation is the fastest route to poverty alleviation by creating employment opportunities.

15. The field of entrepreneurship should be incorporated into the school curriculum to build an entrepreneurial attitude in students before graduation most especially in Universities.

16. Government should create flexible laws and regulations to foster more entrepreneurship activities.

17. Lack of access to finance seems to be a major setback for many entrepreneurs. This is why it is important for entrepreneurs to know how to pitch business ideas to investors.

18. Entrepreneurial activities differ substantially depending on the type of organization and creativity involved.

19. High-value entrepreneurial activities need capital from the government and nonprofit organizations to expand their businesses.

20. Most entrepreneurial ventures start as small businesses. This implies that it’s easy to grow small businesses when starting entrepreneurial ventures. 

Intresting Facts About Entrepreneurship

21. Successful entrepreneurs possess the ability to adapt to environmental change and make proper planning.

22. As an entrepreneur you must understand your strengths and weaknesses to lead your business positively.

23. A person who creates “for women, by women” enterprises, to improve the quality of life and well-being of girls and women is called a feminist entrepreneur.

24. Feminist entrepreneurs are motivated by the desire to create social change and wealth for females.

25. Storytelling is a tactic that can be employed to convince people into engaging in entrepreneurship ventures. Regardless of the firm size, entrepreneurs can create something new and different. 

27. Availability of opportunities is the foundation of idea generation for most entrepreneurs.

28. Beyond the availability of opportunities, entrepreneurs must be open to identity opportunities, to effectively take advantage of them.

29. Entrepreneurial process requires the organization of people and resources. It takes skilled people to utilize resources effectively. 

30. Adequate and valuable information about a business niche is needed for all entrepreneurial ventures to thrive better.

31. Entrepreneurial ventures offer an innovative product, process, or service to society.

32. The term entrepreneur is closely related to the term startup.

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33. Every innovation aims to make life better, although everything with advantages has its disadvantages.

34. The term “millennial entrepreneur” refers to a business owner who is born during the millennial age. These sets of generations are brought up using digital technology.

35. Most business breakthroughs come from millennial entrepreneurs who are equipped with knowledge about new technology and can utilize it positively.

36. Unfriendly economy is a major barrier to most entrepreneurial ventures.

37. Challenges may arise due to a lack of compliance with regulatory laws. If you disobey the law, you may get your business banned by the government. 

38. Did you know that nascent entrepreneurs undertake numerous entrepreneurial activities? This set of entrepreneurs engages in two or more ventures to add value to society. 

39. Every entrepreneur must possess the management ability needed for effective planning.

40. Team building is an essential quality of an entrepreneur. This is very important because entrepreneurial ventures are all about the division of labour. 

Mind Blowing Facts About Entrepreneurship

41. To fully understand your entrepreneurial venture, simplify your plans and strategy.

42. As an entrepreneur you must get familiar with uncertainty by making plans and numerous alternatives.

43. To expand your business horizon you must be willing to learn and put to practice what is learned.

44. To avoid failure, always ask questions about areas you are unsure about from those who have gone ahead of you.

45. To achieve progress in your business always listen to the feedback from your customers and adjustments when necessary.

46. Entrepreneurial venture is a continuous process of advancement—everyday improvement

47. Don’t be afraid to explore and try out new business models. Perhaps, your initial business ideas aren’t working out, feel free to come up with new plans. 

48. To retain your customers, add value to their lives with your products and services. Many entrepreneurial ventures provide solutions to already existing problems.

50. Ensure your entrepreneurial business moves with the advancement of technology positively.

51. Entrepreneurship enables people to create jobs for themselves and others

52. Irrespective of the products or services you desire to offer, it must be in alignment with your environment do’s and don’ts to attract more customers.

53. Entrepreneurship growth requires economic strategies— Every business needs money to progress. 

54. Did you know that living in the future in your thoughts is one way to generate creative ideas?

55. A successful entrepreneur must have insight and the ability to foresee the future.

56. Active marketing is what you need to show your business to the world.

57. Imitation is not creativity. In essence, you either modify existing products or create one.

58. Being adamant to change blindfolds an entrepreneur from seeing opportunities— Be willing to learn and adapt to positive trends. 

59. Your business style is one of those many things that distinguish you from your competitors.

60. Effective communication skills help you build a healthy relationship with your customers.

Surprising Facts About Entrepreneurship

61. Research shows that students with diverse social networks are likely to become entrepreneurs.

62. Women excel more at negotiating compared to men— Inherently, they know the right words to use. But, it doesn’t mean men can’t negotiate too. 

63. Did you know that gender is not a barrier to entrepreneurship ventures? This is because access to the right resources guarantees success.

64. Research reveals that the probability of becoming self-employed decreases with age for women, but increases with age for men.

65. Oftentimes, having the right support fosters entrepreneurial behaviours and desires. Most especially from family and friends.

66. To a large extent past experiences influence a person’s entrepreneurial behaviours.

67. Those who will be entrepreneurs are easily detected from childhood, through the display of certain entrepreneurial characteristics

68. Social status and good parenting influence entrepreneurs’ business outcomes.

69. Academic excellence is never accurate to determine the success of an entrepreneur.

70. Determination propels the actualization of your business dreams.

71. Hard skills and soft skills aren’t enough to guarantee success. You also need social skills.

72. Intention before the creation of business influences the longevity of that venture.

73. Oftentimes, entrepreneurs are motivated to produce new products and services as a result of the heat of unemployment.

74. The more you keep learning the higher your business returns.

75. You need to optimize your talent to build your business. This implies you seek advanced knowledge in your field of specialization. 

76. To reach a wide range of audiences your business must be transnational.

77. An entrepreneurial resource is an asset that has the economic value— Monetary Values. 

78. Economic value provided by entrepreneurial activities are either tangible or intangible resources.

79. Tangible resources can be handled physically like equipment, machinery, and their kinds.

80. Statistically,  46% of small business entrepreneurs are between the ages of 41 and 56.

Encouraging Facts About Entrepreneurship

81. To prevent your business ideas from being stolen, you need to register them with one or more intellectual property rights like patents or copyright.

82. Oftentimes, entrepreneurs fund their business with their savings.

83.  Effective utilization of your business funds prevents bankruptcy. As a business person ensure you use your business funds for the needful which supports your business growth. 

84. Adequate manufacturing strategy reduces product development costs. This strategy is needed if your business deals with the production of goods. 

85. Teamwork breeds positive business ideas. 

86. A defined market is needed for high business sales— Don’t hesitate to know who your customers are and what are their needs. 

87. Most businesses fail because their products and services are no longer needed or are outdated.

88. Intangible resources can’t be handled physically like skills, experience, and their kinds.

89. As an entrepreneur, guard your business secrets judiciously— To remain unique you must withhold your business secrets from your competitors. 

90. Did you know that there are 582 million entrepreneurs in the world?

91. 20% of small businesses fail within the first year. The cause of this ranges from the lack of financial support to inadequate marketing strategies. 

92. Research shows that middle-aged men start the most successful businesses. During this stage, they are willing to learn more and advance. 

93. Entrepreneurs have the free will to work at a flexible schedule since they own and run their businesses.

94. Entrepreneurship activities boost your self-confidence. This is because you become the boss of yourself. 

95. Entrepreneurial ventures open you to new skills and knowledge— In essence, your business growth will compel you to learn more. 

96. To stand out from among the crowd use business intelligence. This is all about utilizing your business strength to its maximum to achieve success. 

97. One of the driving factors of entrepreneurship is the increase in the needs of customers for the variety and luxury of goods and services.

98. Entrepreneurial ventures create wealth for themselves and the society at large— The exchange of goods and services in return for money creates wealth. 

99. Entrepreneurship contributes to the increase of a Nation’s income through wealth generation.

100. Entrepreneurship is the fastest route to creating social impact— Entrepreneurship ventures don’t happen in a vacuum but in a social space, creating social impact. 

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