11 Household Chores You Can Assign Your Kids

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August 4, 2021

When it comes to home maintenance, kids are rarely included in the equation. In most cases, the home chores are divided between both parents alongside their regular activities or done by one parent if he/she is a single parent raising a child or someone else gets paid to do it. In contrast, there are lots of household chores for kids that parents can assign to their children to relieve themselves of some amount of stress.

Therefore, to avoid a nervous breakdown, engage in division of labour when it comes to home chores with your kids.

It’s your responsibility as a parent to provide all that your child needs to grow and thrive better. This includes meeting their financial, social, emotional, physical needs, selecting the right school for your child,  enhancing their academic performance, ensuring they stay healthy with the best routine. However, to imbibe proper discipline and boost their passion for hand skills you need to learn about household chores for kids which are appropriate for their age.

In this article, you will learn more about household chores for kids below teenage age and those for teenagers.

What Are The Importance Of Assigning Household Chores To Kids?

It’s wrong to feel guilty or weak to ask your kids to help around in the house. To ensure your family is functioning properly you need to carry everyone along—including the kids. Delegation of household chores promotes unity within the family. It increases the love bond with your kids and teaches you kids more about teamwork—applicable to other aspects of their lives.

Furthermore, they learn how to become independent while away from home by solving their problems. In addition, they learn about certain skills like communication and listening skills, negotiating ability, critical reasoning, time management, organization ability, and lots more.

It’s also a way of disciplining a child positively to desist from a lazy attitude.

Household Chores For Pre–Teenagers

1. Tidying Up The House is Apppropraite for Kids

The reason why your kids disarrange the house most especially their rooms is that they don’t arrange it by themselves. Hence, they don’t know the importance of it. Tidying up the house isn’t a tedious task to accomplish. Therefore, feel free to delegate this to your kids. This includes setting their shoes and books shelves by themselves, arranging their toys, sweeping the house, and putting everything in the right order.

Oftentimes, they might not do it the way you need it, but ensure to give them guidelines to follow. 

2. Assign Inside Errands to Toddlers

It might be risky to send a younger child on errands outside the home. However, they are still useful for inside errands. They are fast at delivering stuff they are asked to get. Therefore, while in the kitchen, carry them along by asking them to get things from the shelves while you cook.

While in the sitting room, ask them to bring your briefcase, file, purse, and whatever from your room.

3. Folding Laundry is an Appropriate Chores for Kids

Folding the laundry is another interesting chore for kids. So, while they can’t do the laundry, they can fold it up and place it in the right box. However, kids are always in a haste to finish folding all the laundry on time. In essence, this stage requires lots of patience with kids.

Subsequently, as they continue with it they adapt orderliness and patience as an attitude.

4. Ask Your Kids to Set Up The Table For Meal

Pre-teenagers aren’t capable of preparing a complete meal. But, they are effective in setting up the table for the meal cooked. Once you tell them how you want it placed. They are good to go! In addition, after the meal, it should be their responsibility to offload the dishes used back to the kitchen.

Also, as parents not eating together at least once a day is unhealthy for the family growth and also a parenting mistake to be avoided.

5. Placement Chores are Meant for Kids

It’s chaotic trying to place the items bought from the market in the right order after returning tired. Therefore, that’s why you have kids around you. Since they can arrange the house, certainly placing items in the right stand won’t be a difficult task for them to accomplish.

6. Kids are Good at Reminder Chores

This might appear minor to you but that’s what kids are good at—reminding you what you might have forgotten. This comes to play most especially when drafting out the list of the things you would love to buy for the household. Since kids are great observers they can notice the stuff that is exhausted and needs replacement within the home.

Household Chores For Teenagers

1. Yard Work Should be Assigned to Teenagers

Keeping the yard neat is made much easier when you have teenagers in your house. This is because teenagers are characterized by high exuberance. Therefore, they can lawn the grass without burning out compared to you as an adult.

2. Teenagers are Good for Outside Errands

In choosing the appropriate household chores for kids ensure that your older kids are allowed to carry out duties outside the household without your presence. This includes shopping for necessary items, delivering packages to a friend’s home, disposing of trash, and doing other important activities you need outside the home.

3. Ask Them to Take Care Of Their Younger Siblings

Why employ the service of a nanny while you have teenage kids at home? In contrast, employ the service of your teenage kids to look after their younger siblings while you are away from home.

It’s stress-free this way since the younger kids are already familiar with their elders compared to an outsider.

4. Assign Your Teenager Major Clean-up Work

You would do your teenage child much better by assigning them to major household clean-up chores. This way, they learn how to put their hands to work better to ensure the proper functioning of the home—applicable to other aspects of their lives.

Some major clean-ups include mopping, dishwashing, car washing, scrubbing the bathroom among others.

5.  Ask Them to Assist in Preparing Meal

The best time for kids to learn how to prepare a meal is at their teenage age by assisting you in the kitchen. Fortunately, what is learned is carried into adulthood.

Therefore, allowing your kids to assist in the kitchen is one of the productive household chores for kids. It lessens the workload on you and provides them with a platform to learn.


Oftentimes, kids consider household chores boring and frustrating. Therefore, to encourage them to begin by being a model for them to follow. Remember, they need to see you do it first before they follow. In addition, reward and praise them after a job well done.

Furthermore, you can share other kinds of household chores you believe are appropriate for kids, in the comment section below.

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