These Are Ways to Get Someone to Forgive You Easily

Written by Abu Hafsah

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July 4, 2021

Have you hurt someone and you’ve done things to get them to forgive you but they haven’t? Worry no more as I’m here for you. There are different practical ways on how to get someone to forgive you when you hurt or upset them.

We are all humans and so, we are bound to make mistakes, and there can’t be forgiveness without mistakes occurring first. Sometimes, they may be intentional because of a sudden outburst of anger from you on someone. Notwithstanding, just for you, I have compiled a list of things to do or say to get them to forgive you without even knowing they have.

Ways to Get Someone to Forgive You

1. Acknowledge You Have Hurt Them

There won’t be a need for anyone to forgive you if you haven’t offended them in the first place. It is necessary to know the reason why they are hurt. Figure that out and try to see you never repeat such.

By just acknowledging to them that you have made them unhappy will give you a chance of having them forgive you. This is one of the important ways to get someone to forgive you. More so, don’t feel like a boss or let your ego get the best of you. As difficult as it may seem, acknowledge your mistakes and own up to them.

Don’t let them approach you about it first; the reverse should be the case.

2. Show Them You Regret Your Actions

Whatever it is that you may have done to them – be it a mistake or an intentional act that made them miserable, show them that you regret your actions. This is one of the surest ways to get them to forgive your shortcomings.

For instance, you make gest of him/her in public, they got angry and left. Stop immediately you notice their mood has switched from being normal to being upset. Follow them to wherever they are going to and show remorse towards what you’ve done.

Don’t wait for a later date; you’ll be screwing things up the more.

3. Show Them Lots of Care

This is where you up your game. The heart by nature usually likes the person who cares about it and repels those that don’t. Increase the love and care you have for them. Get them to notice your effort by making it very obvious. Begin to watch that football match of his favourite team together, begin to compliment her beauty more often than usual, appreciate every little effort they make from making up, keeping the house tidy, fending for the family, and so on.

Go out of your way to do things to please them. It’s only a matter of time before you are forgiven. Trust me.

4. How to Get Someone to Forgive You? Send Them Gifts

Gifts have a special way of making the recipient feel loved and cared for. Time occasions that are very important to them, prepare gifts you know they like and attend the occasion if possible.

In addition, celebrate each and every success in their lives with gifts from you – like promotion in the workplace, securing an appointment, getting selected to attend a programme they’ve always wanted their whole life.

Are you still thinking ‘I’m forgiven?’ You are forgiven.

Looking for a gift to give them, check: 44 Gift Ideas for Him and Her

5. Tell Them You Are Sorry

If they fail to understand how sorry you are for your actions or gestures, choose the right time, confront them and just tell them you are sorry, straight up, and show all sincerity about it. Drop that ego, it’s not going to help you if you really need to be forgiven.

Furthermore, ‘sorry’ has an amazing way of solving a very huge disagreement. If you’re that kind of person whom the ‘sorry’ seems to be heavy in your mouth, try it and feel its power.

6. Explain Honestly the Reason for Your Action

Sometimes, misunderstandings could cause a fight; neither you nor they are at fault.

Let’s take, for instance, you cooked a meal for your husband – who doesn’t like spicy meals, and prepared a table for him. During the preparation of the meal, you searched for pepper in the presence of your daughter who was in the kitchen with you but couldn’t find it. You asked your daughter to go get some for you in the shop in front of your house. You later found it and added it to the soup. Unknown to your daughter, she added more on her return.

Your husband arrives, took the meal, and starting complaining, shouting at the top of his voice. Don’t react negatively, explain to him what happened and I bet you, he will forgive you.

Let’s take another instance where your girlfriend is expecting an ASAP reply to a message she sent you; you replied to her immediately but unfortunately, the network didn’t deliver it. She got angry and refused to call you. You later realized why she was upset with you. Don’t be mad, understand the situation from her own side. What you need to do is explain to her what had happened and show her proof of your innocence. They will forgive you even though you did nothing wrong.

7. Try As Much As Possible Never to Repeat the Same Mistake Again

Mistakes are actions or statements we make that are incorrect or unintentional. It’s allowed for one to make mistakes if they are minimal, but when they are no longer mistakes when they become habitual.

You need to know what you have done and try not to repeat it to the best of your ability. Nobody will take you seriously when you keep repeating the same mistake over and over again.

8. Prepare a Delicious Nice Meal

How to get someone to forgive you? Try cooking a delicious meal for them.

Like the saying goes “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. That’s true, though, one of the ways. You already know that you have hurt him. Now all you need to do is tie that apron, get your equipment ready and prepare his favourite meal. While he’s eating, sit close to him – maybe on his lap, be caressing his head and touching him here and there while apologizing for your wrongdoing with a melodious voice. It’s as easy as that.

It may even shock you when he asks “Honey, what wrong did you do?”

It even works better when a guy does that to his partner. This is one of the reasons why all men should learn to cook.

There you have it, one of the ways to get someone to forgive you. Better learn how to be a better cook today.

9. Begin to Do Things They Have Always Wanted You To

Is there that something they have always wanted you to do and you are been reluctant about doing it – say, they prefer you putting on English wears to native attires, they want you to like something they want? This is the right time to do it or like it. Don’t hesitate, just do it. This will send them a message that you are sorry and that you want to be forgiven. If they still care about you, they will consider that.

Don’t stop there, continue to do those other things that you do for them too, you can improve on them for better results.

10. Ask Their Friends or Family to Extend Your Apology

They should have a friend or family member that they have so much respect for. Meet them; table your issue, not in a way of exposing their secrets. Ask them to extend your apology to him/her. You never can tell, it may turn out favourable.

11. How to Get Someone to Forgive You? Sex!

One of the ultimate measures or ways married couples tend to make up for wrongdoing between themselves is sex. There is a high proclivity of forgiveness through sex.

According to a study by Eric W. Dolan quoted from research published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, The researchers found higher levels of conflict resolution quality were associated with higher levels of sexual satisfaction.

In other words, couples who reported that they commonly could “come to an understanding” after a conflict tended to also agree with statements such as “Our sexual relationship is an important source of strength and connection in our relationship” Husbands who were more forgiving also tended to have higher levels of sexual satisfaction, as did husbands and wives who were less anxiously and avoidantly attached.

But it’s not advisable to always settle disputes in this manner. It will be better to find other ways of making things better between you two while still standing.


How to get someone to forgive you is easy if you know your ways. There are so many ways but I have compiled a list of some of them for you. Each and every way, assures a promising result. Give it a try and you will be glad you did.

Don’t forget to share with me in the comments section below how you successfully got someone to forgive you for wrongdoing.

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