12 Women’s Body Language You Probably Misread

Updated: Apr 30, 2022
By Happiness Hassan
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Did you know that understanding women’s body language will help you know if she is interested in you? Also, it helps you grow more empathy towards a woman as you can tell how she is feeling at the moment. This is because women aren’t complicated beings as we often hear, rather they are unique, special, and lovable.

Therefore, as a man, you don’t have to be scared of mingling or developing cold feet when it comes to expressing your emotions to a woman. You will be surprised that she likes you too and has been sending you tons of signs that you probably didn’t notice or might have ignored.

Furthermore, detecting women’s body language may seem difficult for you as a man mainly because you’re using men’s signs for a woman— It doesn’t work that way. Men and women are different and unique in their differences. Surprisingly, according to this research women’s brains are more active when evaluating and decoding body signs when compared to men.

So, sit back and relax as this article will guide you through the women’s body language you might have been misreading all this while. Also, what to do next when you notice those signs. But before that;

What is Body Language?

Body language is nonverbal means of communication. It can be more effective than words. In essence, when you get to a point where your words are failing or insufficient or maybe inappropriate you can improvise by using body language. 

It’s a means of conveying emotions, attitudes, or gestures. The most visible parts of the body can be used as a means of communication like the face, eyes, hair, hands, and legs, although this depends on the gender in question.

Moreover, body language isn’t restricted to when a woman is expressing her feelings for a man secretly as babies, old people and even animals make use of body language as a means of communication. But in this context, we will be looking at those women’s body language that shows a woman might be interested in you.

Women Body Language Signs That You Misread

1. Uncontrollable Blinking When Around You

Men look straight into the eyes of the woman their heartbeats for, however, the reverse is the case when it comes to women. On the contrary, most women can’t look into the eyes of the one they have feelings for without blinking— This is because they are often shy. 

Hence, when you notice a lady blinking continuously each time you engage in a conversation with her, it might just be a sign for you to strike the iron while it’s hot!

2. Accidental Touch

So, while you may be thinking it was just an accident, I bet it was a sign you just ignored. She might not come directly and grab your arms or hug you; that sure sounds awkward. But, she will make sure to sit close to you and pretend to get something right to you, so she can get to touch you using either her arms or fingers— That’s one of the women’s body language men often misread.

However, it might be an accident when it happens once, but you should be on the lookout just in case it becomes a repetitive attempt. Hence, to fast-track your process of finding the right partner you need to become observant of these signs.

3. When Her Knee Will Betray Her

You might be wondering what a woman’s knee has to do with women’s body language. Well, it’s a sign that you could use to know if she is interested in you quickly. Oftentimes, when a woman has feelings for a man she consciously or unconsciously taps her knee as though it’s itchy just to grab your attention. If she doesn’t, you will notice her legs crossed and her knee pointing towards you— Be observant.

4. Check Out Her Lips

The lips of a woman are one of those attention-grabbing parts that just can’t go unnoticed. So, instead of guessing if she likes you or not, simply observe her lips each time you succeed in keeping a conversation going with her. If she likes you, her lips will be slightly parted, most importantly, she will wear glossy or red lipstick to make her lips shining and more pronounced. Also, she might be licking her lips more seductively.

5. Hair Flip Stuff

Women love to maintain their hair and make it look beautiful. Therefore, when she is with the one she desires to be with, she will continually touch her hair as a way of portraying her femininity. In addition, she might keep on flipping her hair countless times when around you.

Furthermore, women’s body language might not be one of those factors to consider before choosing a life partner, but it will aid you in the right direction. In other words, you get to shoot your arrow in the right direction— work made easy.

6. Her Body Looks Relax

You may have done everything that makes a guy instantly attractive, but if you noticed the lady you want to approach is rigid around you, you should have a rethink. If a woman likes you you will notice her body is relaxed and flexible. In other words, her hands aren’t crossed around her torso rather they are open, a means of inviting you in.

In addition, if she just wants to flirt with you, her body might be more exposed, especially her thigh just to get your attention.

7. Slowly Caress Nearby Object

As earlier established, if a woman loves you, she will desire to touch you to exhale the tension she feels inside. However, when she is not opportune probably because you’re sitting opposite her or amid others, she tends to transfer this feeling to nearby objects. Therefore, she can be seen using her fingertips to caress or fondle objects like her phone, keys, or the cup she is drinking from.

8. She Smiles and Nod at Everything You Say

Don’t be puzzled, smiling is one of those women’s body language signs that men get to misread. Oftentimes, they think it’s just normal and she is trying to be more welcoming. However, there may be a longing desire behind her smiles.

In addition, if you go on your first date with her, take note of how she follows the discussions; is she countering your opinion or nodding to every word you say? If the second is true alongside her fixed smiles when you talk, it’s sure time to take the relationship to the next level

9. She’ll Sit Chest Out Towards You

The breast is part of a woman’s sexual organ, especially the nipples, that’s why most women won’t stop searching for how to enlarge their nipples. That aside, you can easily tell from a lady sitting posture if she has feelings for you. Perhaps, she is always sitting chest out, protruding her breast towards you. Don’t just ignore this invitation but check out for other signs which are part of women’s body language to confirm your findings. 

10. When She Refreshes her Makeup

Funny enough, most men don’t take note of a lady’s face when she leaves for the bathroom and returns. The majority thinks everything is just the way it was before she left, especially her face. However, if you look more closely you will notice a refreshing touch when she returns from the bathroom. 

In other words, each time a woman leaves for the bathroom, part of the things she may do in there is refreshing her makeup— Additional powder, lipstick, or blush. Just so they could look beautiful throughout their stay with you.

11. If She Sways Her Hip

Women are beautiful beings and even their hips are part of those women’s body language you should not misinterpret. Indeed, they may appear broader and more curved than the men, but that shouldn’t be viewed as just part of their body— Observe the swaying.

When a woman burns with desire for a man, she will often sway her hips while walking when she notices the man is right behind her. Why? To grab his attention especially if she is endowed in that region!

12. Frequent Glance Through the Mirror

All genders make use of the mirror to ensure they look great before presenting themselves to the world. However, women seem to have a natural connection with the mirror and look at it countless times a day. Interestingly, when around the one they have feelings for, she will unconsciously keep glancing through the mirror either the one in her bag or her phone screen.

Unbeknownst to you, she is making sure she is attractive enough to make you pop the big question out.

What’s Next?

Not every woman is bold enough to approach a man and begin to air out her feelings. This is why most women inculcate the use of body language to send out signals to the man in question. So, as a man what do you do when you notice those women’s body language from a particular woman? If you’re single and searching and you feel she is a perfect match for you, don’t hesitate to pop the big question.

At the same time, you may like a woman but haven’t seen any of those signs from her, it’s advisable you man up and still approach her. This might sound ridiculous but it will help you iron things out and know your stand.

So, what women’s body language signs have you misread up till this moment?


Can body language be gendered?

Yes, it can. Men and women are two different beings and unique in their behavior. Hence, you can’t judge a woman using a man’s body language and vice versa

What to do if you don’t like the woman who is sending you those signals?

You can let her know you’re not available by moving around with your wife, or fiancee as the case may be, also, posting her pictures on your social media handle to warn off others. Besides, don’t hesitate to wear your wedding ring if you’re married.

Is one body language enough signal?

No. Just because she accidentally touched you or smiled at you once does mean you should just approach her. At such a moment exercise patience and see if the signs outlined above become repetitive.

Are women better than men in reading body language?

Yes, they are. Women by nature are good observers compared to men. Hence, don’t be surprised a woman can read your mind through the body language signs you give to her.

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