13 Proven Ways to Make Someone Love You

Updated: Aug 28, 2021
By Abu Hafsah
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Have you been crushing on someone and they haven’t noticed you? Have you ever loved somebody so much that it makes you cry? Again, have you fallen out of love in the sight of someone who loves you before but no longer does now? Have you ever needed someone so bad that they gave you insomnia? Do you want to know how to get someone to like you? If yes, this post is for you.

How to get someone to like you could be easy if you know your ways; It could also seem like a huge task before you if you aren’t confident or have lost words and what to do to get them to notice and like you.

Stay with me as I lift that huge burden off your chest by guiding you on what and how to do to make them like you. Thus,

Proven Ways to Get Someone to Love You

1. Show Interest in Everything They Do

This works wonders I tell you. By nature, humans tend to be attracted to people who like what they are interested in and be repellant to people who don’t. Have you ever wondered why you go to a certain place, say a football viewing centre for the first time and you get along with the people you meet there just fine? Or a gym centre, cinema, or party etc.? Now you are saying “It’s true” in your mind, right? Good.

That’s how it works. Show them you are interested in whatever they are interested in, however good, foolish or absurd their interest may be. They will come to you if not now, someday.

2. Be with Them When the Road is Rough

In life, things do not go your way all the time. Sometimes, you put all the necessary things in place to achieve a goal but turns out negative. That’s how life is.

For instance, your crush that was well-to-do becomes needy as a result of fraud, termination of appointment or the likes, of course, they will be depressed and most people around them – friends, colleagues or even family may flee from them. This is a golden opportunity for you, show them you will always be there for them no matter the situation. Show them lots of care and watch how they tilt their attention towards you.

3. Be Respectful to Them

You can get someone to like you by being respectful to them, their friends, family and their decisions. This is very important. It’s their life and you are not dating so you have no right whatsoever to question their decision. Just follow! In the event that you find some of their decisions to be wrong, you can try to fix that diplomatically – do not be too forward about it though.

4. Always Check Up on Them

Communication is key, always know that. Communicating with them will always give them the impression of “this person is really caring and shows concern about me”. By ignoring them or treating them like every other normal person, won’t help you a bit. You need to show them you care by texting, calling, or visiting. This reassures them they are always on your mind. This works wonders I tell you.

However, remember to keep it minimal or else, you can kiss them goodbye!

5. Get Them Gifts on Special Occasions

Furthermore, it will interest you to know that gifts have a special way of making people happy. Of course, isn’t that what you want with your crush? Why hesitate?

Get them something nice on occasions that mean so much to them. Yes, something nice. But before doing that, make sure it’s what they desire first else, the aim will be defeated. If he is a fan of computer games for instance, get him a PS Five or something you could afford, and get her a makeup kit if she is a make-up freak.

6. Sympathize with Them in Sad Moments

In life, everyone will definitely come across a sad moment, say they lost a family member, a friend or lost their job. This is a great opportunity to shoot your shot. Get them to notice how caring and concerned you can be for them in situations like that. You may even want to shed tears for acting sake, but be sure not to overdo it.

7. Pay Them Casual Visits

You can get someone to like you by paying them casual visits every now and then. Visiting them is another way of reassuring them that you have an interest in them. Be sure to dress well and smell nice – smelling nice alone can make someone have interest in you. I wish all guys and ladies know this.

However, when you visit too often, most especially as a lady, they tag you as ‘a clingy’ person and that my dear, maybe the end of the road for you.

8. Care for Their Family

As you know, nobody grew on trees, we all have families. So, try and know his/her family and be nice to them. In addition, attend whatever occasion they invite you to, visit them from time to time, show them you love them and assure them that your crush is going to be fine with you. If you are lucky, they may assist you in luring your crush’s heart to yours.

9. Make Compromises

‘How to get someone to like you’ can be a walk in the park with compromise. You should know that you can’t have a healthy relationship without compromise. Be ready to forfeit a part of what you want for their attention. Don’t worry, that isn’t going to last for long. When you finally get their attention, you can diplomatically switch to your normal self if you so wish.

A point worth noting is that two smart people can’t be in a relationship and the relationship be healthy, NO WAY. For a healthy relationship, one must play the idiot!

10. Don’t Be Jealous

At this stage of your relationship with them, try as much as possible not to show them you are jealous when occasions to show jealousy call for that, say – you see them with their current partner or a friend of the opposite sex. Remember, you are not dating yet so as a matter of fact, you’re not in a position to tell them who and who not to be with. If you do, chances are they know for sure you like them thus, they may begin to consider you, or you just shot yourself on the foot! The latter is usually the case.

11. Take Them on an Outing

Yes, you saw it right! Take them on an outing. It mustn’t necessarily be to a fancy restaurant or an amusement park, but a place with beautiful vegetation will do, or by simply walking down the street with them. This also gives you the opportunity to talk with them and get to know them better. Don’t be shy as is the case of most ladies, just go for it.

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12. Be Honest

Honesty is very important in every aspect of human life. A relationship isn’t excluded. Be trustworthy and truthful in your dealings with them. An endeavour that no lies come out of your mouth, be straightforward.

When they finally get to know you lied about just a thing, all others may seem like lies to them and you know what that means – relationship baje!

13. Tell Them You Love Them

This is the ultimate way – walking up to them and telling them how you feel. For most men, this is a simple task but for women, it’s a huge one. Ease the burden on your chests and tell them you like them straight up!

I wish society can be a little bit fair to women. Why can’t a woman confront a guy she is into without been ridiculed or downgraded or looked at as cheap?

For guys, just continue doing your thing. Na the normal thing na!

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How to get someone to like you can be pretty easy and difficult at the same time. Your ability to succeed is highly reliant on your personal abilities. You’ve set a goal already, what next is strategizing on how to achieve that goal. Having put all of that in place, just GO FOR IT!

Don’t beat yourself up when it turns out unfavourable, at least, you know you have tried your best and that you guys are just not meant to be. I believe someone out there is waiting for someone exactly you, yes YOU.

But, just know how to play your cards!

If you find this article helpful, let me know in the comment session. It may interest you to read on: 12 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Life Partner and How to Make Your Crush Like You.

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