15 Important Things Every Woman Wants In A Man

Updated: Oct 21, 2021
By Aisha Zakari
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Finding the ideal man is no easy task at all, you hear people say you’re too choosy or your mates are among those taking/posting videos of couple goals but they all “Awwwn” over a wedding photo shoot like the bride wasn’t choosy about the man she picked. 

Women look for men that will love and adore them for the longest, stay committed to the relationship and stand against all odds. Yes, men come and go and like they say “soldier come, soldier go, barracks go remain” but there are those men you want to stay with, some that the love feels true and real, so we evaluated some qualities for you. These are 15 things every woman wants in a man. Are you one? Get a paper and a pen because I am going deep in this article. 

Things Every Woman Wants in Her Man

1. The Chemistry Should Be There

First off, what draws a woman to a man is always his physical attraction, no doubt there– what he looks like, how he dresses, how he walks it as he talks it, his biceps and all that. Oh, I almost forgot, he must be tall, handsome with pink/dark lips, yeah. The fantasies go on and on I tell you…

Yes, I said it but sometimes you hear us say “the chemistry no dey” or “the bond is not too strong”

That right there, “bond” is what every woman wants in a man, it is very crucial to us than just looks when looking for quality in a man. We want a man (I believe I speak for all ladies here) who finishes our sentences, a man who carries on with our conversation, one who gives us the energy to keep on talking without even realizing how time must have flown.

This chemistry, this connection, this bond, however, we call it is believed to go in the long run to establish a strong foundation, creates a deeper intimacy and lead to a fun-filled relationship eventually.  

2. Stability, Stability, Stability

This is the hardest but a reality. This topic brings back memories but I’ll go ahead and tell you.

When a woman is looking out for things she wants in a man before giving the relationship a shot, she looks out for these three things;

Are you emotionally stable?

Again, are you financially stable?

Are you relationally stable?

Yeah, I know it’s all-new for some of you but for those who already knew, hats off to you. Ya the real G!

Most of us revolve around;

“Is he financially stable?” 

“Does he have money?” 

Relax, there are other stabilities when it comes to things every woman wants in a man. A man might have 1 out of 3 listed above or 2 out of 3, luckily, rarely and hardly do you get a man who has 3 out of 3 but if you do (Hold am).

When it comes to an ideal man, women mostly go for financial stability first. It is quite understandable when you think about it cause of how life is spinning around us.

Don’t get me wrong, it is a good thing because a financially stable man will most likely be relationally stable. Let me explain.

What is Relational Stability?

This depicts a man whom you can count on any day and anytime, a man you can rely on to come running when things get tough for you or by a simple phone call.

But sometimes, a financially stable man is never available emotionally and relationally and that’s where it gets hard for you to consider which of the 3 you could work with. We all have our preferences when it comes to relationships and that’s okay – you’re you but I suggest you go for a man who is emotionally and relationally stable.

A man who is relationally and emotionally stable will do anything in his power to make you happy, respect you, understand and please you and that is what relationships should be about – happiness. 

A man that is relationally and emotionally stable will most definitely work towards providing finance for himself and his family, even you and in a way, you’ll be getting that 3 out of 3 which I told you was hard. Isn’t that quite simple now?

A man who doesn’t look at his phone because he’s listening to you, a man who thinks about you and his actions towards pleasing you, a man who listens to you talk about your hopes, dreams and aspirations – that is a thing every woman wants in a man but remember, it is a give and take. Be emotionally and relationally stable too.

Hey, sis – you can be financially stable too. It takes two to tango – both parties should stay committed to the relationship.

3. Someone Who Makes Them Feel Safe and Protected

Be superman. I repeat be superman for us. It’s quite simple and there’s no other way I can put it.

I know it is said that “we rule the world” but still, we want to feel safe and protected with you at all times both physically and emotionally.

If a man wants to protect you, sis, let him. Let him be your hero. Men do have an ego and according to a study, this ego (testosterone) makes them feel the need to be protective over their partner’s safety and wellbeing. So, why stop him?

If he wants to protect you, please let him.

4. Complete Acceptance

The ideal man shouldn’t change a thing about you. If he doesn’t see what makes you special and unique just the way you are, let him leave. The right one will definitely come along, they always say. 

Things every woman wants in a man include; accepting their flaws, imperfections, scars and all. A man who tries to guide, improve, and upgrade them into their better selves and not be somebody else.

In this way, we tend to be ourselves around you because we feel safe around you as you have accepted us just the way we are.

5. He’s In Touch With Your Friends and Family

A man should ask about his friends and family and be in touch with them. He cares and treats them with respect shows he is generally nice and kind-hearted.

This is a thing every woman wants in a man – it helps us build up our self-esteem and the way we see the world. Be kind and get kindness in return I mean, humanity lives, right?

6. He Respects You For Who You Are

This is frequently asked by ladies when having that “man” conversation. We go like this;

“Does he respect you?”

“Does he care?” 

If he does, by all means, that’s a tick to things every woman wants in a man. A man should not only love you but must care and respect you, respect how you feel, respect your views on how you see things and above all, respect your flaws, imperfections and respect you for who you really are – don’t be evil, please.

Even in the presence and absence of his friends and families, even strangers, he should treat you with the utmost respect and nothing else, he should also agree with you but not always because you might be wrong sometimes.

Above all, make sure to respect him and feel he respects you too.

7. He Admits When He is Wrong

A man should have confidence oozing off him, admit his wrongs and also tender an apology afterwards. 

Saying “I’m sorry” to you when he knows he must have offended you is indeed something beautiful as not all men actually do this even if you tell them they’re wrong.

Having such a characteristic is a plus when it comes to things every woman wants in a man as it makes the relationship enjoyable and you both bring out the best in each other.

8. He Has A Sense of Humour

This is my top list, always. I love a man who knows how to turn a complicated situation into a memorable experience by throwing in-jokes here and there. A good laugh never hurts anyone they say it makes you live longer. So, why not?

Life is a bitch as we all know, so having a man who knows how to throw in-jokes to make you laugh and forget even for a moment what situation you were in is very vital in every relationship, yes I said every. This shared laughter is a kind of intimacy and this inevitably grows bonds. Look for the humour in a man, sis. 

A good laugh warms the soul, calms the mind and replenishes you with pure bliss.

9. He Communicates Effectively

Is he a great talker? Damn, that’s boxes being checked in 15 things every woman wants in a man. An ideal partner communicates and listens to you. Of course, we ladies love attention. 

We want to be heard and seen, I mean we rule the world.  

Communicating is the most vital thing a woman wants in a man – it causes a barrier, a distance in a relationship when not done properly. A man should have the desire to communicate with you even in the toughest of the situation and of course, be willing and ready to listen to you when you want to be heard.

10. He Listens

A man who listens and works through together in bad and good times amicably is one of the things every woman wants in a man. Women love to talk and seek attention, it is your duty to give us that satisfaction.

In relationships, things go south at times but it is an essential tool to have a man who listens and don’t make things worse out of proportion or out of anger.

Having a man who listens, is calm and understanding is essential when it comes to qualities you’re looking for in a man for a relationship.

11. He Has Your Best Interests at Heart

A man should have your interest, your best interest at heart in bad times and in good times. He should focus on you, know your heart desires, dreams and hopes. 

“Is he willing to make you happy?”

“Will he move mountains to please and see you smile?”

If yes, this is good. If he’s willing to try, that’s also a good thing. Remember, he might not always do it but the thoughts and efforts should be appreciated. As long as his priority is to make you happy, he just might be the one.

12. He Makes Sacrifices To Make You Happy

When considering things every woman wants in a man, this should come to mind. 

“Does he make sacrifices to make you happy?”

Take, for instance, he changes the TV channel from football to allow you to watch your favourite TV show or drama.

Or he buys something on his way back from work even after the exhaustion just to make you happy. 

These are little things that warm the heart and are indeed things to appreciate and look for in a man.

12. He Makes Time For His Friends and Family

Maintaining relationships with friends and family is important when evaluating things every woman wants in a man.

A man who creates quality time for his friends and family is very admirable as you get to know that he cherishes them in the same way he will cherish yours and also create time to be there for them.

14. He is Romantic

Buy me roses, light up my room with candles and chocolates. Yeah, that’s the whole idea but sometimes, it gets better.

One of the things every woman wants in a man is a man who listens to her, helps and supports her in any way he can, who is thoughtful and have her best interest at heart. That is also romantic. Watch out for the love languages and not really the “extravagant lifestyle” languages but they are still romantic. But sometimes, having your man simply pull up with some fruits or lunch for us is also romantic.

Women lookout for these too in a man before saying a YES as this builds a solid ultimate foundation. With these too, emotions are built and this is a great way to grow together.

15. He’s Smart

This is the last on our list. I hope your man has ticked at least 10 things every woman wants in a man. Good luck.

A man who is smart and intelligent will not only be a guide in your life when you get confused on a path to follow/take or a decision to make but also, he helps bring out the best in you and this is relationship growth and goals. 

According to research, a man like this is more likely to get married and of course, stay married.


Another plus I’ll be giving is “Trust” A man we can trust to do the right thing, not mess around, support us, make us a priority, take responsibilities, acts mature and stay positive is always welcome to the table.


If you’re ever wondering whether to settle down with your current man, go through these 15 things every woman wants in a man that we’ve listed out for you and maybe, just maybe he will tick all the boxes and even if he doesn’t, that doesn’t mean he isn’t the one for you but if he does, sis go-ahead

When it comes to things to look for in a man, there are a lot but the qualities that make one potential and make it a meaningful relationship I what we’ve evaluated. Number out the things you’re looking for in a man and give it a try. You just might be ticking your Romeo. 

If you enjoyed this, check out these signs that show you are incompatible with your partner and 10 tips for a healthy relationship.

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  1. Abu Hafsah

    Thank you Aisha for a beautiful write up there. However, point number 4 doesn’t really sit well with me. I guess i missed something. Does it also mean even if she has a habit generally regarded as unacceptable, he should accept her like that?

    Kind regards ✍️

    • Aisha Zakari

      Hey there…

      About 4, yes it is what you’re thinking. Remember, no one is perfect. We all have flaws and yet we’re loved.

      Dating someone is already you subjecting yourself to accepting them whole heartedly, whether with good or bad habit. But there’s room for a change if it is a general bad habit but it should be on her/his will too.
      Not you changing her into what you want. He/She should also want to be that person you want then to change into. I mean, that’s sacrifices and compromises..

  2. Abdullahi Malumfashi

    I love the work you did on this one Aisha. Good job.

    • Aisha Zakari

      Abdul..hey thank you very much. I appreciate


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