3 Kannywood Stars Contesting Elections in 2023

Updated: Feb 19, 2023
By Ashphat Adam
Manyan Mata: Kannywood Movie That Promises Enlightenment

Manyan Mata: Kannywood Movie That Promises Enlightenment

Every day, Northern Nigerian literary platforms like Northpad, Poetic Wednesdays, and the Daily Times are brewing literary pieces on issues concerning the northern part of Nigeria with extensions to the country at large. Their goal remains to enlighten the public...

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Kannywood is a popular Nigerian film industry that produces films in the Hausa language. Actors in this industry, often called Kannywood actors, have gained a significant following in Nigeria and other parts of West Africa.

Most actors have excelled in other areas, such as business, entrepreneurship and many more. While many others like Hamisu Iyantama, Alhasan Kwalle, Nura Husain, Lawal Ahmad, and more have all contested elections in the past, none of them won. 

However, others like Mustapha Naburaska have been appointed Special Assistants to the Governor of Kano.

In 2023, three Kannywood stars are contesting for elections in various offices. Kannywood actors; Daddy Hikima, Aminu Alan Waka, and Naziru Dan Hajiya are interested in running for office in the 2023 elections in Nigeria, specifically under the Action Democratic Party (ADP).

Adam Abdullahi Adam (Abale)

Kannywood actor Abale or Daddy Hikima, is one of the Kannywood actors contesting for office in the 2023 elections. He is contesting for Member Kano State House of Assembly, representing Kumbotso Constituency under the ADP.

The actor, who has appeared in projects such as Labarina, Sanda, and Gidan Badamasi, has been criticised for appearing mostly as a thug in most of his movies.

He will slug it out with contestants under APC, PDP and NNPP.

Aminu Abubakar Ladan Alan Waka

While technically not an actor, Aminu Abubakar, commonly known as Alan Waka, is one of the most famous singers in Kannywood. He has sung for films, politicians, royal fathers and businessmen. 

The respected singer is now trying out his luck and testing his popularity by contesting to represent the good people of Nasaraw LGA as the Member Representing Nasarawa Constituency from Kano under the ADP.

His generosity, popularity and good oratory skills will likely favour him in what might be one of the most keenly contested elections in the state. 

Naziru Dan Hajiya

Naziru is one of the well-known directors in Kannywood. He has directed many successful movies, including; Baya da Kura, Gamdakatar, Halisa, Hijira, Al’ajabi and more.

He is seeking to contest elections as a Member of the House of Representatives Representing Kura, Madobi, and Garun Malam Constituency. 

This might be a herculean task, as this is the constituency of the former Governor of Kano State and Presidential Aspirant of the NNPP, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, who no doubt has his own candidate. 


Do you think these Kannywood actors contesting elections in the 2023 General elections will make it? Let me know in the comments box!

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