7 Tips For Effective Communication

Written by Happiness Hassan

Happiness Hassan is an eloquent writer and an avid reader. She is obsessed with her faith and loves assisting women to become a better version of themselves. Her progress in life is a direct impact of her parent's endless support. That's why she is keen on self-development, parenting, and family niche. She realizes how a healthy relationship between parents and their kids can make our world a better place. In her spare time, she listens to motivational audios. In addition, she enjoys decorating, dancing, singing, and crossword puzzles.

March 16, 2021

Our world would be left in confusion if humans are unable to communicate with each other. In essence, effective communication fosters advanced social interaction which creates global and local development. It’s based on communication we’re able to express ourselves resulting in a lasting relationship, eliminating misunderstanding. Hence, communication goes beyond mere words and the transfer of information rather it entails we understand the emotions and intentions behind what is been communicated. That’s why it’s important all humans learn the tips for effective communication to prevent communicating haphazardly.

But Before That Let’s Consider Real-Life Experience

During last year’s Eid al-Fitr celebration. I accompanied my friend Mariam to pick up a few things from the market a day to the celebration. On entering the market we decided to patronize the first seller on the lane. So, we approached his shop and greet him. His frowned looks made us uncomfortable coupled with his harsh response to our greetings. Although we ignored his manners and assumed he was having a bad day.

Next, he brought out all the goods we requested, and we started bargaining. Within the twinkle of an eye, he flared up. According to him, we had under-priced his goods and were not ready to purchase the items. In no time he was asking us to leave his shop. I and Mariam in shock looked at each other and quietly took our leave.

However, on getting to the next seller, our experience with him was a total contrast to the first seller. The second seller welcomed us in a friendly manner. We bargained amicably and were ready to depart. Due to curiosity we stopped and inquire about the first seller attitude. He shook his head and replied; That’s how he behaves all the time, he lacks communication manners which is gradually affecting his sales.

At that moment it dawned on me that communication is one of the keys to success. Hence, in this post, I will be discussing seven tips for effective communication.

Here are the Tips For Effective Communication

1. Understand The Opposite Perspective

A large percentage of persons are quick to say whatever pops up in their minds. And express exactly how they think a situation should be addressed without considering what the listeners think and feels. Hence, for you to communicate effectively consider the reaction of your listener before speaking.

For instance, you want to convince an uncivilized man on the reason why he needs to embrace civilization. This might become a tug of war for you and perhaps result in an argument. At the same time, you can communicate effectively to him by understanding his perspective owing to the fact he had lived his entire life practicing certain kinds of lifestyle.

2. Focus Helps You Communicate Better 

Effective communication is achieved when the receiver understands what has been communicated otherwise, the aim of that communication is fruitless. How do you achieve this? Start by being focused, if possible maintain mutual eye contact while communicating, paying maximum attention to the non-verbal signs of your listeners.

Also, do away with every form of distraction and interruptions while communicating such as diverting from the subject, answering phone calls, excusing yourself to pick a thing or two, and lots more.

3. Applying the C’s of communication 

Applying the 7 C’s of communication promotes effective communication and also terminate the gaps and misunderstanding between individuals at workplaces, home, schools, and offices. These include: clarity, correctness, conciseness, courtesy, concreteness, consideration and completeness.

4. Study the Atmosphere While Communicating

The consciousness of your listener’s emotions enables you to communicate effectively. Always study their reactions as you speak, sad listeners will appreciate you more when your words communicated cheers them.

Instead of listening to a long boring speech, attempting to convince them to buy your products. It’s best you cheer them up first before asking them to buy your products.

5. Always Engage the listeners During Communication

This is another crucial tip for effective communication. Learn to carry your listeners along, avoid being the only one doing the talking. At regular time intervals, take a break and listen to what the other person has to contribute on the subject of discussion. 

6. Don’t Criticize When You’re on the Listening End

Communication is a two-way act that involves a listener and a speaker. Hence, when you happen to be on the listening side, be careful not to criticize or pass judgmental comments about the speaker and what is been communicated. This behavior results in disorderliness distracting the atmosphere. If you must make corrections do it with courtesy after the speaker is done talking.

7. Select Your Words Before Speaking

You shouldn’t speak because you feel like talking neither should you communicate from the standpoint of anger. Select the kinds of words you use in addressing various listeners to avoid igniting misunderstanding and creating the wrong impression.


Communicating effectively is crucial and applicable to all aspects of life from academic to business to family to friendship to career and personal life. Also, the tips for effective communication can be applied vice versa for both listeners and speakers. Lastly, avoiding distractions and interruptions during communication. Instead, learn to listen more and maintain focus.

Finally, head on to the comment section and share your previous communication experiences.

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