8 Things You Shouldn’t Do In An Interview and 8 You Should

Written by Abdulganiyu Ibrahim

Abdulganiyu Ibraheem, popularly known among friends and family as BRAI, developed a passion for creating interesting content when he was in high school. Due to the love he has for creative content, he decided to run a BSc Degree in Mass Communication, at Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. He hopes to work as an advertising officer especially in a telecommunication company, writing their advert copy. Brai also is a pro at fashion designing, who sews both male and ladies' wear. He hopes to be the CEO of his fashion apparel.

September 8, 2021

Wow, You’ve actually got the call and you’ve been invited for the job interview?  That’s great news. But hope you won’t mind if I get you acquainted with the interview do’s and don’ts. Nice decision then. It will be of great interest to share with you some interview do’s and don’ts which can land you the job you have hoped for. 

The Do’s of an Interview

1. Do Research About the Company

The more you know about the company or the employer before the interview, the better for you. This is because extensive research will surely widen your knowledge as regards the company or the employer.  

However, this will surely help you in providing answers to the questions dished from the interviewer.  

2. Do Turn Off Your Phone

To avoid distraction from your phone while the interview section is on, it is advised to have your phone switched off. 

3. Do Introduce Yourself

Among the things you should consider in doing in an interview is to let the interviewers know who you are by introducing yourself,  and other information which you think is of relevance for them to know. 

4. Smile, Be Friendly, and Maintain Eye Contact

Be friendly to anyone you’re in contact with from the moment you walk in the door to the moment you leave. Smiling will create a warm and positive impression of you. However,  maintaining eye contact will demonstrate your self-confidence, focus, and respect for others. 

5. Maintain a Proper Sitting Posture

Do sit up straight with your feet flat on the floor, hands on your lap or chair, and your back against the chair. This open posture will show that you are interested and engaged.

6. Do Take Your Time When Answering A Question

it’s vital you are aware of the interviewer’s body language to identify if your answers are going on too long. Are they looking at their watch or the clock to check the time?

Depending on the question, a one or two-minute response is typically appropriate, but assuming the interviewer knows nothing about you or the answers to the question, you can provide enough detail to answer the questions completely. 

7. Be Positive During Your Interview

They are looking for a candidate that displays positivity. A person who will fit well within their team. However, make sure to use positive and constructive language when discussing conflicts or difficult situations. 

8. Do Dress Properly

This can be achieved by wearing professional or business casual attire, choose a solid colour and subtle patterns and make sure that your clothes are clean, ironed, and not wrinkled. Ensure you are well groomed by having clean and neat hair. This is because your professional image and visual presentation weigh heavily on the employer’s impression of you. 

As a rule of thumb, focus on dressing one step above what they would wear to the workplace you applying to. This may involve researching the company before or asking the person who has called to schedule what the dress code is. 

A good first impression can spark the interviewer’s interest in you. Follow those tips to make a confident and professional first impression. 

Furthermore, don’t wear any clothing that is too tight, revealing, or uncomfortable. You should however avoid noisy or distracting jewellery or patterns, heavy watches, and loud makeup. Be aware of scent-free policies. 

The Don’ts of an Interview

1. Don’t Appear Unprepared

Don’t present yourself before the interviewer without knowing anything about the company or the employer, as that will make you look unserious when you start to fumble on questions you are expected to answer correctly but show no knowledge about.      

2. Don’t Show up Late  for the Interview

Showing up late to an interview tells the interviewer you’re unorganized and could ruin the chances of landing the job. So if you truly know you will be running late, call at least a few hours to the time of the interview to apologize for your unavailability, stating the genuine reason for that.

This will give them the opportunity to reschedule if it is more convenient. 

11. Don’t High Five Your Interviewer

One of the don’ts in an interview is to never extend your greetings to your interviewers in form of a high five or any other form of greetings that might seem improper. You should rather greet either by extending your hand for a not too weak or strong handshake or by a blossom  ‘good morning ‘ or the likes. 

You should learn how to properly shake hands too.

12. Don’t Slouch or Cross Your Arms

It’s wrong to angle yourself away from the interviewer. Poor posture or close body language might make you seem disinterested or defensive. 

13. Avoid Fidgeting

This could be achieved by holding your hands on your knees to be more aware of your leg movements or hold your hands together.

You can as well remove any objects from your vision that you might be tempted to play with. 

14. Make Use of the 7c’s of Communicating During an Interview

Speak clearly and articulate your words. The 7 C’s of communication will help you with that. Show enthusiasm in your tone of voice and maintain an appropriate volume for the size of the room and the number of people you’re meeting with. Mock interviews and practising out loud can help you improve your speech. 

In addition, Be mindful of the pace, clarity, tone, and volume of your speech. Don’t shout, whisper, speak super quickly, or be monotonous. Don’t give answers that are too short or very long. Also, don’t be rude or withdrawn.

Whether you are talking to the interviewer or the people at the reception, be well mannered as you relate.

15. Keep Your Emotions Under Control

Don’t get angry or blame others when talking about previous jobs. Past situations may be emotionally charged, therefore avoid blaming or negative language when discussing previous employers, colleagues, or work environments.

Don’t know how to check your emotions? You can learn to recognize and control them.

16. Don’t Tell Stories That Have Nothing to do With the Job

Do keep your answers straight and relevant. Stay on point and keep the content of your answers relevant to the requirements of the job. 


Remember, first impression matters. If you stick to the above interview do’s and don’ts,  certainly you would make a good impression at your interview. So go ahead and make a good impression in your interview by abiding by following the interview do’s and don’ts.  Don’t forget to share your comments on how the interview went. 

Remember to share this article with your friends, and you might also like to check out how you can nail down a job interview in 5 minutes

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