9 Ideas to Make a Side Income While Managing Your Business

Written by Michelle Anama Abari

Michelle is a content writer that loves writing as much as she loves reading. Her writing talks on issues relating to business and finance and other issues beyond finances where she aims to give knowledge on how to achieve one's personal best. When she's not writing, her favourite past time is reading and seeking adventures.

December 13, 2021

Everyone knows that you need more than one stream of income to survive and cater to all your needs. If your day job salary isn’t enough for rent and groceries and bills have been pulling up too high, it’s time to think about supplementing with an additional side income while managing business. A side hustle is a person’s first step toward financial independence and flexibility.

Personally speaking, I will say that having a side hustle is a very essential and beneficial way to increase the number of funds coming into your pocket. I’ve been in situations where I had to keep waiting to be paid my monthly salary or sometimes allowance from my parents.  

Having a side hustle must not be something serious that ends up overshadowing your main job, it can be a hobby that you love doing. It could be drawing, singing, or even writing.

In this article, you will get to know and understand that there are a lot of opportunities to explore as a side income while managing a business.

Profitable Side Incomes to Make Extra Money While Managing Your Business

1. Drawing

I have this friend who is into drawing, or rather, who has a passion for drawing and he earns about 10 thousand to 50 thousand Naira, depending on who sponsor them. He is also into other businesses and all, but knowing that his passion for drawing puts some funds in his pocket makes him happy.

Drawing must not necessarily have to be a serious deal before you can include it as a side hustle. All you have to do is schedule time to draw and paint then have an art dealer who can help sell your work for you. No matter the job you are doing or the school you attend as a student, you can dedicate at least one or two days to drawing and selling your work to people.

Like I said, your side hustle does not have to overshadow your work or school, as far as it puts capital in your pocket, you’re good to go.

2. Know a language? Teach it!

You may be better in one or more than one language and people around you may not know how to speak that language. That’s a good thing because you can capitalize on that, teach people, and get paid for it, or sometimes you could serve as an interpreter for someone or even a small company. By doing this you can get an estimated income of about 100 thousand Naira depending on the contract.

Or better still, apply on tutoring websites to teach languages online to people around the world and get paid for it instantly! It does not have to be a serious business, it can be part-time and at your convenience, this way, you have a side income while managing your business.

3. Manage Social Media for Others

Managing someone’s social media account is a good side hustle for anyone looking for side income. All you have to do is search for websites or apps that have jobs like this.

For instance, the app Linkedin has a lot of job opportunities, all you have to do is sign in and then search for jobs that interest you, and most of the time, you find jobs like social media manager or even digital marketer. This particular experience has favoured me at one point in my life.

This job is a very lucrative business because what most people with small businesses need is someone who can help talk to customers and also answer customers’ questions. I have a friend who is into this business and she is doing very well if I do say so myself. She earns about 20 thousand Naira to about 80 thousand Naira a month.

4. Write for a Blog

Writing, to most people looking for a side hustle is very tedious and tiring. To an extent, it may be, but it is a very profitable side hustle that a lot of people underrate. Writing small articles and also publishing them online is good because these days people are looking for writers who have commendable diction who can write well for their companies and blogs.

By writing, you are not only improving on your skills but you are also making writing a side hustle, and the more readers, the more potential customers who want to employ you as their writer. Most writers I know, write as a part-time job and they get an income of about 2 thousand naira to about 20 thousand naira which depends on the blog and also the contract you go into with that blog or company.

If you are looking for a profitable side income while managing your business, writing should be an option for your side hustle list.

5. You Can Drive While Managing Your Business

Driving is another good side hustle, especially in Nigeria. The amount of money paid as salaries to drivers depends on the number of passengers carried that day and the percentage issued on that day. Sometimes, the price of online taxis varies and because of that the drivers’ pay also varies.

You can rent a car from any rental company or if you already have a car, you can register as a driver on Bolt Driver or Uber. Whichever one is a very lucrative side hustle. All you have to do is get the car that meets the requirements for any of these driving companies, then you are good to go. You get a percentage of the profit gotten from the profits made by the other drivers and the pay is quite good for a side hustle.

Driving is just one of the profitable transport business ideas out there.

6. Being a POS Agent is a Profitable Side Income

With the current state of the Nigerian economy, a POS business in Nigeria is likened to a small and portable bank. This business saves the average Nigerian from the stress of going to the bank for withdrawals and every simple bank transaction. Every single bank transaction ranges from paying light bills to depositing money into your account and even paying for TV bills.

Although this POS business is the “in thing” now, it is still something worth starting and putting in as a side hustle, you earn enough, and by earning, you can get about 10 to 20 thousand naira monthly, but it also varies.

7. Mobile Food Delivery

If you have amazing cooking skills, this is a very lucrative side hustle for you, especially as a Nigerian. There are times when people are too tired to cook because of their long and tiring day at work, this is where you come in! You serve as a saviour to such people.

With your great cooking skills, people never fail to patronize you because of your good cooking skills and tasty meal! I have this friend who makes pancakes during weekends and her pancakes are amazing, I and some of my friends do not even cook breakfast during the weekends because of how amazing her pancakes her. We do not even mind giving her our last money just for that pancake. The good thing is that it is her side hustle and because she cooks well, she has permanent customers (me) who are willing to buy her pancakes.

Cooking is a skill, do not underestimate it because it can be a profitable side income while managing your business. You can earn about 50 thousand naira monthly, just imagine how much more you can get if you have great cooking skills and have customer demands!

8. Another Profitable Side Income is Event Planning

People love parties, whether it is birthdays, weddings or even naming ceremonies. The event market in Nigeria is so huge that if you decide to start planning events, you can make some people’s salaries in one week for a few days of work. Try doing it for a family member for free as a startup and see where it leads you.

You can get paid up to 200 thousand naira, depending on how large the contract could be.

9. Stock Photography

If you love taking photos, not just of yourself but of different things, you can start making money off being a lobbyist and amateur photographer and you get paid about 40 thousand to 60 thousand, depending on the contract. Take pictures of people, places, landmarks, events, and nature and upload them to paying stock photography platforms.

Photography is a very beautiful and profitable side hustle, all you have to do is get a good camera and the rest will fall into place. Photography is a very lucrative side income that can be profitable in the long run.

I also have this friend who got his camera a while ago and started this profitable business and he is getting paid quite well, he earns about 80 thousand naira, depending on the shoot he is doing.


Having a side hustle does not have to be something very serious and tedious, it all entails turning what you love doing into bringing capital for you while still going to work or even going to school. All students can testify to the fact that the amount of allowance gotten from our parents is too little to sustain us for a certain period. We need more money and by doing that, you look for a side hustle that can help you get more money. Other side hustles could include sewing, singing, babysitting, and lots more. Look for a side income today and double or even triple your streams of income, it will benefit you in the long run.

The amount of income you are paid depends on the company, your contract, and most importantly, the demand for your skills. Honestly, the amount of income you get from your side hustle varies.

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