Three Golden Rules to Learn From A.A Rano

Written by Bello Abdullahi

Bello Abdullahi loves books, design, and computers. He believes poetry to be his safe space, as it allows him to express himself in ways he normally wouldn't have. If Bello isn't reading, researching, writing, or learning about humans, he is either designing or adding to his coding skills.

June 22, 2022

Alhaji Auwalu Abdullahi Rano, known as A.A Rano is a Kano-born and bred silent billionaire, with his company valued at over $6 billion, almost 2 trillion in Nigerian currency. AA Rano has become a household name within the Nigerian business space, mostly because of his business-friendly models.

Here are three things you can take away from Rano’s life.

1. Hard Work Pays Off

Alhaji A.A Rano started from a humble beginning. Unlike the likes of Aliko Dangote and Abdulsamad Rabiu BUA, he wasn’t lucky to be born into a wealthy family. He had a humble beginning and worked his way up to his current position.

This is a sign that with hard work and dedication, dreams are always achievable. 

2. You Can Be Rich and Still Be Humble 

A.A Rano has been described as a humble billionaire, who treats everyone with dignity and respect. His humbleness can be traced to his earlier days when he was less fortunate, this goes to show that when one becomes rich, he doesn’t have to become arrogant. 

3. Find Your Niche 

Alhaji A.A Rano over the years has identified a simple concept of identifying business niches. This is shown in his gas stations as the majority of his customers are the masses, who could form kilometres of lines to buy fuel or gas from his stations.

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