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Written by Amin Mohammed Goni

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June 21, 2022

Starring: Ramadan Booth, Shamsu Daniya, Bilkisu Abdullahi, Sadiq Ahmad, Zikrullah Abubakar, Ali Nuhu, Jamilu Sani, Auwal Isa West, Hadiza Ahmad, Tahir Mohd Fagge, Habiba Aliyu, Fa’iza Abdullahi, Fatima Isa Makamashi and Others.

Produced by: Khalid Yusuf Kherlydo, Ali Nuhu

Directed by: Ali Nuhu

Alaqa is a thriller web series created and directed by Ali Nuhu and produced by FKD Production. The web series is released weekly on YouTube on Ali Nuhu’s official channel. The series stars Ramadan Booth, Shamsu Daniya, Tahir Fagge, Sadiq Ahmad, Hadiza Ahmad, Habiba Aliyu, Bilkisu Abdullahi.

The first season premiered on 3rd December 2021 and has thirteen episodes. The series returned for a second season on 1st April 2022.

Alaqa Plot

The series focuses mainly on the Alfindiki family that is thrown into crisis when the second-born son Hisham, is arrested on allegations of rape. It also focuses on Audu Luluwa and his ploy to bring down the Alfindiki family.

The series explores themes of rape, business, family, and societal values. It also takes a modern view on feminism and the pursuit of justice for women who face abuse. It covers many challenges faced by northern Nigerian youth like family pressure, making a living, drug abuse, keeping up appearances and so much more.

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This is a unique series movie from Hausa Industry. From what I watched today, it is apparent that this movie will go a long way line in exhibiting the atrocities in our society to address same.

Abubakar Gambo Walarab

Right from the start, Alaqa is a thrilling show filled with suspense. Ali Nuhu’s direction is spot-on as he shows us how shaken the Alfindiki family is by the crisis that dawned upon them. Furthermore, the show takes its time to reveal the plot and the truth with everything that is going on.

Alaqa Cast

The show features an ensemble cast of some of the big names in Kannywood. Ramadan Booth plays the character of Nameer Alfindiki, the first-born son of the Alfindiki family, an entrepreneur, and serves as the moral compass of the show amongst the youth.

Shamsu Daniya plays the character of Hisham Alfindiki, the second-born son of the Alfindiki family and the one facing rape allegations. He goes through a battle of clearing his name throughout the first season.

Veteran actor Tahir Fagge plays the role of Alhaji Saleh Alfindiki, the wealthy patriarch of the Alfindiki family.

Hadiza Ahmad plays the role of Hajiya Fatima Alfindiki, the matriarch of the Alfindiki family and a philanthropist.

Sadiq Ahmad plays the role of Audu Luluwa, a rival of the Alfindiki family who seeks to bring the family down.

Ali Nuhu himself plays the role of the Alfindiki family lawyer. The show also has a great supporting cast that contributes a lot to the progression of the story.

Alaqa Review

Alaqa is a well-produced series. It incorporates modern cinematography and the quality is great. The production team did a good job with the production design. Cosmetics, locations, and props fit well into the narrative.

The soundtrack and theme songs fit well with the visuals and the sound editing is of good quality.

The series suffers from a pacing issue though. So many scenes are unnecessary and mostly made of filler content that does nothing to progress the plot. A lot of the scenes could be cut out from the final product and still won’t affect the story in any way. Some scenes are over-dramatized and do nothing but waste time with slow-motion effects.

Poor editing is another weakness of the series. Most scenes do not reach a natural stopping point before they are cut off. There is a lot of jumping to and fro between multiple scenes in the same act. This is evident right from the first episode.


Alaqa is an ongoing web series on Youtube created and directed by Ali Nuhu that tells the story of the wealthy Alfindiki family and the crises they go through. It also focuses on the rivalry between Audu Luluwa and the Alfindiki family as he seeks to bring them down.

It is a modern and contemporary take on the wealthy in our society. It explores themes of business, family, societal values, rape, and abuse.

Have you seen Alaqa? Tell us what you think of the new series in the comments. Also, tell us what you think of the themes the series explores.


Where can I watch Alaqa?

Alaqa is currently released on Saturdays on Ali Nuhu’s official Youtube channel

Is Alaqa a new series?

Yes Alaqa is a relatively new series as it premiered on 3rd December 2021

How long is Alaqa?

Alaqa is currently in its second season with 3 episodes released so far. The first season contains 13 episodes. Each episode is about 40 minutes long.

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