The Identity Behind Ameerah’s Boyfriend Revealed

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July 13, 2022

It is now no news, Ameerah Sufyan faked her kidnap. The 300 Level Student of the Ahmadu Bello University, Abu Zaria on June 14th tweeted that she was abducted along with 17 other people in Abuja.

The story immediately trended, with the Hashtag #Ameerah trending on social media for 3 straight days. And the doubts started.

Where are the families of the other abducted victims?

How come no one else raised an alarm?

How is her phone still on despite several hours?

Turns out, the doubts are true. On June 20th, 6 days after her supposed kidnapping, Ameerah publicly apologized on her Twitter profile. This was after the police had earlier released a statement she is with them.

But not before the voice note was released on June 17th. In the voice note; Ameerah was heard saying:

“The VPN is on, is not like anybody will notice I’m in one of the biggest hotels in mainland.”

For context, according to a Twitter user, Oil_shaeikh; the biggest hotel in Mainland is the Marriot hotel located in Ikeja GRA. The smallest room there starts from 150k a night.

But that’s not what piqued people’s attention.

The moans did.

Many people concluded that she was together with a man when Ameerah recorded the voice note.

So who exactly is he?

Many theories about the mystery man in question have been flying around, but one thing is sure. No one knows him.  However, there are a few pointers.

Judging by Ameerah’s response to a tweet by Halal_Matchmaking saying not all girls ask for money, it is clear that the man in question is stinking rich. “I’m asking for everything oo. Rich handsome your money and the love and peace of mind”

She responded then, on January 14th, 2022. It is doubtful if she lowered her standards. The fact that he can afford to lodge in the biggest hotels on Mainland —where the smallest room starts from150k a night— for several nights further buttress this point.

While Ameerah has been charged to court for self-kidnapping, it is clear more information will emerge. Trust us to be here with them when they do.

If they don’t, we’ll dig them ourselves.

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