The Identity Behind Arewa GistLover Revealed

Updated: Jun 9, 2022
By Editorial Staff

Arewa Gistlover is the latest gossip blog to burst into the scene. The gossip blog burst into the limelight in May 2022 but has since done it all. From revealing cheating men and women and sexual escapades to sensitive information about politics. It has now poised itself to be the premier gossip blog in Nigeria.

Yet the identity of the founder remains unknown. Who is behind the keyboard sharing all those information and ruining relationships? Who might be responsible for exposing the secret lifestyle of the elites?

This article aims to uncover that.


First, let’s start with the name. The name ‘Arewa  Gistlover’ is similar to ‘Gistlovers blog,’ a blog that does the same thing as this one. Gistlovers, who call themselves ‘Vawulence Headquarters,’ has been notorious for sharing information about celebrities’ lifestyles, most especially in southern Nigeria.

The media outfit broke the news that veteran Nollywood actress Genevive Nnaji is a lesbian.

The blog has hot gist and access to what’s happening in the entertainment industry long before anyone gets wind of it. This perhaps places it as the number 1 gossip blog in Nigeria, displacing even Linda Ikeji or Instablog Naija.

But who is the face behind the blog? Anonymous. However, it was rumored to belong to one Mary David Onaichemewan, who runs Mccoded blog on Instagram.

This remains to be confirmed as there had been several rumors before. One thing is clear, whoever is handling has access to celebrities’ lives, just like its sister’s arm, Arewa Gistlovers.

How They Operate

Apart from the name, another feature Arewa Gistlover share is the usage of the phrase ‘the tueh’ by both sharing gossip. This further alludes to the that both are owned by one person or at least a loosely connected group of people.

Other shared terms also include; ‘Vawulence,’ ‘I come in peace, and more.

The Arewa Gistlover uses popular social media, including; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Telegram, with Instagram being the major one with 11k followers as of May 2022.

On Facebook, the page has 636 followers as of 23rd May and is the least active compared to the others. The Twitter account had been restricted to 1000 followers on 8th May, merely days after starting operation.

Meanwhile, the page is shifting its base of operation to Telegram, where restrictions are less tight and where they can share ‘nudes as they claim. Their official group has since gained 3k followers as of 23rd May, with over two thousand people joining alone in the first 24 hours alone.

How Arewa Gistlover They Get Their Info

Arewa Gistlover appears to get their information primarily from followers, who submit ‘receipts’ to the handler, who then ‘confirms’ them to determine whether to post them. These checks are inaccurate principally, even though they claim they don’t share negative or fake stories.


Despite their claim of not sharing fake news, how credible are they? Can you trust them?

While we don’t know how the blog performs its ‘checks,’ everything they share is best taken with a pinch of salt.

The blog has retracted so many stories and apologized for sharing them in the first place, which puts a dent in its reputation. However, many other stories were not denied by the victims nor contested, lending some iota of truth to them.

They came out to retract those stories, which is more than most would do and is commendable enough.

They also share many juicy headlines and teases to entice readers and gain more followers and end up not releasing them, which proves they have nothing in the first place.

This could best be described as a cheap way to get attention and, as such, should be disregarded.


According to the location info provided on their Twitter page, the handler or owner is located in Texas, USA. This makes them out of reach of the Nigerian authorities. This is perhaps why they share so many brazen stories, including on Nigeria’s elite, without fear of arrest.

The handler has also claimed that ‘you can’t do anything to me,’ confirming this notion. There is also the probability that the operator uses VPN and other tracking blockers to mask the location.

Now on to the big reveal.

Who is behind Arewa Gistlover?

The greatest strength (and weakness) is anonymity. While the owner remains unknown for now, it is clear it is someone with access to juicy stories concerning the elite. Like their parent arm, the Arewa Gistlover blog, whose identity remains unknown, any reveal is at best a guess and neither confirmed.

They want to keep it that way. 

Just like the owner of Northern Hibiscus was revealed to be Aisha Falke or the owner of Hausa Fulani, one of the first Instagram blogs in the north now has his contact details on the page, the identity of the handler won’t remain for long.

However, they enjoy anonymity, which generates more buzz and mystery. Also, we’ve seen how other blogs like Instablog, whose identities have been unmasked, had been taken over by newer anonymous blogs.

One thing in all this is clear. The owner or handler is probably a female because of the name ‘Lady Whistledown’ on Instagram, named after the character Penelope Featherington, a popular and admired anonymous writer of a social pamphlet detailing the gossip of “the ton” in Bridgerton.

While the identity is unknown now, sooner or later, we, someone else, or the blog will reveal the real face behind the keyboard, and it won’t be funny then. We will be here with the whole gist when they do.

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