Hajiya Mariya Sanusi Dantata: The Philanthropist Who Feeds 5000 People Daily

Hajiya Mariya Sanusi Dantata: The Philanthropist Who Feeds 5000 People Daily

Among the people who impacted the lives of others in northern Nigeria, Hajiya Mariya Sanusi Dantata is perhaps the most impressive. The billionaire philanthropist feeds at least 5000 people daily in Kano, sponsors thousands of Hajj pilgrimages annually, and builds countless mosques. Mariya Sanusi also once sat on the board of several companies, including MRS Holdings, which her son Sayyu Dantata founded with her help.

Born in the 1940s, Hajiya Mariya Sanusi Dantata is the daughter of Sanusi Dantata, a wealthy businessman. Her grandfather, Alhaji Alhasan Dantata, was the richest person in West Africa on his death. She is also the mother of the richest black person in the world Aliko Dangote.

Marriage and children

Mariya Sanusi Dantata got married in mid 1950s to Mohammed Dangote, who is a business associate of Sanusi Dantata. She gave birth to four children. Garba Dangote, who died after a stroke; Aliko Dangote, the richest man in Africa and the richest black man in the world; Bello Dangote, who died in 1996 in a plane crash and Sani Dangote, who died in 2021.


Hajiya Mariya Sanusi Dantata has numerous grandchildren from her 4 sons, including at least 8 grandchildren from Sani Dangote, 15 from Aliko Dangote and more.

Philanthropic Activities

Mariya Sanusi Dantata is an business woman in Kano state. She sat on the board of numerous industries, such as MRS oil and gas and Mentholatum Nigeria Limited. Mariya has a kind heart and loves to give back to society. She helps the poor, orphans and the sick and those in need daily that she was given the title of ‘Uwar marayu da marasa gata’, meaning “mother of the orphans and less privileged.”

Hajiya Mariya also builds schools, hospitals, and mosques. Some of the mosques she built included the Danladi Nasidi Mosque, commissioned by the 15th Emir of Kano in 2017.

The 15th Emir of Kano Muhammadu Sanusi II greeting Hajiya Mariya Sanusi Dantata holding a rosary bead while Hajiya Umma Bayero watches during the commissioning of Danladi Nasidi Mosque built by Mariya Dantata on 2nd June 2022

She also has a foundation through which she runs her charity activities.


Because of these feats and more, Hajiya Mariya Sanusi was inducted into the Nigerian Women Hall of Fame by the National Centre for Women Development (NCWD) in 2019.

Bayero University Kano has also awarded her an Honorary degree because of her contributions to society.

Mariya Sanusi Dantata Net Worth

Though the exact net worth of Hajiya Mariya Sanusi Dantata remains unknown at the moment, she is estimated to have at least 2 billion Naira, which she constantly spends on charity and donations. She comes from a wealthy family and is a rich businesswoman in her own right with many assets, shares in companies, and properties to her own name.

Just like inspirational women like Hajiya Gambo Sawaba inspired a whole generation of women activists and politicians, Hajiya Mariya Sanusi Dantat is an inspiration for women contributing to society and should thus be celebrated.

Origin of the Ancient Hausa Music Kidan Shantu

Origin of the Ancient Hausa Music Kidan Shantu

The Hausas have been performing Kidan shantu since before they even come into contact with other people, making it an ancient tradition. The connection to people, however, has caused some alterations to the structure and flow of the Kidan shantu. Kidan shantu is mostly sung by women in large gatherings, mostly during weddings, naming ceremonies in Hausaland, or other festivities.

These days. Songs sung by Shantu’s daughters fall into this category. You can hear them singing along with the shantun song every time they blow. Like other music performed by women, shantu music is performed voluntarily. Women perform shantu music because they are driven by passion.

What is Shantu?

The shantu is a musical instrument played on the body using the feet and is created from the leaves of a spreading plant. When Shantu emerges, it spreads like a pumpkin but is tall and lean. They are then dried and utilized as musical instruments after being harvested and split inside by creating doors above and below.

There are two primary categories of shantu:

  1. Traditional Shantu: This kind of shantu, which is planted, and divided into two doors, is the one that was known to our parents and grandparents. For this one, there are several different designs.
  2. Modern Shantu: This is a metal shantu modeled by the Farfaru people. This particular shantu makes a distinctive sound when blown.

When is Kidan Shantu Played?

Kidan Shantu is one of the tunes that young ladies play when a bride is about to get married. She is always taken to her husband’s house with her shantu so she can sing for him.

Nowadays, girls also sing shantu songs to pass the time during study breaks in boarding schools. Because they add English words, their music differs from the traditional ones.

Numerous groups continue to perform shantu music nowadays. For instance, the Shantu Association of the Kano State Historical and Arts is a well-known group for its shantu songs and performances in other countries.


While Kidan shantu is an ancient tradition amongst the Hausa people, where ladies gather to sing songs during festive occasions using a traditional instrument, the practice is quickly dying. It will take the combined effort of all involved to revive this dying culture.

50 Common Hausa Names for Plants and Trees

50 Common Hausa Names for Plants and Trees

If you’ve just found a plant or tree on the TV and want to know, look up the Hausa names for plants and trees to know the meaning in English and don’t want to ask everyone what they are called, there is hope! Many Hausa names for plants and trees are easy to pronounce.

By slightly pronouncing the names in English to Hausa,  the names of the plant or trees would not be similar; you will not be able to figure out what it is that way.

Here are 50 Common Hausa names for plants and trees. You can check out other Hausa Traditional Names.

  1. Desert Date – Aduwa
  2. Bambara nuts – Gujiya
  3. Okro – Kubewa
  4. Cocoyam – Gwaza
  5. Guava – Gwaiba
  6. Shea – Kadai
  7. Pumpkin – Kabewa
  8. Clove – Kanum Fari
  9. Mango – Mangwaro
  10. Tumeric – Kurkum
  11. Henna Leaves – Gyanyan Lalle
  12. Coral tree – Minjirya
  13. Sesame – Ridi
  14. Cassava – Rogo
  15. Garlic – Tafarnuwa
  16. Olive – Zaitun
  17. Cola – Goro
  18. Fig – Farin Baure
  19. Sorghum – Dawa
  20. Ginger – Citta
  21. Tamarind – Tsamiya
  22. Chilli Pepper – Barkono
  23. Egyptian mimosa – Bagaruwa
  24. Groundnut – Gyada
  25. Rice – Shinkafa
  26. Pineapple – Abarba
  27. Cotton – Auduga
  28. Garden egg – Yalo
  29. Yam – Doya
  30. Potatoes – Dankali
  31. Sweet Potato – Dankalin Hausa
  32. Date – Dabino
  33. Banana – Ayaba
  34. Melon seeds – Agushi
  35. Maize – Masara
  36. Wheat – Alkama
  37. Waterleaf – Alayyahoo
  38. Onions – Albasa
  39. Grape – Inabi
  40. Sugar cane – Rake
  41. Sweet pepper – Tattasai
  42. Cabbage – Kabeji
  43. Carrots – Karas
  44. Tomatoes – Tumatur
  45. Coconut – Kwakwa
  46. Watermelon – Kankana
  47. Paw paw – Gwanda
  48. Orange – Lemo
  49. Boabab – Kuka
  50. Bitter leaf – Shuwaka


One of the most common questions is what are the common Hausa names of plants and trees? This article has compiled50 of such common names for plants and trees in Hausa language so that it can be a great way for you and your children to learn about the world around you.

What Hausa names of plants and trees do you know? Kindly leave a comment with the name of the trees or plant and its Hausa name in the comment section below, and we will share its English meaning. Don’t forget to share this post with your loved ones.

Ebira Pet Names That Will Gladden Your Partners Heart

Ebira Pet Names That Will Gladden Your Partners Heart

Ebira pet names are for people whose partner is an Ebira person. Are you in a relationship and want to express romantic feelings for your significant other? You need to name your love. You want to be able to call them by name, and you want to be able to express your love to them. Like Hausa romantic names, we have a list of Ebira pet names to call your significant other.

Find a name out of these 25 that speaks to you and give it to your significant other today. Let’s go.

25+ Ebira Pet Names and Their Meanings

  1. Onimisi – The one I like
  2. Dazoza – Extremely beautiful
  3. Ozoza – Handsome
  4. Ayionete – Peace
  5. Ohimayi – My Desire
  6. Onayivo – Charisma
  7. Eheoiza – Beautiful world
  8. Odankaru – Prestigious
  9. Aisiki – Fulfillment
  10. Oyarazi – Caring person
  11. Okaraga – Mightier
  12. Onuuga – Praiseworthy
  13. Onono – Fair and beautiful
  14. Eneyiohueyi – Wise one
  15. Enehu – The best
  16. Akeba – Victory
  17. Uzomi – Star
  18. Inyah: My woman
  19. Ozozahuwa: Outstanding beauty
  20. Anavami: My own
  21. Anayamisi: My love
  22. Onimisi: The one I choose
  23. Anawura meyi : Thee one am proud of
  24. Omeyi oza: Goodness
  25. Inya oiza: Good woman
  26. Inda oiza: Good man

How to Use These Ebira Pet Names

You and your significant other may have been together for a while now and you might be wondering what to call each other. You might not know what to call your partner, or you might be trying to come up with a romantic Ebira name for your significant other.

Well, there are many Ebira pet names that you can call your significant other, from sexy names to sweet names. Some names are more appropriate for a night in bed, while others are for when you’re out and about. You can even call your significant other by their nickname if you have one.

To make your significant other feel special and loved, you should always have a special Ebira pet name for them. It is also important to use these names publicly so that your partner knows you love them.


Many people have trouble coming up with Ebira pet names to call a significant other as it is difficult to create a romantic and personal name. Finding an Ebira pet name that is meaningful to you and your significant other is important. You can find many ideas for romantic names to call your significant other from your favorite Ebira songs.

Your significant other is your best friend, your partner, and your lover. You want to call them all those things and more, but you also want to make sure that the names you give them are special too.

What Ebira pet names do you call your significant other? Kindly leave a comment below or share it with your loved ones.

30+ Hausa Romantic Names You Can Call Your Partner

30+ Hausa Romantic Names You Can Call Your Partner

These romantic Hausa names are the best way to show your spouse how important they are to you in an endearing way. These names make your spouse know they matter and are very special to you. As a Northerner, how do you develop romantic Hausa names for your significant other?

Worry not; we have got you covered! In this list, we have compiled a list of names for partners that is in the most adorable term of endearment. You should not call your partner by name; try to separate yourself from the crowd. Call them with the nickname you chose for them using the sweetest and soft voice you can muster.

Choose one of the 30 romantic Hausa names below and sway your partner off their feet with love.

1Abar so naSweetie
2Masoyi (na/ta)Sweetheart
3Bebi (na/ta)Baby Love
4Bebi (na/ta)Baby Boo
6GimbiyataMy Princess
7Mai darajaMy Precious
8Hasken zuciyataMy Sunshine
9Abar KaunaMy Love
10Kambi (na/ta)My Crown
12Zuman zuciya (na/ta)Honeybee
13Alewar zuciya (na/ta)Sugar Bunch
14Sarauniya taMy Queen
15Sarki naMy King
16Alewar zuciya (na/ta)My Sugar
17Tauraro (na/ta)My Star
18Ruhi (na/ta)My Soulmate
19Duniya (na/ta)My World
20Rayuwa (na/ta)My Life
21NawanMy One and only
22Hasken idonaApple of my eyes
23Masoyi (na/ta)My Darling
24Sanyin ido (na/ta)My Beloved
25Alewar Zuciya (na/ta)Candy Heart
26Yarima naMy Prince
27Mutumina/ MutuniyataBae
28Zuman zuciya (na/ta)My Honey
29Mai GidaHubby
30Mata taWifie

How to Choose to Best Hausa Romantic Names

Every culture has a naming convention, and you can use this to find an intimate and meaningful Hausa name for a romantic relationship or marriage. The Hausa culture has a lot of tradition and history, so many Hausa names reference different things. Some of these Hausa names are traditional, while some are modern.

Hausa names are unique and beautiful. To find a Hausa romantic name that fits your personality, you need to find a meaning that is perfect for you. The best way to do this is to ask a friend or family member for help.


Calling your partner with romantic Hausa names is a sweet and affectionate way of improving your relationship with your partner. Let him or her know that you have an undeniable bond that you want to share with them and not anyone else. You can pick one and start expressing your love in your native language.

Using your language can have deeper meaning and value for your significant other. That one name will make them cherish and value you wholeheartedly.

What Hausa pet name do you call your significant other? Kindly leave a comment below or share it with your loved ones.