3 Kannywood Stars Contesting Elections in 2023

3 Kannywood Stars Contesting Elections in 2023

Kannywood is a popular Nigerian film industry that produces films in the Hausa language. Actors in this industry, often called Kannywood actors, have gained a significant following in Nigeria and other parts of West Africa.

Most actors have excelled in other areas, such as business, entrepreneurship and many more. While many others like Hamisu Iyantama, Alhasan Kwalle, Nura Husain, Lawal Ahmad, and more have all contested elections in the past, none of them won. 

However, others like Mustapha Naburaska have been appointed Special Assistants to the Governor of Kano.

In 2023, three Kannywood stars are contesting for elections in various offices. Kannywood actors; Daddy Hikima, Aminu Alan Waka, and Naziru Dan Hajiya are interested in running for office in the 2023 elections in Nigeria, specifically under the Action Democratic Party (ADP).

Adam Abdullahi Adam (Abale)

Kannywood actor Abale or Daddy Hikima, is one of the Kannywood actors contesting for office in the 2023 elections. He is contesting for Member Kano State House of Assembly, representing Kumbotso Constituency under the ADP.

The actor, who has appeared in projects such as Labarina, Sanda, and Gidan Badamasi, has been criticised for appearing mostly as a thug in most of his movies.

He will slug it out with contestants under APC, PDP and NNPP.

Aminu Abubakar Ladan Alan Waka

While technically not an actor, Aminu Abubakar, commonly known as Alan Waka, is one of the most famous singers in Kannywood. He has sung for films, politicians, royal fathers and businessmen. 

The respected singer is now trying out his luck and testing his popularity by contesting to represent the good people of Nasaraw LGA as the Member Representing Nasarawa Constituency from Kano under the ADP.

His generosity, popularity and good oratory skills will likely favour him in what might be one of the most keenly contested elections in the state. 

Naziru Dan Hajiya

Naziru is one of the well-known directors in Kannywood. He has directed many successful movies, including; Baya da Kura, Gamdakatar, Halisa, Hijira, Al’ajabi and more.

He is seeking to contest elections as a Member of the House of Representatives Representing Kura, Madobi, and Garun Malam Constituency. 

This might be a herculean task, as this is the constituency of the former Governor of Kano State and Presidential Aspirant of the NNPP, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, who no doubt has his own candidate. 


Do you think these Kannywood actors contesting elections in the 2023 General elections will make it? Let me know in the comments box!

The Best Kimono Styles to Own in 2023

The Best Kimono Styles to Own in 2023

A kimono is a long robe with wide sleeves traditionally worn with a broad sash as an outer garment by the Japanese. Nowadays, kimonos are common for ladies. This is why it is important to know the best Kimono styles to try out in 2023, just like these Ankara styles for ladies.

The 20 Best Kimono Styles

1. Beaded Kimono

One of the best kimono styles

This is casual wear that is comfortable for most occasions. It can either be worn without the belt or with the belt. Such kimonos sometimes are similar to abayas.

2. Long-laced Kimono

This is beautiful and elegant looking. It can be paired with heels or converse. Kimonos mainly originated from Asia and the Middle east.

3. Beige Floral Unlined

This Refka dress is one of the best kimono styles

This v-neck collar kimono style, is referred to as Refka made by modanisa. A beautifully made kimono, designed uniquely, looks simple yet elegant and will make you feel like the princess you are.

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 4. Simple Black Elegant Turkey Embroidered Kimono Dress

This is luxuriously made into something you would be comfortable wearing. It is a modest attire made with love and care.

5. Green Refka by Modanisa

Another belted chiffon kimono, it is a comfortable and well-designed kimono in green color. It can be worn with high heels or sneakers. They are really comfortable and very easy to wear.

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6. Unlined Multi Green V-neck Collar Kimono

This modest-looking attire is light on the body and is easily worn. One of the best kimono styles, this could easily be styled with different types of shoes and various bags. It can be accessorised with necklaces, earrings, bracelets and the like.

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7. Auburn Turkish Stones Chiffon Kimono 

This is easy to put on and is not heavy on the body. Kimonos are mostly worn with something inside, like a straight gown that could be sleeveless.

8. Luxury High-class Kimono

This is  one of my favorite white kimono dress

One of the best Kimono styles, this makes you feel like royalty with the comfort it brings after it has been worn. It could quickly go with any sort of accessory. Including bags, shoes, and jewelry.

9. Pink Plain Kimono

This type of kimono is soft on the body. It brings a sense of comfort and is fit for most weather. It can be worn at home or for an outing.

10. Black High-Grade Embroidered Kimono

This is a uniquely made kimono which is captivating from looks only. Imagine what it would feel like to wear it. It would be a nightmare to miss out on it.

11. White and Pink Beautiful Flower Prints Ladies’ Kimono

This kimono style is perfect for a special person such as you. It is very pretty and can be worn with a white bag and white heels, a pearl necklace and earrings.

12. Green Elegant Floral Kimono

One of my favorite ways to style a kimono

This green kimono style is an absolutely beautiful colour. It fits a lot of people, either dark-skinned or light-skinned, tall people or average-height people.

13. White Female Kimono

A spectacular kimono that is very beautiful and can be worn with almost any colour of accessories. What could possibly go wrong with a white kimono?


The best kimono styles can be worn for any occasion. From a girl’s night in or just casual wear to wearing during occasions or dates. Whatever kimono style you choose from this list, know that you didn’t make the wrong choice.

What Next for Falalu Dorayi After Gidan Badamasi?

What Next for Falalu Dorayi After Gidan Badamasi?

Gidan Badamasi, which premiered in 2019, was the true definition of a comedy. The series ended in 2022 and was more than just a comedy. It dwells much more on several socio-moral lessons. That is not a surprise, as Falalu A Dorayi, the Producer and the Director, is known for promoting such causes. Known for such films as Umar Sanda, Yaki a Soyayya, and Wani Gari, which all have underlying messages, the veteran director has done it again with Gidan Badamasi.

Gidan Badamasi Plot

One of Gidan Badamasi’s central themes is the importance of family and how family members support each other through difficult times. The main character, Alhaji Badamasi, is a rich but miserable father who promised tons of money to his children and now can’t fulfil such a promise. 

Gidan Badamasi Season 5 Trailer

The series takes us through the confrontation between Alhaji and his many greedy children. 


The show’s reception has been generally positive, with many praising its ability to address serious issues comedically. It is also one of Nigeria’s most popular Hausa-language sitcoms, with a large and dedicated fan base, partly because it was one of the first Hausa series.

Many viewers see it as an essential representation of Hausa culture and values, and it has been credited with playing a role in promoting the Hausa language and culture. It is a must-watch for anyone interested in Nigerian culture and values or simply looking for a good laugh.

Actors of Gidan Badamasi

The cast and crew of Gidan Badamasi are a talented group of individuals who bring their unique skills and experiences to the show. The lead actor, Falalu A. Dorayi, is well-known and respected in the Nigerian film industry and brings a sense of authority and believability to his role as Badamasi. The supporting actors and actresses, such as Nura Dandolo and Magaji Mijinyawa, also deliver solid performances and add depth to their characters.

Other members of the ensemble cast include; Hadiza Gabon, Mustapha Nabaruska, Horo dan Mama, Ado Isah Gwanja, Tijjani Asase, Hauwa Ayawa, Adam Zango, Meerah Shua’ib (Junaidiya) and many more.

READ: How Mustapha Naburaska Made It in Kannywood

Overall, Gidan Badamasi is a shining example of the Nigerian film industry’s talent and creativity, and its cast and crew’s hard work and dedication are evident in every episode. The coordination and harmony between the various crew is a good example of the success of the Sitcom. 

What Next for Falalu Dorayi?

The screenwriters and directors play an essential role in bringing the show to life, as they are responsible for the overall vision and direction of the series. The show’s creators have done an excellent job weaving comedy and serious themes together cohesively and engagingly. The coordination of a team of professionals in making this sitcom a success is remarkable.

Perhaps this is why fans of the series are sad to see it end.

As one commenter said, when the director promoted another show on his Facebook page; “Mufa gidan badamasi yafiyemana wannan lokacin sbd Haka a gauggauta dawo Mana da shrinmu Mai barkwanci” meaning; “we prefer Gidan Badamasi to this Lokaci. Kindly bring back our comedy show as soon as possible!” 

Another fan responded to a picture of the Director with: “Gaskiya Kai Falalu a dorayi (taska) kabi duniya a sannu haba ya za a gama mana gidan badamasi.” This means, “Beware of this world, Falalu; why will you conclude Gidan Badamasi?”

These summarized the sentiments of fans who are yearning for a continuation of the series or at least a new series from the director. If he had any ideas in mind, Falalu is yet to mention them and is keeping his options close to his chest. One can’t help but wonder what will be next for the brilliant director.

While he had delivered many comedic movies, this was his first series Falalu Dorayi has outdone himself this time. The question now will be; can the director deliver something as truly a masterpiece as Gidan Badamasi was?

The Return of Zainab Indomie

The Return of Zainab Indomie

Kannywood actress Zainab Indomie, whose real name is Zainab Abdullahi, is well-loved by fans.

The actress, who was born on May 17th, 1986 was originally from Sudan but grew up in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

Back then in the days, Zainab Indomie was a household name. Zainab made her name in the entertainment industry in 2008, and she has starred in blockbuster movies like; Yar Agadaz, Wali Jam, and a lot more. She was at the peak of her career between 2009-2012.

But then she fell off the radar. 

Questions have always been asked about the whereabouts of Zainab Indomie, which always go unanswered. Rumors flew around that she had HIV or that her legs had been amputated. It was even rumored that the actress was dead, yet she denounced those.

Unlike other actresses like Rahama Sadau, who have been suspended from Kannywood before due to one controversy or the other, Indomie has never been suspended.

In an interview with BBC Hausa in 2018, the actress revealed she left “to allow the upcoming generation to shine.” Her exit paved the way for other actresses like Rahama Sadau, Hadiza Gabon, Maryam Yahaya and Fati Washa, who have since went to become the most popular Kannywood actresses.

However, it seems Zainab Indomie is now ready to make her comeback, as she was seen in a promotional video for the Hausa series Asin da Asin. The series is produced by her longtime friend and colleague, Adam Zango. She’s expected to appear in the show any moment now.

The actress has also been featured in the hit show, Alaqa, produced by Ali Nuhu.

Zainab indomie Alaqa

It seems the actress, who is still well-loved by the audience, has come back to acting for good and we will see more of her in the future.

20 Best Ankara Styles for Ladies in 2023

20 Best Ankara Styles for Ladies in 2023

Ankara is one of the best clothes, especially for an African woman. Nothing speaks elegance, fashion, and rich taste more than a classy Ankara. But not everyone knows how to style it. This is why it is important to look for the best Ankara styles for ladies in 2023 to get ahead of the competition.

Ankara is mostly worn by women, including kids, who all look adorable. The best Ankara styles for ladies in 2023 listed here are selected after careful evaluation. So buckle your fashion belt, and let’s take a trip to ‘beau-monde,’ as the French will say.

Top 20 Best Ankara Styles for Ladies in 2023

1. This green flower prints Ankara, is beautifully styled into a straight gown.

2. This Pink and purple prints Ankara is designed with a touch of leaves shape design that was combined together.

You can rock this for any occasion.

3. This Green and gold Ankara made or styled into a half-boubou and straight skirt is my favorite as green is my favorite color.

Green and gold Ankara

4. Another blue flower print Ankara, this looks absolutely magnificent.

5. Ooh! Any lady who wears this red Ankara print will look absolutely gorgeous.

6. With a splash of blue, pink, yellow, and purple, this Ankara style is breathtaking.

blue, pink, yellow, and purple ankara

7. This Mesmerizing brown prints Ankara, would totally look good on anyone.

8. This dazzling green Ankara print is mixed with a touch of black material.

9. This best Ankara style for ladies in 2023 is styled into an outstanding gown.

10. It will be insane not to love this pink and blue Ankara prints

11. I love this cream and red flowery Ankara style for ladies in 2023

12. You will love this blue, red, and lilac Ankara print design

Red and lilac best ankara style

13. This eye pleasing brown, blue and yellow Ankara style for ladies is a great one for 2023.

brown blue ankara

14. Though this belle yellow, white and black Ankara print is not suitable for everyone, it is still a good choice.

15. This Blue print Ankara, which looks like a peacocks’ feathers print has been styled into a pretty half boubou with a straight skirt.

16. The Ankara print with a touch of green, white, black, and bamboo color is a beautiful one.

17. This dazzling Ankara with play of colors on it is styled into a beautiful straight gown, with a touch of material at one side of it.

18. This pink beautiful Ankara with flower prints is styled in the most simple yet elegant way making it one of my favorite Ankara style for ladies in 2023.

Ankara styles for ladies 2023

19. The blue print Ankara, also with exquisite flower prints. Though it came with a remix, which includes a cape.

20. The final one on the list of top 20 Ankara style for ladies in 2023 is a total must-have.


While there are plenty other Ankara styles, these are my favorites in 2023. If I keep listing them, we might surpass 20. Instead, check my Pinterest Board for the remaining styles.

Check out the It does not matter if you wear Ankara occasionally, or once in a blue moon, you need these Ankara styles for ladies in 2023. Ankara are versatile, and can be worn for most occasions (not for gyming though)

Even though Ankara originated in Europe, Africans have embraced it fully, because what’s not to love?