Who is Adam A Zango

Who is Adam A Zango

Adam Abdullahi Zango, was born on October 11, 1985, in Zango local government in Kaduna state, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and highly acclaimed actor. He hails from the family of Mallam Abdullahi and Hajiya Yelwa Abdullahi, who worked as a blacksmith. During his childhood, Adam experienced tribal clashes in his hometown, prompting him to move to Plateau State in 1992, where he completed his primary education. Unfortunately, due to poverty, he was unable to continue his studies at that time. It is interesting to note that during his childhood, he earned the nickname “Usher” due to his skill as a dancer.

Adam A Zango returned to Kano and found employment with a music and dance company. He made his acting debut in the film “Sirfani,” claiming to have directed it himself. Over the course of 16 years, he has appeared in more than 100 films, solidifying his position as one of the most prolific actors in the industry. His friend and producer, Falalu Dorayi, describes him as a humble, calm, and articulate individual with brilliant ideas.

In addition to his acting prowess, Adam Zango has also achieved notable success as a musician. His musical journey began during his secondary school years, where he actively participated in activities related to music and social club events. Lacking sponsorship for higher education, he realized his passion for becoming a musical and movie star.

Adam Zango’s educational background includes primary school from 1989 to 1995 and secondary school from 1996 to 2001.

In recent years, Adam A Zango has garnered numerous awards and recognition for his exceptional talent and contributions. Some of his notable awards include Best Film for “Gwaska” (https://m.imdb.com/title/tt26250382/) in 2015, Kannywood Best Actor in 2012, Africa Movie Best Actor in 2014, and City People Magazine Best Popular Actor in 2015. He has also received awards from various organizations, such as the Abalak Association in the Republic of Niger, Wazobia Angels Hope Foundation, and a Lagos-based Arewa Films Production company, Alaba. In recognition of his philanthropy, Adam Zango was honored with the titles “National Philanthropist of the year” and “Viewers’ Choice of the year” after settling the school fees of over a hundred students at Ango Abdullahi International School in Zaria, Kaduna state.

Throughout his career, Adam A Zango has showcased his talent in both movies and music, featuring in notable productions such as “Ramlat,” “Dan Kuka,” “Skelebe,” and “Gambara,” among others.

It is worth mentioning that Adam A. Zango sponsored 101 students to study at Professor Ango Abdullahi International School in Zaria, generously paying a total of N46.75m for a three-year scholarship.

Adam Zango’s journey in the Nigerian entertainment industry has earned him a prominent place as an outstanding actor and musician. His relentless pursuit of success, combined with his humility and charitable endeavors, continues to inspire others in the industry and beyond.

I hope this gives you a glimpse into the remarkable journey of Adam A Zango. His story reminds us that with passion, dedication, and a heart inclined towards making a difference, one can thrive in any industry.

I Never Knew I Was Going To Be The Best Graduating Student In My Department – First Class Graduate

I Never Knew I Was Going To Be The Best Graduating Student In My Department – First Class Graduate

Owolabi Sulaiman Abimbola is an indigene of Irepodun Local Government, Kwara State, but a resident of Alimosho in Lagos State. From a family of 11, he is the 6th child of his parents. Growing up, he attended both his Primary and Secondary education in Lagos State. After that, he had his National Diploma in Kwara State Polytechnic, and also, a Bachelor of Education in Ahmadu Bello University Zaria.

With a 4.54 CGPA, Owolabi Sulaiman Abimbola emerged not only the overall best graduating student in the department of Agriculture Education of Ahmadu Bello University but also the first first-class student in the history of the Department in the same fountain of learning (ABU). In this interview by Abdulganiyu Ibraheem, the Agric Educationist graduate talks about his journey in school, the steps he took to achieve this feat, among others.

Was Agriculture Education, your first choice before you entered the university?

Nope, Agriculture Education wasn’t my first choice, Agriculture was – Animal Science to be precise, so, I had to go for a change of course. So that was how I ended up in Agriculture Education. But funny enough, Agriculture Education is just some inches away from agriculture because it is still a related course to what I wanted to study from the onset. So I can pretty say now that it was my choice.

Would you say you knew you were going to emerge as one of the best graduating students when you started?   

I wouldn’t say I knew it was going to happen because right from the onset, I  started on a stellar note putting in my best, but unfortunately, in the middle of the road, I  dropped due to some certain unforeseen circumstances. But to God be the glory, I was able to bounce back which is what matters the most. But being the best graduating student in my set and my department, I never knew it was going to happen until the final day. I just kept on pushing hard to achieve what I hoped to achieve. ‘Alhamdulillah’, I achieved it by the grace of Allah.

How did you feel when you realized the possibility of you emerging as the first-class class student from your department, and what was your reaction when it was announced?

I felt glad. Although it was a mixed feeling because I wanted someone else to also be part of this, fortunately enough, I was the only one in my section, which is Agriculture Education. I was the only one who emerged. But the feeling was not so good. So if it wasn’t just me, it would have been making more sense but I thank God I was able to achieve this.

As long as Agriculture Education is concerned, you are the best student the Department has ever produced. What would you say were the strategies and extra steps you took that made this happen?

 Wow! Well, one thing I believed in was prayer. That was always number one on my list; because prayer opens doors that you don’t even expect to open, so prayer was the first thing foremost. And then consistency was one other thing because I was consistently targeting something (CGPA). I had a goal I set for myself. And each semester, I always have it in my mind that ‘This is what I want to achieve this semester’. And that was what I work towards. So I was always consistent in achieving my goal. So consistency was another thing. Then the third thing is I don’t joke with class hours. If I were to calculate the number of classes I missed from the first year till the last, I don’t think it was up to ten percent. I always attended my classes; I had perfect attendance on most of my courses. And also, I was always very attentive while in class.

And my reading strategies were quite different from the way you will have some people read. Although in my school here, it is very common to see a lot of people read at night, which was also the method I developed too. I made sure I don’t read too hard but read smart during that time in the night and also not for too long.  And during the day, I revise what I had read the night.

I must say those were my reading strategies and they worked for me.

What was your study pattern like when you were still in school?

My study pattern was: to attend classes, rest, go through what we did on that day. And that had always been a constant thing. And also, during Mid-Semester Break, was when I normally start my exam preparation; this by intensifying my reading energy to about 5 hours a day.

What were some of the challenges you faced while in school?

Well, at first adapting to the environment was a little bit challenging, but subsequently, I was able to settle in; to the point that I hardly travel when I see myself meshed with the environment. To the point, my friends knew me for this and would even call me ‘Dan Zaria’.

Then the other challenge was times when things were not the way you would want them to be, but at the end of the day, you still have to push through. Those were just the challenges faced.

Did you maintain your CGPA from the first year in ABU, and what motivated you to do exceptionally well?

Well, starting with a 4.65 was high but not too high because I had someone with a higher CGPA. Seeing this, I said to myself that if someone could achieve something like this, then I could also achieve that as well; that was all I kept telling myself then I kept on working towards it. But unfortunately, along the way, I dropped so badly in my second semester 200l; I dropped from a First-Class student into a Second-Class Upper student, but that didn’t stop me from pushing hard to achieve the goal that I set for myself. And glory is to God, I was able to finish with a First-Class, even though it wasn’t as high as what I started with from the beginning.

How were you able to balance social life with school work or did you forfeit some for school?

Well, I don’t joke with play, and also being a strong fan of sporting activities, on weekends, I always visit the school gymnasium. Then, I believed that Mondays to Fridays were for academics while Saturdays and Sundays were for life outside academics. I could remember a time when a friend of mine saw me on the field and he was like ‘First-Class too dey play ball’. And that was just me, I didn’t believe in everyday reading, so I took my time to also play and catch some fun.

Did the circle of your friends and family influence your performance to a great length?   

Yes, they did because they believed in me and one thing I don’t like is letting people down. Also, right from the onset, the friends I keep kept motivating me that I could achieve it and when the result was out, the way they were very happy about it, also made me happy.

And from the side of my family, I felt it would be a big slap on my face if I let them down because they contributed a lot towards this achievement – from my parents down to my siblings.

How easy was it graduating with a first class?

It was not easy getting there because at a point when I dropped, it took a toll on me and with my family and my friends, it gave me the support I needed and I was able to bounce back.

What is your advice for people who want to achieve great feats academically?

What I will say to those who wish to attain that greatness is believe in yourself; there is no limit to what you can attain. That has always been what I always told myself and I worked towards it. And my prayer was answered, and my efforts were crowned. Once you have a belief that you can do this, and you work very hard towards it, you will achieve it by His grace.  

9 Funny Things Nigerian Parents Say to Their Children

9 Funny Things Nigerian Parents Say to Their Children

I’m sure you’ll agree with me that Nigerian parents do an amazing job raising their children. As a result of the funny things Nigerian parents say to their children while raising them, one would say that they are the funniest parents on the planet. When a person utters such funny things, it’s a sign they were brought up by Nigerian parents.

One thing that fascinates me is how they all tell their children the same thing. It’s as if they all went to the same school where they learned what to say to their children at various times. If you think I’m being sarcastic, give a few Nigerian youngsters some of these phrases (the funniest thing Nigerian mothers say to their children) and see if they can’t connect.

Without wasting any time, let’s dive it them, shall we?

Funny Things Nigerian Parents Say

1. “How many times did I call you?”

This is one of the most preposterous questions that always come from my mother when she called my name, mostly three times; for an important conversation. She would be like ‘Ibraheem! Ibraheem!, Ibraheem! How many times did I call you? And as the crook that I was then, I would say ‘sorry I lost count’ (case close). However, as time passed, I got to realize that it might seem funny, but it was more of a strategy used to make sure that your attention is with her hundred percent.

2. “I did not kill my mother. I will not allow you to kill me!”

This is also one of the funniest things I grew up hearing from my mother. Oftentimes when I engage in rough play and she’s been calling on me to stop from the roar of her voice; like she would vomit her intestine out. Then the next thing would be, “I did not kill my mother, so I will not allow you to kill me”.

3. “Does the person that took first have two heads?”

This mostly was from my dad. Funny enough, it wasn’t as if I came last in the class oo. At times, I went home with a third or fourth position, feeling on top of the world. After showing the result sheet to him, expecting a pat on the back, ironically, I would be spatted on the face with;  “How come you came fourth, and from your result, you are about twenty in the class, (then the almighty word) does the person that took first has two heads!”. Even though he would later praise and encourage me, I will not escape those words.

4. “Come and eat me”|

The first day that particular word oozed out from my mother’s mouth, I almost fell for it. On a misty morning when I was about five years old, I woke up famished, then I walked to the backyard where she was making the morning meal. However, with a change of face, I said unto her that I was hungry. As if she was expecting that from me, she stretched forward her arm and said, “Come and eat me”. But I should have known that she was only being sarcastic, hence I was so naive to understand. But as funny as it might sound, I moved close to her, held her arm, and was about to tug my teeth onto it when she yanked me a knock on the head.

E don do, I was about 5 years old then.

5. “Put it on my head”

This is another one of the funny things Nigerian parents say to their children. At first, I thought it was only my mother that used that word, but not until one day I was in one of my friend’s house, not long, his father returned from work and instructed my friend to go pack the foodstuff he had in his car. A few minutes later, he returned with some tubers of yam in his hands. Afterward, he asked his father where he should keep them. Where I was, I was already thinking what kind of question that was, until his father responded by saying, “Put it on my head, mehh!”

6. “Sorry for yourself”

Nigerian parents are highly amusing individuals whom we admire. They often suggest that we apologize when we wrong someone, but when you wrong them, and you say sorry, they respond by saying, “Sorry for yourself”.

7. “It is not me you are doing o, you are doing yourself!”

I remember when I was in High School, a few weeks before my external exam, I got myself a girlfriend which was taboo for our parents to know about. Then this particular night, I was having a phone conversation with her, so engrossed in it to the point I was caught off-guard by my father. However, he started yelling at me, reminding me of how unserious I was, that I would be having my external exam in a couple of weeks, and all I thought was left in my life was chasing girls around. Then there came the word; “It is not me you are doing oo, you are doing yourself, but know that if you fail this exam, that is the end for you, as I don’t have another money for another exam”. But unfortunately, I didn’t make my result, twice. So when he registered me for the GCE exam, I knew I didn’t do myself alone.

8. “Shey you want to beat me? Oya beat me na!”

Most times when your parents are beating you and you held on to their cane, they would leave the cane to you and would be like, ‘Shey you want to beat me ni, oya beat me na.’

9. “When I was your age, I was…”

They say, “When I was your age, I used to wake up at 4: 00. When I was your age, I was the best in my set. When I was your age, I did not think about having a girlfriend, all I think of was my studies; I only faced what my father sent me to school to do”. Those were the words of my father. But he will never tell me that he met my mother in his second year in college, my mother would.


A wave of nostalgia swept me back while penning the funny things my parents said to me then, as those have helped in shaping me into a disciplined being, and to a great length reminds me of the child of whom I am, which I believe it’s the same as others that were brought up by typical Nigerian parents.

Those were the little I could remember about the funny things my parents said to me, which is also common among our Nigerian parents. It would be nice you share a few of yours with us in the comment section below.  

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My Visit to Kajuru Castle

My Visit to Kajuru Castle

A few days after the night Rihanna turned down my proposal of being her boyfriend because of her commitment to her new boyfriend – which plunged me into emotional chaos, I decided to embark on a trip to Kaduna state to get over the issue. This is because I couldn’t stop thinking about it, blaming myself to have wasted time before I could come out to tell her about the kind of love I had for her.

I got to Kaduna from Zaria around 12: 00 pm on the 11th of December 2021, to the open arms of my brother and his family. Shortly after the razzmatazz of my return, I retired to the room which I was known for any time I visit lying on my back, staring at the white thing that hung the ceiling fan in it and did not when a wave of nostalgia swept me back to the innocuous yet obnoxious night.

Lost in thought, it was the finger tap from my brother that yanked me back to reality. With some beads of sweat that trickled down my face when I sat upright. It was obvious for my brother to tell something was budding me which I wouldn’t capitulate to, no matter how many times he pressed, which I thought it would be preposterous to tell him.

When we had finally let the matter fly, he said he came to ask if I would be interested in joining them on an adventure visit to the Kajuru Castle there in Kaduna State. Before I could even say a word, he concluded that I would like the place because of the elixir of life it encapsulates – the building, the climate, the vegetation, the crocodile guarding the gates, the stainless steel majestic pool of the Castle, etc. But before I knew it, he succeed in convincing me when I concord to joining them.

However, when I had freshened up and got myself ready to join the Badmus Family in the living room to set out for the trip, my Brother’s wife proposed if I would like to scarf down some food before we leave. Without shilly-shallying, I gleefully embraced the proposition and sat right in front of a plate of pasta, doing justice to every fork. When I was through, we all set out in the car to commence the journey to the Camelot in Kaduna State, which I was told would take about an hour to get there.

When we got to the Castle, we were required to pay at least an hour tour of N10,000 for us to access the whole of the Castle, after which, we were taken on a tour around the castle by the Castle Ghost, taking his time to reveal some important things about the Castle.

Through the Castle Ghost, we got to know that the Kajuru Castle which is on a mountaintop in Kajuru was built in 1989 by a German expatriate who lived in Kaduna at the time. It was said to be located 45 kilometers from Kaduna state.

The castle, which architectural style is European, is styled in a medieval manner, which attracts tourists. It was said that the medieval Structure has won the castle the best tourist attraction in Nigeria.

The castle is equipped with four dungeon rooms and a larger master bedroom that allegedly was said to have the biggest bathtub in Nigeria. I must say, there are so many unique features that only firsthand knowledge can fully explain about this particular castle that looks like the one that was projected on the screen as Camelot in the movie Merlin, but among which is the standing knight armour with its sword, bookshelves, bow and arrow, large chair for sitting and a small center table.

Seeing how large it was, I was forced to ask the Castle Ghost the number of people the place could accommodate at once of which his answer was 150 people. However, he said that was one of the unique things why it is so popular for group vacations, honeymoon getaways, pool parties, and other similar occasions. Furthermore, he said due to the limited number of rooms in the castle, it may be limited the population to ten people, of which there’s also a kitchen, sauna, and everything else they will need for a night or perhaps a weekend stay.

My brother thought it would be ideal to spend at least a night in there, which made him ask how much it would cost if we were to spend a night in the Castle. As eager as he was to spend a night there, he gave up the idea when Ghost told him that a night for the five of us would cost us N150,000 while spending a weekend at the castle would cost N270,000. Quite pricey isn’t it? But the interesting thing is that the castle would belong to us within the time frame. 

Even though my Brother had already given up the plan, the Ghost suggested we could come back some other time if we wanted to pass a night there because our feeding would be sorted out by ourselves, as there was no reservation for that.

After about some minutes, we were told that our time subscription was up, which implies that it was time to go home. I must say visiting the Castle was a new experience for me as I was flushed with the joy and ecstasy of the Castle. As an elusive joy seeped into my heart, I forgot I was ever heartbroken before I visited the Castle.

But does that make me forget the pain completely? Stay tuned…

I Was That Romeo, Who Lost True Love to Shyness

I Was That Romeo, Who Lost True Love to Shyness

Please note that, while this story is true, the names of the characters have been changed to protect their identities.

Initially, I used to be a guy who hardly admires ladies, no matter how bonny they looked. But, it appeared as though I was necromanced, as the story changed when I gained admission into high school. However, on my first and possibly second day in school, I was still my former self not until after the third day, when the story took a new turn as I met this beautiful Lady.


Khalisha was the most beautiful damsel I ever came in contact with back then in high school. Her beauty was beyond comparison— her looks and complexion, her gait and attitude, her desert skin colour which brought out the perfection in her, also, her piercing eyes gave colour to life. There was no single night I wouldn’t think about this girl and wished she could be mine. But, the sad part of the story was that I never had the guts to confront her and express my feelings for her.

We weren’t opportune to be in the same class. But, on most occasions, we had combined classes for general subjects. Oftentimes, this brought her from her Science class and me from my Art class to the lesson venue. Consequently, this allowed us to at least get a little closer—aside from the leisure time during the break— it further gave me the chance to watch her very closely and realize that she also liked me. But instead of utilizing this opportunity and professing my feelings to her, I was held back by coyness.

Generally, it’s an unwritten fact that girls like brilliant guys, so I decided to work super hard academically. This catapulted me to the position of a senior prefect, I also saw myself representing the school on most occasions and had the chance of winning several medals and trophies. However, most people outside the box of my mind would think it was the love for my studies or my school that had motivated me thus far. But, unknowing to them, it was the love for a lady who couldn’t read the handwriting on the wall—a heart was beating for her—Hmmmm!!!

Furthermore, I knew she was impressed by my academic strides, which made her accord me more respect and attention. She wouldn’t trade sitting by my side during class sections, not even for the valuable things that could be thought of. I saw her beside me always, wanting to share every conversation she had with me, not minding if it were personal issues. Unfortunately, there was no courage to follow what my heart was telling me to do, which was ‘go for her, speak to her’.

Inadvertently, the story took a u-turn on a particular Monday morning. I was well dressed in my lovely starched, well-ironed,  light-yellow-long-sleeve shirt and black trousers, and perfecting the whole dressing with black sneakers. After the morning devotion, we all matched to our various classes. Afterwards, the first class that day was a combined class, which meant all the three classes (Art, Science, and Commercial) were to assemble in a single hall for the day’s lesson.

However, on that particular day, I got to the class late, and on getting there, the whole seat had been occupied. So, I decided to fetch myself a seat in a nearby class; which was science owned. On entering the class something happened, guess what?  I bumped into Khalisha. But, it was too late, as we both were of the same height, her lips moisturized on mine. I thought it was by mistake, waiting for her to retire her lips. Ironically, she lingered on, spreading warmth on every single part of my body. Then I felt it; butterflies flapped around my stomach frantically, and my mind began to swim.

Sincerely, It was so pleasing, so wonderful, It gave me boundless joy. To my greatest surprise, after she finally called off the kiss, she smiled. This showed that she had longed for this to happen. As mesmeric as her smile was, I couldn’t but return mine and also seized the opportunity to profess my likeness for her, guess what she said,  “I like you more” I was so short of words.

Initially, I was meant to fetch a seat and hasten back to the lesson room. Instead, I forgot my mission when my wish was becoming a reality. Progressively, I started clenching my hands in hers, it was pellucid for me to have noticed the burst of glee when I looked right through her eyes balls, at the same time barrelling words—expressing all the feelings I had nursed secretly for her for three years without her knowledge.

Unfortunately, it was too late, as it was a few weeks before our external exam. So, no time to move the love story to another level, I was very mad at myself for failing to have made ‘hay when the sun shines. Two weeks after the lovely kiss, she travelled to where she intended to write her exam. That was how I lost my first Juliet.


Well, one would think this would sound like a lesson and warning for me that whenever I want something, I should stand up and go for it before the time runs out. I realized I didn’t learn my lesson when I met Habibah. I met Aliyu Habibah on the 27th of August 2018, at the CBT centre for the post UTME exam in  ABU Zaria.

Her garment alone made me wonder if an angel had descended from heaven—such a beautiful and expensive garment. But, I didn’t know that was just the tip of the iceberg until I got closer to where she was standing—this made me conclude the saying that  ‘the beautiful ones are not yet born’ was a terrible mistake because I found a beautiful one.

Afterwards, I thought I was only meant to admire her and praise heaven for the job well done on someone’s daughter and nothing more. Luckily, I saw her next to me on the same seat waiting to start the exam together. While we were waiting for the permission to start, I can’t even remember how we both got into conversation. Within a few hours of waiting, because of network issues, I had got to know a lot about this lady in question. 

She wouldn’t stop dishing me things I needed to know about her, both the ones I asked and the ones I didn’t ask about. I supposed she doesn’t want the conversation to end just like that, hence, she wouldn’t stop asking me some things about myself, which I was also no doubt excited to share, and I could see her grinning from ear to ear.

A few minutes before we rounded off the exam, something I never expected happened, which left my heart racing fast— whenever I remembered it always spread warmth on every part of my joints, even till this moment. I don’t know what came over her when I suddenly realized that she had her hand clenched so tight to mine. But when I looked up to see what was happening, she had her eyes looking into the oceans of mine, moisturizing her lower lip with her tongue which was communicating something that wasn’t hard for me to decode.

Although I pretended I didn’t get the message right— It wouldn’t stop saying ‘kiss me. Certainly, she believed I was going to comply because we were at the back seat of the exam hall, and it could have been so easy to give in to her request. Instead, I smiled sheepishly then flinched back to my monitor’s screen.

After the exam, when everyone was retreating from the hall,  we walked side by side with each other, gisting and laughing until she spotted the car which was sent to pick her up, not far from where we were standing. She told me that she needed to go, but from her facial expression, she was waiting for me to ask for something, which was why I think she delayed a bit before she could leave—that was her contact number. But stupidly enough, I never asked till she finally bade me goodbye and left.

However, it was when she had left, that the thought of switching numbers came to my head. Too late as my dream of having another Juliet shattered. Painfully, it took a long time before I was able to let go of those scenarios because her image wouldn’t stop coming to my head. Yeah! I know, I fucked up big time again. Ever since that day, I vowed not to allow such a golden opportunity to slip off my fingers again. Unfortunately, that was a wish without an action to back it.


The night of December 7, 2021, was the day I knew I hadn’t learned from my previous mistakes. Just when I thought I broke the record of expressing my feelings to an intimate friend of mine for the first time. Prior to this, I met Rihanna on the 8th of January 2019 through Shegun, a friend of mine, at the Kotangora Square at ABU Zaria.  When we were asked to present ourselves (Newly admitted students) for screening and collection of the admission letter. Though we got along with each other as friends and coursemates, to a point, fellow compatriots in the department started smelling a rat between us. But the truth of the thesis was;  there was no chemistry between us.

As funny as it might sound, I realized history was repeating itself when I started developing feelings at its zenith for this lady, but wouldn’t say it to her.  Even though, I knew that the outcome would be fruitful if I had asked her out because she was so much into me as at then. This made Abdulsalam, a friend of mine who saw how close we were at first thought we were lovers. Afterwhich, he realized that the only two things binding us together were the rope of friendship and the fact that we were course mates.

Furthermore, he called me one faithful day and advised me to ask this lady in question out. He also said something which still lingers in my head;  he said “guy, you will regret it if you lose this girl to another guy”, instead of acting on that, I took it with a pinch of salt. The fact that I didn’t act fast on this doesn’t mean I was still the naive dude I used to be, but I was only taking my time to ensure we were deemed fit to mesh together.

Unfortunately, when I was certain we would make a perfect match for each other, having seen some qualities in her, I decided to shoot my shot. Immediately, I knew my shot was not worth shooting because it was already late. I didn’t know it was late not until a night in December—this was the time when the school was through with its section and everyone had left for their respective destinations.

Fortunately, I didn’t travel, nor did Rihanna. Hence, I decided to utilize the opportunity to ask her out to have some walks and pick up some snacks together, to which she agreed. On that night, it was one of the best hangouts I ever had in my life under the cold weather of Zaria, walking side by side with the one I was about to pour my mind out to, as regards the unconditional love I have nursed for her.

However, as sweet and lovely as the night went, I was plunged into emotional chaos turning my cheerful face into a saturnine one. I summoned courage and let the cat out of the bat, but was kissed with a ‘sorry it won’t be possible’ by Rihanna.

Though she appreciated the love and care but said she had already gotten a boyfriend that she was obsessed with, and wouldn’t want to cheat on him. On hearing this, I felt a big jab hitting deep into my heart spreading a great dollop of pain, punishing every single part of my body. For some moment, I was dumbfounded,  even though I wanted to say something I wasn’t sure because I was cheated by words.

Nevertheless, when I was able to put together my broken parts to finally talk, knowing that no matter how I tried, she had made up her mind—I said to her “in case the slot is opened again”. What I meant by “if the slot is opened again” wasn’t clear to me either, but deep down within me,  I knew it meant something strong which I was ready to wait for if her responses were to be positive. She made me realize how much she loved this guy and never prayed for a slot to be opened. Sadly, I knew I had lost, fallen, and lost big time once more.


Though I knew there were nothing tears could do to make Rihanna mine, I had to ease myself of the pain which targeted the soul instead of the body and hit hard in the heart. This honestly has taught me not only to go for what I wanted but pulled me by the ear and spoke through it that ”A Stitch In Time Saves Nine”. How I wish I could turn back the hands of the clock to go back to the past and correct my mistakes.