Why You Shouldn’t Use Paystack Too

Why You Shouldn’t Use Paystack Too

Read the previous post to know why I don’t use Paystack anymore.

Paystack is a payment processing company based in Nigeria that offers a range of payment solutions for businesses, including online and mobile payments, subscription billing, and more. In addition, Paystack has a comprehensive knowledge base on its website and offers email and phone support to ensure its customers have the help they need to succeed.

What you just read is exactly what I see when I search for Paystack online. Does the company deserve all the good words? It’s debatable. To some people, the answer is because of their seamless service and the ease of getting a hang of the platform.

If you ask me, I’ll tell you to check Paystack’s reviews first and see.

Before we talk about Paystack’s reviews, let’s first digest the implications of using companies that have bad customer support.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Companies That Have Bad Customer Support

1. If a company has bad customer support, it can be difficult to resolve your issues or get the information you need promptly. In my case, the Paystack dashboard could not alert me that I have a document to update until it is time for payout. That’s silly! But let’s proceed.

2. If a company doesn’t value its customers enough to provide good customer support, it may also have issues with the quality of its products or services. Poor customer service can be a sign of larger problems with the company. Do your research!

3. If a company has a reputation for poor customer service, it says the company is unreliable or untrustworthy. Poor customer service is one of the many reasons why startups fail.

4. Overall, it’s generally a good idea to avoid using companies that have a reputation for bad customer support, as it can lead to frustration and potential problems down the line. I have first-hand experience.

Now that I have refreshed your brain on how customer support is a pillar in a business lets look at Paystack reviews from other users.

Paystack Customer Reviews

A study by the Spiegel Research Center determined that ratings of 4.2 – 4.5 are the most trusted.

I understand mistakes happen in every business in very industry. It’s simply impossible to serve everyone. But if a hundred random persons who don’t know each other say you smoke weed, you are definitely a weedhead. That’s not a coincidence.

Check out Paystack reviews from Trustpilot.

Trustpilot is a review platform open to everyone to share their experiences to help others make better choices and encourage companies to up their game.

If you are feeling too lazy to check, don’t worry, I made available here the first few reviews from the platform.

Review 1 Mahomed Haneef

Been 3 days and still no response? Nothing via email as well? We have a board of clients waiting for services to be rendered yet you still refusing to settle the payout on the platform?


Date of experience: December 18, 2022

Review 2 M & F

So, this is the second negative review that I am giving Paystack as they have still not resolved the issue that I have been experiencing since September 2022. I have been waiting for my refund since September and they keep on giving me assurances that they are dealing with it but I still have not received my money. They were supposed to take a maximum of 12 working days to process the refund but, it’s now nearly 3b months on and still nothing. PLEASE DO NOT USE THEM AS THEY ARE DISHONEST AND MAKE PROMISES THEY CAN’T KEEP. Totally useless and the still the worst experience I have ever had.

Date of experience: September 20, 2022

Review 3 Alexander Jake

first time i used paystack, it was great. received my payment the next day. currently, i’m really annoyed with their service, honestly wished i’d used another provider. a payment of 150k in naira was made to me, till now i haven’t received my funds. my bank details is still in review for whatever reason and i needed the money asap, was why i made use of paystack. honestly regretting my decision. contacted customer support, no response. my funds still pending, nothing has been done.

Date of experience: December 02, 2022

If you wonder if this platform is legit, I’ll say yes. Trustpilot has more than 111 million reviews and over a decade of experience. The statistics speak volumes.

Final Thoughts…

The majority of users who contact support are in distress. They don’t call for the fun of it. If a customer suffers at the hand of a service provider, then the service provider does not deserve to be called a Service Provider.

I have gotten DMs and private messages from people saying I shouldn’t leave such negative reviews on our Nigerian startups, and that we should support them instead.

I am a promoter of technology, and I love supporting tech startups. It’s what I do for a living. I’ve recommended Paystack to God knows how many persons in the past. But making me lose this particular client is something I am not sure I’ll forget. They have no idea what he meant to my company. He means to me more than what 1000 clients mean to Paystack.

We are not supposed to push problems under the rug just in the name of promoting technology or supporting ours. As much as we promote ours, we should also hold them responsible for nonsense. That’s also a way of supporting them to do better.

So if you tell me Paystack is a great platform, I’ll tell you it’s because they haven’t failed you yet. 

Just wait!

Why You Shouldn’t Use Paystack Too

Why I Don’t Use Paystack Anymore

Paystack cost me my most valuable client, and I am leaving them for good.

The carelessness of support staff can have serious consequences for an organization and its clients. Whether it’s a customer service representative who doesn’t listen to a client’s problem or a technical support technician who doesn’t follow proper procedures, carelessness can lead to frustration, inconvenience, and even financial loss for those affected.

I started using Paystack in 2022 based on a recommendation. 

This company’s service was great, seamless, and easy to set up. I was so excited coming across it after years of using Interswitch.

My first payment on paystack came in pretty easily. It was paid out to my account without a flinch. It was quite fast and interesting. So were subsequent payments. After that, I got comfortable with paystack as my payment gateway. I heard about other alternatives but felt too lazy to start the registration process from scratch again. 

Why need a second wife when your wife gives you sweetness from too good to be true service? So I stayed 100% loyal to paystack. 

Until they cost me my most valuable client.

I am not a writer, but I am forced to be one today. This is to show you how I don’t see why customers should suffer at the hands of service providers. While I don’t believe in the saying that “a customer is always right, ” it is true that a customer is king.

If you have a client whose name appears on your accounting books more frequently than your name in your business, then you should know the kind of client I lost. My client made a payment to my paystack account and needed the product/service immediately. 

With the confidence I had in paystack, I didn’t bother to use the funds I had to deliver. I used it to do something else. I waited for hours which turned into days. 

When the payout was kept pending for seven days, I ran out of patience and contacted support. They didn’t respond. I sent out an email. Two days later, I got this response;

Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out to Paystack!

Could you please provide your business ID so we can take a look at


_Your business ID is the 6-digit number on the top-left corner of your


We’ll be on the lookout for your response in order to help out!




I replied instantly. I was already frustrated as my client had also been pushing buttons on my neck. No one responded to me till midnight the next day. Here is what they replied;

Hello Ila,

Thank you for getting back to us.

You have not received your payouts due to a pending business confirmation on your business. Please see copy of mail sent by a member of reviews team a while back.

Hi Team,

Thanks for signing up with Paystack!

While reviewing your business, we were unable to correctly process some documents because:

·   only the details of one business director was uploaded on the Dashboard. As part of our KYC process, we require the details of at least two directors whose names are listed in the CAC document.

You can follow this link to update your information with the details (name, ID, and proof of address) of the second director – https://dashboard.paystack.com/#/compliance

If you’re having any difficulty submitting the compliance documents for your business, please reply to this email and we’d be glad to assist!

I’ll be on standby for an update in order to complete this review.

Warm regards,

Before proceeding, I would like you to understand that I hardly miss emails, calls, or texts.

I am always glued to my phone 24/7. I could swear I never got this email, but let’s even agree I got it and forgot to update my profile. I did the compliance and updated the documents. Still nothing from paystack! 

At this point, my client was already frustrated and left me horrible text messages. Then I got furious and started tweeting to paystack support. I was pissed. A day after, Paystack Twitter support sent me the following DM:

Hi there! I just saw your tweet about your experience with members of our support team and deeply apologize for this.

I just took a look at your business on Paystack and can see that your payouts are on hold due to a pending business confirmation.

I’ll like to help resolve this as quickly as possible. Please can you submit an alternative identification document for #######?

Also, kindly share a valid proof of address for ######## as well. This can be a statement of account that shows their residential address, a utility bill (power or water), a waste management bill for their property etc.

I’ll be on the lookout for your response so I can assist further.

I replied with the documents again via DM, yet they didn’t say a word. I didn’t hear from them again until after a while. Not even an acknowledgment of receipt of the documents. The next i saw all five tickets I opened on their platform, closed with no explanation:

This request was closed and merged into request ###### “pending payout”.

This request was closed and merged into request ###### “pending payout”.

This request was closed and merged into request ###### “pending payout”.

This request was closed and merged into request ###### “pending payout”.

This request was closed and merged into request ###### “pending payout”.

Yet, I am still not paid!

One of the main reasons for this behavior among support staff is often lack of training and supervision. When employees are not properly trained or given clear guidelines for their work, they may be more likely to make mistakes or cut corners. This is especially true in fast-paced or high-stress environments, where staff may feel overwhelmed and not have the time or resources to perform their duties properly. 

If you don’t have the resources, close shop! Don’t subject people to frustration.

Looking at responses and complaints from other people on SM about Paystack’s bad customer support, I finally decided to leave them for something else. As much as we think paystack services are good, if the support is bad, the service is bad itself. At the end of the day, all I’ll get is, “sorry, we apologize for the blah blah blah”

What is the fate of my most valuable client? Will they bring him back?

We need to start holding service providers accountable for such nonsense. Invest in customer support or close shop. We can’t rely on you to ruin our small businesses.

What are NFTs? NFTs Explained in the Simplest Way

What are NFTs? NFTs Explained in the Simplest Way

The Buzz about NFTs has become really disturbing. My friends have had to ask me, what is this NFT thing, people have been saying all around. Now, how do I explain without mentioning Terms like Metaverse, Web3, and the rest of these Jargons? In this article, I will Explain NFTs in the simplest way, even a 4-year-old will understand, or at least, I will try.

What Does NFT Means?

NFT is an abbreviation for NON-FUNGIBLE TOKENS. “Non- Fungible” is simply an English word, a synonym for something that is Unique, and also means that there can only be one version of it. 1$ Note is Fungible, meaning there are tons of 1$ notes printed and if I exchange a 1$ note with another 1$ note, I will still get the same thing and the same value.

However, If I have the Mona Lisa Painting, that is Non-Fungible! There is only one original. If I decide to exchange it, it can simply mean a unique tangible representation or a ticket to a particular digital piece of art.

Now, NFTs can be in form of an ART, MUSIC, VIDEO, or any form of art or piece created. For easy understanding, when you think of NFTs, I want you to think of Artwork Collections in a Physical Art Gallery. For Example, Nike Art Gallery in Nigeria or Louvre Museum in France.

Now, when you understand what they do in Art Gallery, it becomes easier- Creating Arts, Holding Exhibitions. Bidding, sale, and collections of these Arts and everything else they do in a physical Art Gallery. NFTs are basically the Digital representation of what we do in Art Galleries, well, just with a little bit more frenzy and advantages.

NFT Players

There are different players when it comes to the NFT space. You can either be a “Creator” or a “Collector”. Creators, as the name implies are those that create the Arts (The NFTs) While “Buyers” or “Collectors” are those that buy from them.

Some have argued that there is a difference between a Buyer and a Collector. They say Buyers are those that just buy and resell almost immediately after the price or the value of the NFT has increased and they make their Profits, while Collectors are those that buy these arts and keep them for the long term may be hoping to sell in the future or just having it in their possession.

NFT Marketplace

Now, that you understand that NFTs are basically what we do in the Art Galleries in the physical world, but it is done here in the digital world. Now, where do we go to buy and sell these Arts in the Digital space? That place is called MARKETPLACE.

A MARKETPLACE is basically like the “Art Gallery” where you go to exhibit, bid, and buy your NFTs. The most popular NFT MARKETPLACE at the point of this writing is called OPENSEA.

However, there are several Marketplaces on the Internet, there is RARIBLE, SOLANART, BINANCE NFT MARKETPLACE, and others. On these Marketplaces, as a Creator, you can go and exhibit or sell your NFT and as a buyer or collector, buy an NFT.

As a buyer or Collector, It is always advisable to know the particular NFT you want to buy already before entering the Marketplace so that you do not get confused by the myriad of NFTs you see on these Marketplaces.

Of course, when you go to a physical Art Gallery to purchase Artwork, you hold your money. Now, in the digital Art Gallery of NFTs which is The Marketplace, you hold your digital money too which are Cryptocurrencies. Different Marketplaces accept different Digital Money.

Each Marketplace stipulates the exact digital money or Cryptocurrency they will accept for you to exhibit or purchase an Art from them. For Example, OPENSEA collects strictly ETHEREUM, While SOLANART collects Solana and BINANCE NFTMARKETPLACE collects Bnb, Busd, and Usdt.

As such, you need to know the type of money the Marketplace you are going to use collects to be able to exhibit or buy your NFT.

Can’t I Just Screenshot an NFT?

I get many questions like since all these Arts Are Digital, can’t someone easily just download them or even take a screenshot or a screen record of them. That is where Blockchain Technology comes in.

Blockchain Tech. is one of the best things to happen in the digital space at large. When an NFT or digital Art is created, it is stored on the Blockchain Technology Network, which will serve as a ledger or a record-keeping book to show the originality and the authenticity of the NFT.

The Blockchain will show all the information concerning the NFT which will include the Creator, the current owner, the history of how the NFT came to existence, and the different prices it has been sold for.

Another good thing? It is available for everyone to see. Thus, when someone claims to own an NFT, you can easily check on the Blockchain Technology Network to confirm the authenticity.

How Do You Make Money via NFTs?

I know this is the part that might you make get more interested. See you, you like money too much. Well, who doesn’t? As earlier stated, there are different players in the NFT space. You can either be a Creator or Collector/Buyer.

If you are a Creator, you can create a Collection of different NFTs. Each of these NFTs in this collection will be going for a price you set it at and when a buyer sees and buys it, you make your money.

As a Collector or a buyer, when you purchase an NFT, you become the owner and you also decide the price you want to resell it another juicy part is that there is a feature that comes with selling NFT, that even when it gets resold from another person to the next, you will still get a particular amount of money, like royalty. Yes, it is that nice.

It should be noted how,ever, that NFTs are not only for you to make money and buy and sell. It also has great benefits, subject to different NFTs and what they offer.

Some Creators who are Musicians or Artistes gives the collectors of their NFTs free access to their Live physical events and shows falzthebahdguy & BNXN are doing something related with their NFTs.

I even heard an Airline is also offering extra meals and other services to holders of their NFTs. The list is numerous.

NFT Common Terms

I will be mentioning and explaining some popular terms used in NFTs Transactions.


This means the lowest amount you can purchase an NFT in a particular Collection of NFTs.


Most of the time, Creators love to launch their NFTs on their personal websites before launching them on these popular Marketplaces.

WL (WhiteList)

This is more like a ticket or access that Creators give buyers to go mint on their website before it becomes public on Marketplaces. They get more advantage because the price will most likely be lower on their website before it goes on public on the Marketplace.


This is basically when someone creates a fake or duplicate of a real NFT, claims to be the owner, and decides to sell it. The buyer that buys it is said to have been rug-pulled. He has been scammed and bought a Fake NFT.


The truth is, whether we like it or not, NFTs are here to stay. However, not all NFTs will do well, as a matter of fact, many will not last. Having the right amount of knowledge on how to operate in the space will help you go a long way.

I hope this article helps in get a good head start in your NFT Journey. Drop your questions, thoughts, and comments. Remember to share with someone that might need this.

FAQs on NFTs

How do I start?

You can start your NFT journey by watching Youtube videos like this NFTs for beginners.

What’s the difference between using a gas fee and minting for free?

For the “free mint” u will need to pay a gas fee; if u won an airdrop they would mint using your address or they can transfer an nft to your account.

I’ve been trying to connect the opensea to my wallet, but it’s not connecting. What should I do?

I use and recommend MetaMask wallet. Download and Create a Metamask account. Fund it or deposit it with ETH. You can now connect your OpenSea with it. Easier using a PC. You can also check step-by-step guidelines videos on YouTube for that.

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