Top 10 Cattle Markets in Northern Nigeria

Top 10 Cattle Markets in Northern Nigeria

It is a fact that Africa is known for its rearing of animals, be it wild or domestic. Some people even say that Africa is the home to all animals, which is a very good thing. In the Sub-Saharan part of Africa, much livestock farming occurs, especially in countries like Chad, Niger, Mauritania, and Nigeria. In Nigeria, especially in the north, cattle rearing occurs. There are Top 10 cattle markets in northern Nigeria.

In Nigeria, it is known that the north is the home of cattle rearing and other livestock farming. This has been in existence long before the slave trade and the coming of Europeans. There are at least 50 cattle markets in Nigeria, and at least 30 are in northern Nigeria. Out of these 30, the top 10 cattle markets are in northern Nigeria.

These top 10 cattle markets in northern Nigeria are;

Top 10 Cattle Markets In Northern Nigeria

1. Potiskum Cattle Market, Yobe State

Potiskum is the largest city in Yobe State. It is a local government area, and the main residents of this town are the Ngizim, Kare-Kare, and Bolewa people. Potiskum emirate was organized by the Ngizim people, who had subjugated the Kare-Kare people. The state was formed in 1809 by a Chief of the Ngizim named Mai Bauya or Buyan.

Potiskum is well known for its trailer business, but did you know that this town is the largest cattle market in Sub-Saharan Africa? Yes, it is and it is one of the top 10 cattle markets in Northern Nigeria, that has a lot of stakes from neighboring states like Borno, Kano, Jigawa, and Bauchi and numerous other countries like Niger, Chad, Cameroon, and the Central African Republic.

This cattle market has no specific day for merchants to sell. Other foodstuffs like grains, millets, chickens, fish, and tomatoes, amongst others, are sold here. Although the market was raided more than 4 years ago, it reopened about a year ago and is still the largest cattle market in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa.

2. Sheme Cattle Market Katsina State

This is one of the most famous markets in Katsina, the Faskari local government area. The market is along the Funtua-Gusau route, offering easy access every Friday to merchants from various parts of the country.

Large flocks of cattle, goats, camels, veterinary drugs, and other live-stock-related things can be found here. This market is home to many cattle merchants, especially Nigerians because this is where they come to get their cattle. I guess you can call this market ‘wholesale cattle market’.

3. Maitagari Market, Jigawa State

Maitagari is a city along the frontier between Nigeria and Niger republic in Jigawa state. It has a large market that has been operating for over 150 years.

The international cattle market in Maitagari is one of the largest cattle markets in Northern Nigeria because of its weekly market day, Thursday, which happens to be the only day in every week the cattle market opens and allows all cattle merchants across the nation and international trade. What makes this reputable market top 10 cattle market in Northern Nigeria is that it supplies over 2 million cattle stocks for trading.

Asides from the famous cattle market in Maitagari, the market is also known for selling food items like Gairo and Dawa (guinea corn and millet), goats, chicken, and small kitchen utensils, amongst others.

4. Wudil Cattle Market, Kano State

The Wudil cattle market, located in Kano State, is surprisingly the second largest livestock market, at least to some people. It is a weekly market with cattle, grains, and onions as its primary sales produce each Friday grain segment done in the Wudil industry. Main grains include white maize, yellow maize, sorghum, groundnut, local rice, beans, soya beans, and millet.

This market has existed for many decades. It has been a tradition that people from far and near leave their houses to participate in this business, especially the cattle business. In the Wudil market, a lot of meat and livestock are sold. Most often, this is where people who sell Ram meats and suya meat come to purchase their meat. Cattle are always available in this market; it has built confidence in merchants and their allies.

5. Zangon Shanu Cattle Market, Kaduna State

I can tell you that this market is top-notch and has certainly earned its title as one of the top 10 cattle markets in Northern Nigeria.

Zango is a small localaity in Zaria, located in Kaduna state. This town is quite famous for its cattle market, although it is small, I’ve often heard people who reside in Abuja tell a relative in Zaria to help purchase meat from Zango.

The meat sold in the Zango cattle market is very cheap, and the meats are always fresh. They sell all sorts of meat, from goat to cow meat to fresh and healthy chicken. Although this cattle market isn’t as large as the Potiskum, Wudil cattle market, etc. It is very famous, especially for indigenes of Zaria and Kano.

6. Gassol Cattle Market, Taraba State

Indigenes of this place do farming, fishing, and cattle rearing due to vast grazing land and rivers that provide water all year round.

Though it boasts of fish and grain markets, the cattle market is one of the new occupations here. But with the coming of cattle rearing, the Gassol cattle market has become one of the top 10 cattle markets in northern Nigeria. This is because a few months before the market opened wide, all stakeholders, including pastoralist cattle merchants, agreed that the market should hold every Saturday.

Although this market isn’t very popular, with indigenes and pastoral cattle merchants, this cattle market is rising fast and has started attracting many customers.

7. Mubi Cattle Market, Adamawa State

Mubi is the home of the state famous international cattle market, popularly known as Kasuwan Shanu or Kasuwan Tike situated at the center of the town. Large numbers of cattle and sheep are bought by customers mainly from North-Eastern Nigeria and are distributed to different parts of Southern Nigeria by trailers and trucks.

In general, Mubi is a commercial town owing to its location on the border, many individuals from Nigeria and neighboring countries like Chad, Niger, Cameroon, and Central Africa come to make purchases in the cattle market of Mubi. Although the specific day for their cattle market isn’t known, they do trade cattle here, and these cattle are quite cheap and good for consumption.

8. Lafia Cattle Market, Nasarawa State

This cattle market is rated one of the top 10 cattle markets in Northern Nigeria and West Africa. This market is one of, if not the major, cattle market in Nasarawa State. The market is located at Shinge, about 3km from Lafia City.

It was gathered that this market has existed for decades. It is believed that in West Africa, this prestigious cattle market is one of the places where buying and selling the best cattle breeds are carried out.

No fewer than 60 truckloads of cattle arrive and leave the town every market day. It was observed that individuals leave their houses every Sunday and Thursday to participate in livestock and cattle farming.

9. Jos Cattle Market, Plateau State

The cattle market in Jos has existed since 1910 when the Fulani initiated. The Fulani first settled in Jos Plateau around the year 1910, which I believe is why it is referred to as the top 10 cattle market in Northern Nigeria.

Plateau State is known for its high mountains and pastoral land, making it home to many cattle. Surprisingly, it was said that if you want to find one of the best and healthy cattle in Nigeria and West Africa at large, Jos should be on your list.

Jos Plateau is an important cattle-producing area in Nigeria, with a high concentration of pastoral Fulani. Although there have been agricultural and socio-economic changes in this state, it still strives and succeeds in being one of the top 10 cattle markets in northern Nigeria.

Now that you have learned these top 10 cattle markets in Northern Nigeria, you should know some tips on buying meat or cattle from any market.

Cattle prices don’t depend on the animal’s size; rather, it depends on the breed. Prices range from 80-320 thousand naira per bull. For a better understanding of the cattle price, here are the price ranges in 2021 and 2022…

Price Range of Cows In Nigeria (2021)

  • Small cows: 80-100 thousand naira.
  • Medium size cow (150-200kg): 150-220 thousand naira.
  • Big size cow (220kg-250kg): 230-300 thousand naira.
  • Very large cow (300kg-350kg): 300- 450 thousand naira.
  • Giant sized cow (400kg-550kg): 500-700 thousand naira.

Price Range of Cows In Nigeria (2022)

  • Small-sized cow: 85-120 thousand naira.
  • Medium sized cow(150kg-200kg): 150-250 thousand naira.
  • Big sized cow (220kg-250kg): 250-300 thousand naira.
  • Very large cow (300kg-350kg): 350-500 thousand naira.
  • Giant sized cow (400kg-550kg): 500-800 thousand naira.

After you have seen the price range, I’m certain you may wonder how much you can start within this business or where you can get cheap cattle, as it is also one of the best ways to get side income while working full-time in northern Nigeria.

Well, if you are looking to start this business, you can start with a minimum of 1 million, that is, if you want to buy the small ones and nurture them. But if you want to start immediately, then 10 million isn’t too much. Here are some cheap markets to purchase cattle…

  1. Wudil Cattle market.
  2. Potiskum cattle market.
  3. Sheme cattle market.
  4. Zango cattle market.

These 4 cattle markets are one of the cheapest places to purchase cattle nationally and internationally.

You should also note that although the Potiskum cattle market is one of the cheapest markets when it comes to cattle, it is also the largest cattle market in Northern Nigeria and West Africa.

As I said earlier, it is large, and merchants from all over Nigeria and neighboring countries participate in this business.


There are a lot of cattle markets around Sub-Saharan Africa; surprisingly, at least 5 of these cattle markets come from Northern Nigeria. You can start a cattle market with this information.

The cattle market is a very lucrative business; to a certain level, it is a source of livelihood for Northern Nigerians.


Which cattle market is the largest in Nigeria and West Africa?

The largest cattle market in West Africa and Nigeria is the Potiskum cattle market in Yobe State.

Are there other cattle markets in Northern Nigeria?

Yes, there are other cattle markets in Northern Nigeria. Cattle markets like Iware cattle market in Taraba State, Makurdi Cattle market in Benue State… These are cattle markets in Northern Nigeria and even more.

Is the cattle market a good business?

Yes, it is a good business, a very lucrative business at that. You do not need to start with a whole cattle, 20 thousand naira can get you started.

Potiskum Town, Where Everyone is Involved In Trailer Business

Potiskum Town, Where Everyone is Involved In Trailer Business

The trailer business surprisingly is a very profitable business to start. I never knew this was possible here in Nigeria considering bad roads, lack of spare parts for these trailers, and so on until I stumbled upon the Potiskum trailer business in Yobe state, Nigeria. A brief introduction to this historical town will be needed before I dive proper into the Potiskum trailer park.

History Of Potiskum Town

Potiskum is the largest city in Yobe State. It is a local government and the main residents in this area are the Ngizim, Kare-Kare, and the Bolewa people.

Potiskum, long before the amalgamation of this town to the Northern protectorate, has been known as a commercial town. Potiskum has been a thriving trade hegemony in Yobe state because of its generalship position as a centre of commerce, learning, and spiritual and cultural revival.

Neighbouring states like Borno, Bauchi, Jigawa, and Kano and numerous citizens from Niger, Chad, Cameroon, and Central Republic of Africa all have stakes in the ‘biggest cattle market in sub-Saharan Africa’ which is located in Potiskum.

At present, the Potiskum town is well known for the trailer business that has brought in a lot of investors and businesses to that town, thereby making it a landmark for trailer businesses.

The Potiskum Trailer Business

The Potiskum trailer business started as an agricultural delivery business. The pioneers of this business were initially, buying the trucks purposely to transport their agricultural products within Nigeria and across to neighbouring countries such as Niger, Cameroon, and Chad. They later saw the need to tap into the opportunity of haulage business.

A resident of  Potiskum made it known that there are over 700 trailers in the town because there are individuals with fleets of 50, 30, 40, and 20 and those with the least have 5. More than two-thirds of the town’s population rely on the haulage business as means of livelihood. 

The resident also went on to say that a chairman, who owns 15 trailers, said they were first to implement 30 thousand nairas, and recently approved minimum wage on their drivers with arrears. The chairman made it known, that on every trailer, they employed a driver, a spare driver, and 2 assistants. The drivers also collect 30 thousand naira allowance per trip and 40 thousand nairas accident-free bonus every year.

How Much is A Trailer Sold?

This sort of business entails a lot of start-up capital. To start a trailer business in Potiskum you would need a minimum of 20 million naira. This is because to buy a whole trailer costs around 18-20 million naira.  The head of a trailer is priced at around 5-10 million naira depending on your trailer dealer and the body costs at least 6 million naira.

What some trailer owners do is they buy the head of a trailer and rent the body of a trailer for about 6 months paying a minimum of 250 thousand naira monthly. Some may think this is cheaper, but then it all depends on if you have the start-up capital of 20 million naira to start the business. You should also know that the price of a trailer depends on your trailer dealer and also what works for you.

The thing with this information is that a lot of people purchase these trailers at this price and the trailer turns out to be very faulty. This just makes these people sell their trailers at an even cheaper price.

How Profitable is the Trailer Business?

This business is among the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria, and it is very profitable, either as a trailer owner or as a trailer driver. It is a good business I would advise anyone and myself included to start.

The competition in this business is surprisingly very high. Young men and women own a trailer in Potiskum! And this trailer business is excelling. I’m sure you may be wondering how they got this amount of money, well this is how they do it.

Some of these present trailer owners started as trailer drivers. If they were to deliver goods let’s say, from Potiskum to Lagos, they would be paid a sum of 1 million Naira. 600 thousand n=Naira for fuel, 100 thousand Naira for maintenance or anything else along the journey, while the last sum of 300 thousand Naira is theirs to keep.

Most of these trailer owners would have known their drivers well enough to send them on long journeys like this. Sometimes if the job is done well, these drivers get tipped with extra money. They can also go for longer distances like from Lagos to Kano. in that case, they would have to buy fuel of at least 700-800 thousand Naira. The drivers go home with a minimum of 100 thousand Nairas.

Some of these trailer drivers work for 7 months, some less, while others more, depending on your luck. Then they get their money and also start their own trailer business in Potiskum.

The Potiskum Trailer Park

The construction of the Potiskum trailer park, which started in 2019 is still ongoing. According to the incumbent governor of Yobe State, the park is meant to bring trucking business in the state under one roof and provide the opportunity for expansion and more wealth creation. Upon completion, the project will create 5000 direct jobs.

The Governor of Yobe State Mai Mala Buni, inspecting the Potiskum Trailer park.

The truck transit park will also help decongest and clean up Potiskum and provide a modern business environment in which the town’s bourgeoning parking sector will thrive and expand.

With the construction of the Potiskum trailer park, not only will there be truck drivers, and owners, there will be other professions like spare drivers, and their boys, mechanics, spare part sellers, penal beaters, and other apprentices.

One of the reasons why the Potiskum trailer business is excelling is because it started a long time ago with very zealous and hardworking men.

As I’ve said earlier, the pioneers of this business primarily started the Potiskum trailer business as an agricultural delivery business, where they buy trucks and send their agricultural products to neighbouring customers.

Pioneers of The Trailer Business in Potuskum

  • Late Alhaji Barau Potiskum.
  • Alhaji Hamza Dan Agalam.
  • Late Alhaji Babayo Dan Soja.
  • Alhaji Yusuf Maidabino.
  • Alhaji Hassan Bogocho.

These men were the main dealers of the Potiskum trailer business and till today they are the talk of the town. These men were one of the people who made Potiskum town a landmark. You cant go to Potiskum and talk trailer business and at least one of these names won’t pop up during a conversation.


The Potiskum trailer business has trained and exposed a lot of people to other businesses. It has also created the opportunity for the craftsmen to venture into the construction of wheelchairs for the physically challenged and iron doors, among others.

The Potiskum trailer business is a very good business to engage in at any time of your life. It’s a business that you should start with large start-up capital. Most of the people who indulge in this business, don’t take it as a side hustle. Instead, the owners of these trailers give full time to this business.

This business is a profitable business for anyone looking to get into the Potiskum trailer business.

FAQs About Potiskum Trailer Business

Is the Potiskum trailer business only for men?

The business isn’t gender-based. The only thing is that there are more men than women in this business, but it doesn’t mean a woman cant start this business.

Is the Potiskum trailer business secure?

The Potiskum trailer business can be secure, only if you take the main repercussions. Like, To make sure your trailer is licensed, your drivers all have a drivers’ license and NIN and also a tracking device on each of your trucks.

Is the Potiskum trailer business profitable?

This business surprisingly is very profitable. A trailer owner generates at least 5 million naira yearly.

Businesses to Start With 100k in Northern Nigeria

Businesses to Start With 100k in Northern Nigeria

Every small-scale business starts up as a big idea and some with capital while others without capital. Starting a business with a budget of 100 thousand naira in Northern Nigeria is a very lucrative thing to do. With the current economic hiatus in the country, there are still businesses to start with 100k in northern Nigeria.

There are a lot of lucrative businesses and also profitable businesses to start with 100 thousand naira in Northern Nigeria. If you have been wondering what these best businesses to start with 100 thousand naira are, then think no further, they include…

Businesses to Start With 100k In Northern Nigeria

1. Clothes Business

Most Nigerians want to look good, I mean who doesn’t right? Everyone wants to wear the latest outfit on a cheap budget, that’s where all these thrift otherwise known as Okrika or what hausas would like to call gwonjo clothes come in. Most Nigerians buy fairly used products like clothes in Nigeria. So why not have a start-up capital of 100 thousand naira to help you start this profitable business.

Nigeria is a very large market in terms of any business and Northern Nigeria is the largest region with even large states and populations,  we are a large consumer, so why not exploit this opportunity, have a start-up capital of 100 thousand naira, and then you are good to go.

2. Laundry Business

The laundry business does not entail much to start. We are now in an era where people go to office jobs every day and every time even in the Northern part of Nigeria, and these working-class people have little to less time for themselves talk more of having to do their laundry.

This is where, people like you, who are looking for businesses to start with 100 thousand naira in Northern Nigeria come in. All you would need your start-up capital of 100 thousand naira to get you for this business is

  • A bucket
  • Stable water supply
  • Light bills
  • An iron
  • An ironing board
  • Detergents

These are simple equipment to get for your laundry business since you are starting with 100 thousand naira.

3. Mini Importation Business

As the name implies ‘mini’ means small, you don’t need to import big products like cars, electrical appliances, and all. This is when you import a small volume of goods from a manufacturing country like China to Nigeria or from Chad and Niger to Kano because they share boarders with Kano at a minimum cost and maximum profit.

All you need to do is go to websites like Alibaba and then look for cheap products in China or any cheap country and then you purchase them and then pay for shipments and wait for your goods. Most of you may think that this is a very big business that requires a lot of money, but it does not, all you need is a start-up capital of 100 thousand naira and where to purchase your goods from. It’s one of the profitable businesses to start with 100k in Northern Nigeria.

4. Daycare Services

If you are a lover of kids and want to train children, then this business is a profitable business to start with 100 thousand naira.

With a small apartment that could be yours, or a small building you could be renting, you can get toys and then start up a daycare service. It doesn’t have to be a big place before you know it is a good enough place for daycare.

There are a lot of working-class mothers these days even in the north, and staying home or looking for a nanny to take care of their kids is a very worrisome deal for most mothers. Most working-class mothers rely heavily on daycare services, they don’t mind paying extra, the most important thing is that their kids are in the hands of a registered daycare.

5. Interior Decoration

This business is not capital intensive, but it is a business you can start with 100 thousand naira and it will become a profitable business as you grow in this business.

When starting, start small to grow and become a big interior décor business. To pitch your business, ask people who are moving to new places if you could design their homes for them. Do a good job and you’re good to go.

This business is good and it can even be a side hustle for you if you are also into other businesses.

6. The Food Business

Everyone loves food, but not everyone can prepare their favorite dish or even have time to make a meal for themselves, this is where the food business comes in.

You can start a food business with as low as 100 thousand naira in the North and will be sure it will grow rapidly over time. You can pitch your food business in areas and states like Kano, Sokoto, PLATEAU, Kaduna, Abuja amongst others. These are states in Northern Nigeria that are highly populated and have a lot of working-class people, you can use this to your advantage, and you’re on your way to growing a food restaurant.

The food business in Northern Nigeria is growing rapidly because Nigeria has a lot of diverse cultures who in turn have their dishes and people come out to prepare these dishes and sell them, you too can pick a dish you like and start preparing to make a profit from it.

You can start this business with 100 thousand naira, and use this start-up capital to buy equipment like…

  • Gas
  • Spices
  • Plates
  • Foodstuff like rice, yam, beans, vegetables, etc.
  • Pots, pans, and cooking utensils

These are some of the equipment needed to start up a food business in Northern Nigeria and this return business will yield good returns.

7. Hair Dressing

A lot of people think this is just a gender skill and it doesn’t apply to the North, but in fact, it consists of both genders, and I have a friend who is into this hair dressing business in the North and she is doing very well. Hairdressing is a very profitable business to start with 100 thousand naira in Nigeria especially in the North.

It is very lucrative and gets you a lot of customers if you know how to do your job well. Hairdressing is a skill that everyone can learn and one of the businesses you can start with 100k in Northern Nigeria. All you need to start a hairdressing business are…

  • Hair combs
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Hairdryers
  • Hair creams and other hair products
  • Mirror
  • Table and chairs
  • Hair extensions
  • Heater

All these and even more are equipment you can buy with your start-up capital of 100 thousand naira at a cheaper rate. All you need to start this business is a start-up capital of 100 thousand naira and also a business plan. Once you have these, you are on your way to becoming a successful hairdresser.

8. Barbeque Business

Most Nigerians are not vegans so this can work to your advantage. Meat is a very lucrative business to start and 100 thousand naira is good start-up capital.

Beef is one of the cheapest meat to purchase especially in the North, you can purchase beef with a sum of 20, 000 thousand naira and it will be enough to start a barbeque business. Northern Nigeria has a lot of cows and this barbeque business can be something you can start up with less than 100 thousand naira and it is one of those businesses that can be grown into a franchise over time.

A lot of people who started with barbeque and fish grill businesses have made a fortune for themselves and are moving rapidly to grow other branches for their businesses in other states asides in the North, some of the equipment your 100 thousand naira start-up capital can get you to include…

  • Barbeque machine
  • Grilling machine
  • Charcoals or firewoods
  • A large chunk of beef
  • Spices
  • Soy sauce
  • Cooking oil
  • Vegetables, like cabbage and cucumber

This barbeque business is one of the best businesses to start with 100 thousand naira in Northern Nigeria because the return is worth the start and also asides you growing your business with your start-up capital of 100 thousand naira, it’s lucrative and most northerners are diving into this opportunity.

9. A Fruit Business

You can start a fruit business with 100 thousand naira, and the good thing about this business is that it’s a very affordable and profitable business no matter how bad the economy is, especially in the North.

Everyone loves fruits, even though we humans have a preference on which fruits we prefer. To start this business, you can purchase at a cheaper rate from some online foodstuff companies that are very reliable and efficient. I mean, this business is one of the best businesses to start with 100k in northern Nigeria because your profits will be so much.

10. Car Wash Business

While this may seem very awkward to some, it is very lucrative and it doesn’t even need a lot of start-up capital for it to kick up. You can start with 100 thousand naira, and you can use this money to get equipment like car wash soap, buckets, payment for a good water supply, a rented area amongst others.

This business is very good and you get paid at least 500 naira on each car you wash, so just imagine how much you get paid in a week! And then a month! And then a year! In this business, you will get to understand that you can gain more than you put into the business when you started. I don’t know about others, but this is one of the businesses I would love to venture into as time goes on, even if it means having a car wash company, it is still a win and the profit and experience are huge.

11. Agricultural Business

This business is a very lucrative but strategic and tactful one. You have to have basic knowledge of the area you want to explore. This means that in whatever field of agriculture you want to venture into, be it crop farming, livestock farming, or even cattle rearing, you have to understand the field.

For instance, if you are venturing into crop farming, you should know how long it takes to grow cereals like rice or legumes like beans or tubers like yam, cassava, or even vegetables like carrot, cucumbers, cabbage, etc. all these agricultural edibles need to be studied and how long they grow and how they should be preserved. The same goes for livestock and cattle rearing farming, you have to know the animals and how they breed, and also, their lifestyle.

Once you have mastered all these, then you are on your way to being a successful agricultural entrepreneur.

12. Poultry Farming

This includes the rearing of chickens and it’s a good business to start with 100 thousand naira. You can open up a small space for poultry, even if it is at the back of your house, and start rearing your chickens.

You can purchase chicks at a cheaper rate at 2000 thousand naira on each and you can feed these chicks until they become mature chickens before you start selling them. By doing this, you are utilizing your start-up capital of 100 thousand naira and investing it in your poultry farm.

I know some people who are into this business and also turkey farming and they are doing very well. Most of them buy their chickens and turkeys young and then feed them healthy meals and when they are all grown, they sell them. Just reading this, you will see that poultry farming is one of the best businesses to start with 100k in northern Nigeria.

13. Skin-Care Business

Everyone wants their skin to look nice and all sparkly but we have very few skin-care businesses that do justice to healthy skin.

This can be your niche if you are a business person and you want to invest your 100 thousand naira into something that will yield profits over time. You can start this skin-care business by asking people around you about problems they are having with their skins and how they want these problems solved, then you can research healthy products that can help tackle these problems, and then you can use your 100 thousand naira to start up a skin-care business.

This makes entrepreneurship easy when you have a problem and you are trying to solve it. Once you see yourself solving these problems, you will realize that skin-care businesses are part of good businesses to start with 100 thousand naira in Nigeria.

14. Hair-Care Product

Most people do not value their hair, and that is very sad. Im very skeptical about my hair because it is natural hair and we all know that the afro is kinky and very hard to maintain, so you can imagine the number of hair products needed to make the hair soft. So it is very annoying when I go to the supermarket to purchase hair products and I realize that there are fewer companies that manufacture hair products needed for natural hair and most times these products are all sold out!

I encourage us, who are into hair maintenance to start a hair-care business. it doesn’t have to be a full-blown business, but it can be something you can start with, maybe say 100 thousand naira and see what works. If it works for you and it works for some other people with the same type of your hair then be sure that I will be a customer.

Most companies that manufacture hair products fail to realize that there are different types of hair ranging from 1A-4C hair( 4A, 4B, and 4C hair are usually afros) and they only pay attention to 1A-1C, 2A-2C hairs because they are easier to maintain. You can exploit this opportunity and make products that include both 1A down to 4C hair, and believe if you do not know your business will grow rapidly, I just literally gave you a very good business tip to start a hair-care business with 100 thousand naira.

15. Photocopying and Passport Business

To be honest, this business is underrated. I know someone who started this business with 50 thousand naira and she is reaping her reward.

These days every document needs a passport to look all formal and all and this is where a passport business comes in. you can start with 100 thousand naira and buy equipment like…

  • Photocopying machine
  • Camera
  • Packs of A4 papers
  • Ink
  • Pens and books
  • Binders
  • Scanner

I’m sure you may be thinking these things are way over a budget of 100 thousand naira, but it is not. You can get all this equipment at a cheaper rate and quality ones at that.

Students and even professional workers all need one or a million documents to be photocopied so why not pitch your business in these areas. All you need are the equipment listed above and maybe more and also have some knowledge of photography.

16. Palm Oil Business

I’m very sure that this would not have been one of your top 50 businesses to start, but it is a good business, and people selling raw foodstuff are very much making a lot of profit from this business even in the North! Did you know that Northern Nigeria sells one of the best and cheapest palm oil?

A large keg of palm oil is going for about 28 thousand naira and in the North it can go for cheaper, so if you start with 100 thousand naira in this business, you will get at least 3 large kegs of palm oil, and selling this into smaller bottles will be very profitable. After all, now a small bottle of palm oil is going for 8 hundred naira which is quite much but to you the seller it is profitable because you can use this to restock your market.

This is a very profitable business to start with 100 thousand naira in Nigeria, so why not keep pride, procrastination, and laziness aside and save up 100 thousand naira and start this business.

17. Perfume Oils and Fragrance Sales

I have this very good friend of mine who is into this business and she started with her saving of less than 100 thousand naira and today she can restock her market and sell wonderful and nice perfumes.

I mean, this business sometimes can take time to grow, but everyone wants to smell nice and look good at a cheaper rate, so why not start with at most 100 thousand naira and with consistency, see where it leads you.

18. Data and Recharge Card Selling

Did you know that with the right data plug, you can get 1GB of data at just 300 naira? I mean this may sound very delusional but it is true and I can testify to that myself.

I have these friends who are into the data and airtime business and they didn’t need to start with 100 thousand naira, all they had to do was register to a platform/small company that sells data and airtime at cheaper rates and they became their agents and today one of them has her own online data business. With this knowledge, you will see that you can sell your data product online and you will also see that this business is very profitable you can be sure to sell your data and airtime because people are mostly online and also need airtime to call.

19. Affiliate Marketing

With affiliate marketing, all you need is a platform where you can display or sell goods. You don’t need to have an inventory or shop. This business is one of the best businesses to start with at least 100k in northern Nigeria.

All you need to do is have enough internet access and also have a company that you market for and that pays you on each sale you make, I mean this is how affiliate marketing works.

This has helped me a lot because im also this affiliate marketing of a thing and I am doing well if o say so myself. All I need to do is have a good audience that wants to buy what I’m marketing and then I get my cut (not a certain percentage) on each sale I make. This is also linked with digital marketing because I also post what I market on social media and these days people are online very often so I’m always sure to find my buyers on the internet. This is a very affordable business to start with little income.

20. Content Writer

If you are passionate about writing, this is for you. You need; a phone, an internet subscription, and great knowledge of content writing.

You can apply for writing jobs in companies that deal with content writing and there you will see that you don’t need much to write. Or if you are looking to open a content writing company as a content writer then it also isn’t a bad idea to start with at least 100 thousand naira. All you need is a good website that can be done at a cheap rate, one or two skilled editors, and a little partnering and sponsors and you are good to go.

This business is very tactful but it is one of those businesses to start with 100k in northern Nigeria.

21. Digital Marketing Expert

This is cost-effective and efficient marketing for businesses with a small budget of say, 100 thousand naira. All you need to do here is to have the knowledge of digital marketing and how it works and then you are good to go.

You as a digital marketing expert don’t need much to start; all you need is a very stable internet subscription, phone, laptop, and a conducive place to work. Once you have all these, with consistency, hard work, and honesty, you will be on your way to marketing Tesla for Elon Musk!

22. Photography

This kind of business deals more with skills than anything else. All you need is a good camera, good lights and a good laptop for editing.

I have this friend that is into photography and he told me that he uses stock photos that relate to his niche of photography to get customers and it is working well for him because he has the knowledge and skillset in photography. This business is very lucrative because a lot of people love taking pictures, be it for weddings, modeling a clothing or skin-care line, or anything else, photographers are needed so why not venture into this business and let it complete your happiness.

23. Egg Retailing/Supply

Eggs are so much in this country that you can start an egg business. a crate of an egg is going for 2 thousand naira, so if you are starting an egg business with 100 thousand naira, you will be purchasing at least 40 crates of eggs, if not more and if you are selling, you can add your profit on it.

This business is very lucrative although it may seem weird. It is a profitable business to start with good capital and then watch it flourish over time.

24. Sales of Original Honey

You have to source original honey before you can start this kind of business. Honey is used very essentially by us humans because we use this honey for literally anything, things like hair, skin, small ailments amongst others. So why not start with a sum of 100 thousand naira and see where this business takes you.

This business is low-key to a profitable business you can start with 100 thousand naira in Nigeria, the returns and journey will be sweet, as your product!

25. Cement Sales Distribution

You may be thinking that this is a ridiculous business to start with 100 thousand naira, but this business is very profitable, sys one of my friends is into this business and sells at least 100 bags of cement in a week.

A bag of cement depending on the company manufacturer varies but its around the price range of 3000-5000 naira per bag, and this is good because you can start with 100 thousand naira and pitch your business in locations where a lot of building and construction are done and then, you are good to go on making enough profits.


There are a million businesses to start with 100k in northern Nigeria and these businesses are all set out to be profitable and successful by default setting it all depends on how you handle your business.

Businesses generally need to be treated like babies; they always need the attention and therefore need extra hands and equipment. If you’re looking to start a business with 100 thousand naira, look for your niche because there are a lot of businesses to venture into in Nigeria.


Are there a lot of businesses to start with 100 thousand Naira?

Yes, there are a lot of businesses to start with 100 thousand naira in Nigeria.

What business can I start with 100 thousand Naira?

You can start businesses like painting business, drawing business, photography, cement business, food business, among others.

What can I invest my 100 thousand Naira in?

Phone charging business, food vendor business, palm oil retailing, car business amongst others.

How to Become Your Own Boss without Money

How to Become Your Own Boss without Money

Every human being that has ever lived has had or would have had the potential of owning their life, not just because of riches, but because of the inner wealth within. The world we live in today is so focused on making money and more money that we fail to realize that we can be the boss of our lives without money!

Knowing how to become a boss with no money should be a very good way to invest in yourself. You should be able to control your happiness even when you do not have money. I’m pretty sure a lot of you would be wondering how possible this is, but it is very much possible.

I too can say that I have been able to become my boss, with or without money. These tips that I’m about to share with you on how to become your boss with no money are tips that have worked for me and have made me a better person and see life from other aspects aside from fiscally.

1. Decide on What You Want To Do

Before I got to realize that I can be my boss without money by thinking about what I wanted to do, I used to just do whatever I needed to do to stay afloat. But it is different now that I know that I can decide and do whatever I want to do.

You may already have an idea for your business. If you don’t know what business yet, there are plenty of ways to help you make a decision. Here are 3 directions:

  • Solve a Problem: You may be thinking about what problems you could solve. The truth is that you can solve problems no matter the size. You can solve problems like fixing a broken shelf, helping people in areas you are good at, listening to people who need a listening ear, or even donating blood to the hospital. These are things you can do without money that will make you feel like a boss.
  • Do What You Know: Try doing something you know makes you happy. Do something you know like, writing a story for fun, cooking, debating, just anything you are familiar with really.
  • Be Inspired By Others: This is something you can do without having to acquire money. You can decide to follow people and get motivated and inspired by what they do. It could be their routines, jobs, pets, etc.

By taking these 3 directions, you are deciding what course to take in your life, and being your boss.

2. Analyse Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Ask yourself what can make you successful as your boss. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will tell you where to focus your energy and how to plan for the future. Evaluate your abilities and assess your level of self-discipline and time management skills.

When you’ve gathered these answers of self-analysis, remember no circumstances should stop you from becoming your boss.

A lot of people focus only on their strengths thinking that is all there is to being human forgetting that you can also work on your weakness and be good at something you never thought you could be good at. This act lets you know how to become a boss with no money.

3. Have Self-Confidence

Having self-confidence is one of the few things you don’t need money to have. Once you have self-confidence, you become a boss instantly without even having to do much. All you have to do is believe in yourself and always put yourself first.

You don’t need validation from anyone to be perfect or think for yourself. All you need is your self-esteem and your belief in yourself. A lot of people do not have self-confidence in themselves which makes them seek other means to make themselves whole, which is money. You need to understand that being a boss is having confidence, whether you are rich or not.

There is this belief that some people have and it is that, most rich people don’t do what poor people do because of pride. Now that I think about it, it is beyond pride, it’s a lack of self-confidence. Most poor people have self-confidence because they have nothing to lose, and their confidence, which is most times regarded as rudeness can’t be bought.

So why not learn something from a poor person today? Let it be confidence in yourself. Hold your head up high always, with or without money.

4. Think, Dream, and Dream Big

A dream because no one can take that away from you. I don’t mean to be all biblical and all but what I’m about to say fits this. We should all be familiar with Joseph from the Bible. He was a dreamer, a big one if I might say, but his dreams lead him to be a governor and own more than half of Egypt! Even though he was made fun of and sold by his brothers, he never stopped dreaming. It wasn’t money that got him to where he was meant to be, but it was his dreams that couldn’t be bought that got him there.

Think because no one will ever have the same thought as you. You have a thought? Write it down, manifest it, affirm it, believe in it and lastly, pray on it. Most of these great people like Albert Einstein, Aristotle, Socrates, and Plato, all believed in their thoughts and today they have made history!

Plan because if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Always plan your next move, write it down, you don’t need money for this plan, all you need is to know your next move and strategize it. That’s all it takes.

By just thinking, dreaming, and planning you are already halfway to knowing how to become a boss with no money. The truth is you don’t need money for these acts, you can be a top-notch boss by doing all these.

5. Always Be Kind and Easy On Yourself

Be easy on yourself, you don’t need to be hard on yourself always. Appreciate where you are, and be grateful, only then will you know your next move and go on with it.

Be kind to yourself, because no one will love you the way you love yourself. Try rewarding yourself once in a while. It could be watching Netflix, or buying ice cream and all. It just shows you’re being kind to yourself.

A lot of people don’t take the time to know and understand themselves and this makes it hard to be easy and kind to themselves. You should try and slow down once in a while, take in your environment, embrace it and always try to breathe in and out once in a while. Honestly, this in its way is a very good way to know how to become a boss with no money.

6. Do You

In anything you set out to accomplish, you should always do what only you would want to do. You can’t expect to be your own boss when you are trying to be someone else. You are actually not being your own boss. You’re actually allowing someone indirectly to rule you.

Do what YOU want and need to do. Be YOU, because no one else can be you. You have to do what only you can do because it’s only you that knows best. Most people may take this as being selfish, but actually aren’t being selfish. You are simply being you and in the process, learning how to become your own boss with no money.

Being you and doing you doesn’t require money at all. So why not get into it and explore all your potential.

The Bottom Line Is…

There are a million and one ways to know how to become a boss with no money, it all depends on if you are ready to explore all these ways. Don’t ever believe anyone who tells you that you can’t be the boss of your life without money.

Always believe you can and you’re already 80% a boss, the world just has to realize that. Always start with yourself and don’t let it be about money always.


What do you need to be your boss?

Evaluate yourself, determine what you want, always smile and be happy, and always pray and believe in yourself.

How do you make a mindset for a boss?

You can do this by, feeling and embracing fear, knowing your worth, shattering the status quo, rooting for other bosses, and always showing up 110%

What can I gain from being my boss?

You can gain things like greater control over yourself, open-ended career progression, and higher motivation and morale.

Find Love in Northern Nigeria with These Apps

Find Love in Northern Nigeria with These Apps

Everyone hopes to meet that one special person who will transform their lives for the best. We want to meet someone who lightens up our lives every time there is a contact. We want to feel special and loved in every relationship or situation-ship we find ourselves in. The quest for a companion has gotten so serious that people now go to dating sites or even dating apps to look for a partner. Don’t think Nigeria is left out in this quest, there are also dating apps for Nigeria and these dating apps have brought forth good results.

The search for true love and a soul mate or even just a companion has proven difficult for a lot of adults in Nigeria. But with these commendable dating apps for Nigeria, one can say that it has been fruitful. Some of these dating apps for Nigeria include…

Dating Platforms for Northerners

1. Friendlite

This dating app was created back in 2012, and it is believed to be more than just a dating site, as its members can share photos, videos, blogs, play games with other members, and read the latest news. This site has an estimated amount of over 84,000 registered members with a daily visit of 9,000 members.

This site is user-friendly and it allows you to own your account and also decline or accept a friend request from any other user. It also allows you to select your preferred individual which leads to messaging because this site allows for messaging. This app is very secure and you can report any form of foul play and the rest is taken care of.

This app is very good and it is a good dating app for Nigeria because with these features above, why wouldn’t you want to choose this app as your top dating site and app? Choose this and be sure to have a great time on this site.

2. Halal Matchmaker on Twitter

This platform is a place to find love and companionship, especially for my people in the northern region of Nigeria. The meaning of halal can mean goodness or happiness.

This platform has a total of at least 64,000 followers and it helps individuals, especially those in the northern region of Nigeria, find their soul-mate. All you have to do is follow this account on Twitter and then you can see posts on this platform. You can also like, retweet, and even comment on this platform. You will be sure to find companionship on this platform.

3. Tinder

A lot of people abroad also make use of this dating app but it is also a dating app for Nigeria. This app works in a very simple way by displaying pictures of people near your location. It is another location-established best dating app in Nigeria with a simple outlook.

It is quite easy to navigate. On this app, you choose your match by swiping left and right after choosing your location. Swiping right means you agreed to a particular match and swiping left means the opposite. This app also allows you to message and view a user’s profile and see if this partner is good for you.

This app has over 2 million users in Nigeria, excluding those abroad. Just reading a few of these features, you will see that this is a very good dating app for Nigeria because once you find your match, you will see no reason to remain single!

4. Badoo

This is a social networking app as well as one of the free online dating apps in Nigeria. It has over 314 million registered users. It helps in connecting and networking with people living in your neighborhood.

This app is mostly for people looking for casual dating, although there are also testimonies of people who found their spouse on this app. It can be downloaded on the Apple store, Play store, and even on Windows OS. Like any other social networking app, you can block and report intruders on it.

You can view pictures and profiles of users, do live videos, and others. It is one of the best dating apps in Nigeria with free dating services that can be accessed.

5. Facebook

I’m very sure that you weren’t expecting to see this social media platform as one of the best dating apps for Nigeria, but it is. Facebook is many things, it’s a marketing platform, a social platform, and also a platform to find love! Did you know that at least 30% of couples in Nigeria found their other half on Facebook?! Crazy right? But that’s the truth and this social media app works tremendously well in the area of finding love.

Unlike most dating apps that have the feature of swiping left and right to reject or accept a user, Facebook’s feature is very simple. All you have to do is create an account and then you can start posting on your stories, posting on feeds for people to see what you post, accepting friend requests, wishing people happy birthday, and also deciding to reply to or decline messages from Facebook messenger. You can also join specific groups like Halal Matchmaking.

This app has at least 50 million registered users on it and at least 30% of these users are married and found their spouse online.

6. Instagram

Instagram, otherwise known as ‘the gram’ is also referred to by some people as a dating app, and not just any dating app, but a dating app for Nigeria. This app although very social has proved and given people the opportunity to find their life partner.

This app is not only for marketing and boosting your products but also for finding love and companionship in people, most people find their friends and lovers here, and just so you know this app has at least an estimated value of at least 40 million Nigerians, so why not use this social media platform to find your love? You can find love on this platform too.

Unsurprisingly, there are also platforms on this app that help you find love, like Northern Hibiscus or Halal Matchmaking.


I don’t know anyone close to me who found love on a dating site, but I have heard stories from mutual friends who found love on these dating sites. Everyone deserves love, and if you can’t find it the physical way (traditional) then you can find it digitally (modern).

The bottom line is you can find love online, and once you do find love, you can shape that relationship into whatever you guys want, you can even decide to set boundaries.


Can I find real love online?

Yes, you can, you can find real love on a dating or social media platform.

What dating app is the best in Nigeria?

To be honest, there isn’t the best dating app. Although sites say that apps like Tinder, Badoo, and even Facebook are the best, you have to find the app that works best for you.

Are dating apps secure?

Yes, dating apps are secure. You can block and report an intruder and actions will be taken subsequently.