Avoid Slimming Teas. They Are Bad for You!

Avoid Slimming Teas. They Are Bad for You!

There is a current craze about having a slim figure. This is especially common among female folks. As a result, it has led many to the use slimming teas. The effectiveness of the slimming tea is the center of most adverts. But wait, is slimming tea really effective?

Slimming tea is used with the main aim of weight loss. It promises its users instant loss of weight within a short period of its consumption.

No doubt, having a healthy weight is important as being overweight/obese predisposes one to certain diseases.

When you rely on the efficiency of slimming tea without making any lifestyle changes, this becomes an issue.

What makes slimming teas more enticing to many is the idea that they’re made from natural ingredients.

However, these ingredients are not meant for continuous consumption due to some of their negative impacts.

Constituents of Slimming Teas

The following are the major constituents of slimming teas in addition to different tea types like green tea.

Slimming tea can contain one or all of these as the case may be and they add to the effectiveness.

1. Laxatives

A laxative is meant for the treatment of constipation. It works by increasing bowel movements thereby aiding defecation. It is not meant to be taken for a long time.

Laxatives are a major constituent of slimming teas as such there is a high likelihood of consistent consumption.

A friend once described how the slimming tea she bought worked. She said it made her purge excessively thereby shedding weight.

Now you know why you purge after taking these teas. It’s due to laxatives being active ingredients in them.

Examples of laxatives used are; Senna, cascara, aloe, etc.

2. Diuretics

Diuretics are used to treat high blood pressure. Also known as a “water pill”, a diuretic helps the body to get rid of excess water and salt thereby lowering blood pressure. 

These diuretics are contained in slimming teas as well.

So you shouldn’t be surprised when you find yourself urinating frequently after using them.

4. Stimulants

Stimulants like caffeine are contained in slimming teas. They are meant to curb your appetite and increase your body’s metabolism. They reduce your urge to eat more thereby preventing weight gain which makes it seem effective. However, they come with negative effects too when consumed excessively.

Is slimming Tea Effective?

This is usually the first question on any consumer’s mind. The answer is, that they are effective only when taken continuously. It means as soon as you stop taking these teas, you return to your previous weight or even gain more.

10 Reasons You Should Avoid Slimming Teas

Having known the constituents and effectiveness of these slimming teas, the following are reasons you should avoid them.

1. They Do Not Have Long-Term Effects

Most slimming teas are only effective within the period you use them. If you use them without any lifestyle modification, you have a high tendency of weight gain when you stop.

To prevent this weight gain, some have developed a dependency on these teas. This is to help them maintain a consistent slim figure. Sadly, such dependency is harmful.

2. Their Consumption Results in Diarrhea

Diarrhea is a major effect of the use of laxatives. This results in dehydration and loss of electrolytes. It also presents with vomiting, headache, fatigue, etc.

3. They Can Cause Severe Dehydration

The laxative and diuretic constituents of slimming teas lead to loss of water.

Water is lost in two ways; as a result of purging from the laxative effect and frequent urination from the diuretic constituent.

This leads to dehydration which has a dangerous effect on the kidney.

Dehydration leads to weight loss which should be a health concern. However, you would consider such weight gain as an effective result of the tea.

4. Loss of Electrolytes

Electrolytes are important components of your body fluids. Examples of these electrolytes are sodium, potassium, chloride, etc. Electrolytes are important for the proper function of muscles, maintaining blood PH, etc.

Dehydration is accompanied by loss of electrolytes. The use of slimming teas could result in the loss of essential electrolytes.

Absence or reduced electrolytes lead to spasms and abnormal heartbeats, cardiac arrhythmias, and even death.

5. Weakened Colon

Slimming teas work on the colon to increase its movement and aid defecation.

When the colon is stimulated consistently, it weakens over time. And this becomes an issue as it results in dependency.

6. Dependency

When a colon is weakened by the effect of consistent stimulation, dependency sets in. In this case, the colon now depends on the laxative to cause movement and defecation. As such, you depend on slimming tea to carry out the normal function of a healthy bowel.

7. No Loss of Fat

If you have been reading between the lines, you would realize that we didn’t mention anywhere where fat is shed. Why? This is because the slimming teas don’t work on them. They’re ineffective in that regard.

Complete digestion and absorption take place in the small intestine. The effect of laxative is exhibited on the colon (large intestine).

This shows that it doesn’t prevent the absorption of fats. It only makes defecation easy.

Other harmful effects of slimming teas are abdominal cramping, headaches, and increased blood pressure.

Healthy Ways of Losing Weight

The major way you can lose weight is by lifestyle modification. This is based on two major factors:

  • Diet
  • Exercise

1. Check Your Diet

The importance of a healthy diet cannot be overexpressed. It is important in weight management as well as overall general health. To maintain a healthy weight, do the following:

  • Consume more fruits and vegetables.
  • Eat high-protein meals for breakfast.
  • Avoid sugary foods and drinks.
  • Cut down consumption of fat.
  • Avoid processed and canned food. Eat more unprocessed foods.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking an adequate amount of water.

2. Exercise Regularly

Exercise doesn’t have to be hectic. Walking, cycling, jogging, skipping, and dancing are simple exercises you can engage in to keep you healthy and maintain a healthy weight.


Above, we have explored what makes up slimming tea, its effectiveness and why you should avoid it. We have as well given you a better alternative to maintaining a healthy weight.

Although some people have given slimming teas favourable recommendations. We however recommend that you see your doctor before using any slimming tea. Before you try any slimming tea, you should balance the benefits and drawbacks.

Have you used slimming teas before? What are your thoughts on their effectiveness?

Do share your thoughts in the comment section.


Is slimming tea effective?

Yes, but only on a short-term basis. For long-term effectiveness, it has to be used continuously. This poses serious harm to one’s health.

What makes slimming teas harmful?

The ingredients contained in slimming teas are not meant for long-term consumption. As such, taking these teas without proper guidance come with lots of health risks.

What should I do before consumption of any slimming tea?

Check out the ingredients first. Consult your doctor to ensure you don’t react to any of the ingredients contained in the tea. Ensure you eat healthy meals and do not consume them for a long time.

Does slimming tea make one stool?

Yes, it does. This is due to the presence of laxatives in most of them. Ensure you have a restroom close by before you consume it.

Is it okay to drink a slim tea every day?

It is not healthy to drink slimming tea every day. This is due to the harmful effects it has on the body from long-term consumption.

10 Natural Aphrodisiac Foods That Are Good for You

10 Natural Aphrodisiac Foods That Are Good for You

Sex is a vital component of every marriage. However, it is considered more of a chore for some couples. The frequency of intimacy is less and the reasons are not farfetched, ranging from the daily hustles to make ends meet, stress at the end of the day, psychological problems, etc. This negatively affects sexual intimacy. As such, looking to Nigerian aphrodisiac recipes for a solution is a good one.

Your libido is affected by several factors, like social factors and biological factors like sex hormones, nutrition, etc. There are some foods that, if consumed, would improve your mood and sexual drive. Hence, taking care of what you consume would, in turn, help improve this important area of your marriage.

Therefore, natural aphrodisiacs are your go-to sex drive enhancer. This is because we consume them normally for a healthy lifestyle. It becomes a win-win as it improves your sexual life in addition. Amazing, right?

Below is a list of 12 natural Nigerian aphrodisiac recipes you should try

10 Aphrodisiac Foods and Drinks You Should Try

1. Watermelon

Who doesn’t like this fleshy food? Watermelon is a popular fruit consumed by many. It is appreciated for its significant hydrating properties. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as water constitutes over 90% of its total composition.

In addition, research has shown that it is a very important aphrodisiac. It contains important components like citrulline, lycopene, potassium, etc.

More so, citrulline amino acid is present in a substantial amount of watermelon. This citrulline elevates nitric oxide levels in the body. This nitric oxide helps to relax the blood vessels, thereby aiding blood circulation. This blood flow to the male sex organ is important for erection.

Watermelon is now known as nature’s Viagra as it treats erectile dysfunction.

Watermelon can be eaten normally and can be made into juice.


2. Tiger Nuts

Tiger nuts, known as Aya in the Hausa language, have been one of the most recognized aphrodisiac recipes in Nigeria. This is because it contains numerous nutritious components. These include vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins, etc.

One of these significant nutrients is vitamin E. Vitamin E is known to be an important vitamin for fertility in both men and women. This vitamin improves sperm motility, increases sperm count, and boosts sex drive. Consumption of foods rich in vitamin E increases the level of testosterone. Testosterone is a male sex hormone that is a factor in sex drive. So tiger nuts are really helpful.

Tiger nuts can be eaten in raw, dry, or roasted forms or made into a drink.

Tiger Nuts

3. Tiger Nuts Drink

Not everyone loves to eat a raw or dried form of tiger nuts. A better alternative is turning these nuts into a milky drink. It is highly nutritious and has the same effect as the tiger nuts mentioned above.

Also, to make it more nutritious, you can add other ingredients like ginger, coconut, dates, etc.

Tiger nut drink is super tasty.

How to Make Your Sweet Home Made Kunun Aya

4. Dark Chocolates

Note the dark chocolates. Dark chocolates with a high concentration of cacao are an important Nigerian aphrodisiac recipe.

Dark chocolate also aids blood flow, which is necessary for erection because it serves as an antioxidant. It also contains other constituents like phenethylamine, endorphin, and serotonin, which put you in the right mood.

5. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potato is one of the Nigerian aphrodisiac recipes you should try. They are known to have a robust concentration of potassium. Potassium is a macroelement that helps keep high blood pressure in check. This function, in turn, lowers the risk of erectile dysfunction.

It is also rich in vitamin A, which is important for fertility by enabling better cervical fluid.

You can make your sweet potato into porridge, fry it, etc.

sweet potato porridge recipe

6. Avocados

Avocado is a popular aphrodisiac food. It contains numerous nutrients like vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, etc. All these constituents work together to improve the duration of sex. It also prevents premature ejaculation.

Omega 3 and 6 are vital components of avocados. Women with low levels of omega 3 and 6 lose interest in sex. Consumption of avocados helps improve this deficiency.

Avocados are beneficial to the brain because it contains monounsaturated fats

7. Almonds

Almonds are known to be very important for fertility due to their high concentration of Zinc. They’re also sources of essential fatty acids, which are important for healthy libido and fertility.


8. Ginger

Ginger is known to be a very important spice. It is used to cook food. It is also used to make drinks.

A good effect of taking ginger is that it aids detoxification and improves blood flow. As stated previously, this blood flow is important for the erection of the male sex organ. More, so, ginger is a good aphrodisiac food as it increases desire, libido, and sexual performance.

Hence, make ginger a part of your regular spices for your kitchen.


9. Dates

Date fruits popularly known to be abundant in the desert are aphrodisiacs. It contains minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients. It has a high level of amino acids which improve sexual stamina.

Date fruits also help to boost the quantity and quality of sperm.

10. Red Pepper (Chili)

Red pepper chili heats the body system thereby allowing increased blood flow. This in turn boosts erection. This is also a regular spice.


In a bid to improve sex drive and overall sexual performance, many have resorted to using various concoctions and drugs. If you ask me, I would tell you that those concoctions have negative side effects. To stay on the safer side, I would advise you to frequently consume the above Nigerian aphrodisiac recipes. They’re all-natural, available, and affordable. Consume them and notice amazing improvements.

Do you find this article helpful? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

How to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

How to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

The fear of public speaking in its severe form is known as glossophobia. It is a common form of fear among a number of people. The thought of standing and speaking in front of a crowd rips some people apart. Are you one of such persons?  If yes, then there is a need to know how to overcome the fear of public speaking. So, read on.

As much as the fear of public speaking is valid, public speaking skills are one of the most important skills one needs in life. This is because, at one point or the other, you would need to speak to a crowd. You want neither yourself nor others to notice you fidget, sweat, or stammer while making your presentation out of fear. As such, overcoming the fear of public speaking is super important.

Common Causes of Fear of Public Speaking

  • Negative mindset.
  • Being self-conscious.
  • Inadequate preparation.
  • Fear of ridicule.
  • Little or no knowledge about the topic to speak on.

10 Tips for Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking

1. Have a Positive Mindset

This point is always my number when it comes to overcoming the fear of almost anything. Being positive should not be mistaken for being in denial. Here, you acknowledge that you have this fear but you have a belief that you can work on it. You strongly believe you can be a good public speaker.

You can work on your mindset by having positive self-talk. Tell yourself that you can do it. Encourage yourself. Use positive affirmations like:

“I am a good public speaker “,

“My audience is happy with my message “,

“I can make a good presentation”,

“I love public speaking”, etc.

You can as well visualise yourself giving an excellent speech. Work on this step first before proceeding to the next.

2. Start by Speaking on Areas of Interest

Overcoming the fear of public speaking is not a day’s job. It’s a journey that should begin from somewhere. If you are glossophobic, you can start building your confidence by speaking on topics that interest you.

As you read this, think about an area that sparks your interest. Select some topics that you would love to talk about. Stand in front of your friends and speak on such interesting topics. Get used to talking about those things. When you are used to this, you can easily progress to speaking based on requests which might not be on familiar topics.

I guess you love those who can give impromptu speeches. They started somewhere. So, start talking!

The remaining points are needed as you improve.

3. Know Your Topic

Do you want to know how to overcome the fear of public speaking? Master your topic. The importance of this cannot be overemphasized. Before you can confidently give a speech as you would love to, it’s important to have a good grasp of your topic. What are the expectations? How deep should you discuss the topic? etc. The more you know your topic, the lesser your fear and the more your confidence.

Another importance of knowing your topic is that it helps you anticipate possible questions. Having a firm grasp of your topic makes answering questions after your presentation easy.

4. Know Your Audience

This is as important as knowing your topic. Having prior knowledge of your audience guides your preparations. It enables you to know the kind of persons you would speak to. Also, it gives you clarity on the terms to use in addressing them.

In addition, it helps you anticipate likely questions and attitudes to expect.

5. Adequate Preparation

Prior preparation prevents poor performance. Your confidence is in direct proportion with how much you prepare. In essence, the more prepared you are, the less anxiety you develop.

Write out your presentation and prepare beforehand. Get all the necessary information and resources you need to make a wonderful presentation. Stay organized.

6. Practice and Get Feedback before the D-Day

If you’re on the journey of overcoming the fear of public speaking, your ideal audience shouldn’t be the first to listen to your presentation.

Get used to making your presentation beforehand to a familiar audience. You can do this a day or two before the main event. This audience could be your siblings, friends, spouse, your kids, etc. Ask for honest feedback from them and work on areas of concern. You can do this more than once until you are confident about it.

In the absence of a familiar audience, you can practice before your mirror. You can as well make a video of yourself as you practice. Then listen to yourself. Observe the tone of your voice and the pace at which you speak, and then adjust where necessary.

7. Have a Structure or Outline

This is important in overcoming your fear of public speaking. You might wonder how.

With an outline, you have a guide that would see you through your presentation. Great public speakers also use guides for their presentations. You shouldn’t be an exception. With an excellent structure, you can calmly make your presentation and easily flow from one point to another without difficulty.

You don’t want to just memorize your presentations and get stuck along the line.

8. Breath Mindfully

The fear of public speaking manifests in breathing fast. This affects the pace at which you speak and sends a negative message to your audience. To prevent this, take deep breaths before the presentation of your speech. While presenting, stay conscious of your breath and ensure you’re breathing calmly. You can use deep breaths as your break in between your speech. This helps you maintain a steady composure.

9. Know That Your Audience Trusts You

Maybe no one has told you this. The truth is your audience is there to listen to you. They trust you and your message. This means you should focus on the message you’re passing across. Don’t give too much attention to the audience’s appearance. Some might appear uninterested or distracted; this shouldn’t affect you or make you disappointed.

10. Ask for Feedback as You Progress

Here, you are asking for feedback from your ideal audience. This is one area I don’t joke with. Whenever I give a public speech, I ask at least two persons from my audience to give me feedback.

It takes courage to ask for feedback. And the whole essence is to help you improve. The more you do this, the better and more confident you get.

Additionally, you should consider joining public speaking clubs where you meet like-minded individuals. You can also buy online courses on public speaking or hire a speech coach.


Having known how to overcome the fear of public speaking, you know it is important and can be achieved. However, it should be noted that it wouldn’t happen automatically. You should apply the tips I shared with you above.

Do you have an idea worth sharing with us? The comments section is open.

You could also read on: 10 Tips to Improve Your Presentation Skills.

Men, Stop Wearing These Colours Now!

Men, Stop Wearing These Colours Now!

As a man, your goal of putting on an outfit is to look great and confident. In addition, you want to look attractive to females. You can only achieve this if you know colours men should stop wearing. With this knowledge, you can then make the best of the acceptable colours.

This reminds me of an occurrence. I was walking along the street with a male colleague trying to locate a house. I came across a building that I wanted to use to describe where we were standing. I mentioned to the lady I was trying to locate that I was standing beside a peach-coloured building. My colleague quickly interrupted and said the building was pink. I laughed because I know that differentiating similar colours or shades of one colour is difficult for men. This is psychological though. Ladies are better with colours than men.

With this in mind, it is important men have a bit of knowledge about colours. This is because while considering whether to buy or wear an outfit the importance of colours cannot be overemphasized. A wrong colour combination could make you look so unattractive.

In this article, I categorized colours men should stop wearing into the two. The first category is based on skin colour and the second is a general consideration.

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Based on Skin Colour

1. Light Skin

If you are a light-skinned man, you want your natural skin tone to shine. As such, you are supposed to avoid colours that resemble your skin.

A good outfit should create a contrast with your skin colour. However, too much or too little contrast is not attractive.

So, colours men with light skin should avoid include:

  • White: Unless you are using this colour sparingly, you should avoid a white outfit. The reason is white creates too little contrast which is not the goal of a proper outfit.
  • Black: This colour contrasts greatly with your skin and gives a weird look.
  • Bright colours: As a pale or light-skinned man, you should run away from bright colours like yellow, orange, lemon freen, light grey etc.

    Avoid bright colours as they wash you out.

2. Dark Skin

Are you a dark skin man?

If yes, you want your natural skin colour to shine as well. To achieve this, you need to avoid the following colours.

  • Black: Black has always been considered to be men’s colour. However, there’s a need to be cautious about its use.  Black contrasts too little with your skin if you’re very dark. This gives a dull appearance. You sure don’t want to look that way. If you must wear black, ensure there’s a mix with some brighter colours like white.
  • Brown: Oh yes! Have you ever sighted someone from afar and wondered if the person is wearing a cloth at all? I guess your response is yes. That’s what happens when you wear an outfit that is the same as your skin. You don’t want to give such an impression. Avoid brown colours that contrast too little with your skin.

General Consideration

Dear men, avoid the following colours. This is especially important if you have poor knowledge of how to combine colours to give a good fitting.

1. Yellow: Although, the shade of this colour matters. A bright yellow should be avoided by men. It comes too obvious and worse if you’re light-skinned. You can consider darker shades of yellow if you must wear it.

But if you ask me, I would suggest you remove yellow from your colours altogether.

2 . Pink: You should be wondering what this article would look like without pink. I’m not writing to debunk the rule that pink is a feminine colour.

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, pink has been categorised as a feminine colour. Men generally shouldn’t want to give off a feminine look. Hence, pink is a colour you shouldn’t buy or wear at all. Leave it for the ladies.

Here, I’m not giving preferable shades. Pink is not for men! Kindly avoid it.

3. Orange: Orange colour is also is a bright colour and one of the colours men should stop wearing, unless it is used sparingly or preferably you should consider the burnt orange shade.

4. Lemon Green: Lemon green has this catchy look. Wearing a lemon green outfit puts you on the spot, not in a nice way. It’s best if you don’t wear it at all.

5. Red: Before you roll your eyes wondering what red is doing here, listen. Red is a beautiful colour and it symbolizes love. However, as a man, the best you can do is to wear it only with a matching combination.

Wearing red head to toe is not advisable.


 Q: What colours should men wear instead?

A: There are other varieties of colours available for men to explore. We have blue with various shades, grey, beige, milk, green, maroon, etc. Knowledge of these colours is not the solution.

Your ability to wear the right colours in the right way matters most.

Q: What if the colour mentioned above is among my favourites?

A: Assuming yellow, which I stated men should avoid, is Your favourite then you should learn how to use the yellow colour to your advantage. You need to be sure you’re not light-skinned then ensure you’re not mixing it with wrong colour combinations.

Now you know colours you should avoid and colours that you should consider instead. It’s time to explore and work on your fashion sense.

Dear men, I hope you find this helpful.

Do you have any concerns? The comment section is open.

After Reading This, You Will Stop Saying ‘Yes’ to Everything

After Reading This, You Will Stop Saying ‘Yes’ to Everything

It is one of your greatest desires to be productive and achieve a lot of your set goals. However strong this desire is, you wouldn’t achieve more unless you learn how to stop saying yes to everything.

Last year, I took an interest in researching the concept of saying no. I realized that saying NO is not a bad thing. This is in opposition to what we learn while growing up. We saw saying yes to every request as being respectful even when we are not happy. What we fail to understand is that not saying yes to everything, allows us to say yes genuinely to things that truly matter.

When you say yes to something you don’t want to do, here is the result; you hate what you are doing, you resent the person who asked you to do the act and you hurt yourself.

James Altucher, author of ‘The power of No’

Reasons Why You Say YES to Everything

1. You Fear Losing Someone’s Affection

This is the most likely reason you say yes to everything. You withdraw from people when they say no to your requests. As such, you also feel saying no to other people’s requests means losing their affection and you fear that.

2. You Don’t Want to Be Perceived As a Bad Person

You have an orientation that those who say no are bad people and you do want to be one.

3. You Are a People Pleaser

You feel responsible for how people feel. Hence, you desire to ensure people are happy even at the expense of your happiness.

4. You Lack Clarity

When you lack clarity on what to do and how to utilize your time, you would be always available to any request; the more reason why you should learn how to stop saying yes to everything.

5. Desire to Fit In

In this case, you are struggling with low self-esteem. You measure your worth by people’s opinion so saying ‘No’ is considered a big deal just to get accepted. You will need to know how to overcome low self-esteem.

Let’s have a short scenario to buttress my points:

Munirah planned her day the night before. She woke up in the morning with enough energy to see through achieving her goals scheduled for the day. She was on her first task when her friend called her. The following conversation ensued:

“Munirah, please I would love you to accompany me to go shopping.” Her friend requested.

“Okay.” was Munirah’s response with no hesitation.

Munirah suspended her task and accompanied her friend. The shopping consumed hours. When Munirah arrived home, she was tired and it was time to prepare dinner. She looked at her to-do list and said, “It’s sad I couldn’t achieve these goals. I hope I don’t get any requests tomorrow just so I can achieve these goals.

What has Munirah done?

Munirah said yes to her friend at the expense of her goals. What she never realized was that the shopping can be done some other time. Her company might not be necessary. She can ask her friend to reschedule the shopping to enable her to plan for it.

Her expression, in the end, shows that she found it hard to say No. She doesn’t want to be called a selfish person. Also, she wants to please her friend and she didn’t place her goals as her priority. She needs to learn to say no.

I don’t advise you to be like Munirah.

I Have Got 5 Amazing Tips On How to Stop Saying Yes to Everything

1. Know Thyself

To stop saying yes to everything, you should have a clear understanding of yourself. Get to know things that you can do and things you hate doing. in addition, have a good grasp of times where you are most productive and make those times for yourself.

A reasonable level of self-awareness helps you to make the right choices. In addition, it enables you to say yes or no to requests confidently as the case may be.

2. Have Clear Boundaries

Some people perceive having boundaries to be a bad idea. However, having boundaries enables you to build healthy relationships and practice self-care. If your boundaries are clear and well communicated, you would hardly have any reason to doubt saying ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Hence, you always give genuine responses.

For example, if Munirah knows that she is most productive in the morning, she can easily communicate why she wouldn’t accompany her friend. Her friend would have probably been reasonable enough to respect the decision.

3. Explain Your Decision

Sometimes, dealing with loved ones makes saying ‘No’ difficult. That doesn’t mean you should say ‘Yes’ to every request they present. In such situations, you should explain why your response is negative.

‘I’m currently busy with an important task. If my company is important for the shopping, then I can plan for it tomorrow.’

This is a reasonable explanation that Munirah should have given to her friend.

4. State Your Condition

When someone requests something from you, do not be afraid to state your conditions. This is especially important if accepting the request means placing too much pressure on you. You should stop saying ‘Yes’ to things that place unnecessary pressure on you.

For example, as a seamstress, a client requests that you sew her dress nicely but urgently. Meanwhile, you know that you work best when you take your time. It’s best to state your condition like this:

You want a good job and I also want to give you the best. However, you can get what you desire if you could come back in two days.

This is a simple condition. It’s left to the client to decide. Here, you have said ‘Yes’ to doing a good job and ‘No’ to putting undue pressure on yourself.

5. Be Courteous

Encouraging you to stop saying yes to everything doesn’t in any way mean being rude about it. You should say no in a courteous manner. I don’t need to remind you that your tone matters a lot in communication.

Be kind even when your response to them is not positive.


Above, I stated 5 tips on how to stop saying yes to everything and every request that comes your way. These ways include knowing thyself, having clear boundaries, explaining, stating your condition, and being courteous.

Additionally, you should say yes to things that make you a better person and no to things that bring otherwise.

Do you find these tips helpful? Do share your thoughts in the comment section.