How to Tie the Zahra Buhari Turban in 5 Minutes

How to Tie the Zahra Buhari Turban in 5 Minutes

Is there an upcoming event you want to attend, perhaps, a special ceremonial event like a wedding, naming ceremony, birthday party, or festival? As a woman, you certainly want to look gorgeous at that event. But, somehow, amid your preparation, it dawns on you that you haven’t figured out what to tie on your head. Before panicking, here is good news for you; The Zahra Buhari turban is a one-size-fits-all solution regardless of your attire.

What is the Origin of Zahra Buhari Turban?

You may ask where this lovely gele style came from and why it’s named Zahra Buhari rather than something else. Is it a new trend, or has it been around for a while?

This kind of gele style has existed for a long time but undetected. This style resurfaced sporadically when Zahra Buhari wore it at an event. Of course, it looked stunning on her and drew everyone’s attention. As a result, this gele style was named after her!

Is the Zahra Buhari Turban a Good Fit For All?

It’s a perfect fit for all women, as it turns out beautiful. Most importantly, it’s a good fit for those with a wide forehead as it makes this God-given head shape less pronounced. However, here is another gele style for those with a wide forehead.

How to Tie the Zahra Buhari Turban

As earlier established, this style of gele is easy, and anyone could tie it from the comfort of their house. However, for this guide, I will share with you how to tie the Zahra Buhari turban using the freestyle method and the Zahra Buhari turban with raw silk.

Note: To arrive at a beautiful turban style, ensure your fabric measurement is folded in 70 by 30 or 60 by 40. Simply put, one side of the fabric should be longer than the other, using raw silk or without. Let’s begin!

How to Tie the Zahra Buhari Turban Step by Step

Step 1: Get an Ankara fabric of your choice, matching the rest of your native outfit. And also a piece of rectangular carton sheet. The modernized ones can be bought from the market. However, you don’t need to use them if it isn’t within your reach. Hence, you can improvise by using a well-cut local carton.

Step 2: Place the carton inside the Ankara fabric and fold the fabric around the rectangular sheet at least twice.

Step 3: From the forehead, lace the fabric to the back of the head, ensuring it’s slightly above the ear brow and not on the ear brow.

Step 4: Make your turban firm by tying both ends of the fabric at the back of your head. It’s advisable to put it on top of your hair, irrespective of the style. And you’re set for that event.

Step 5: Having achieved STEP 4, you’re good to go, but for ladies who always want something unique, you can go ahead and make a freestyle with the remaining fabric at the back. Here are a few options for you;

  • Make a flower with the rest of the fabric.
  • Twist the ends of the fabric and bring them to the front on top of the rectangular sheet and tuck them in.
  • Twist the longer side and bring it to the front while making a nice pattern with the short side at the back.
  • Bring both ends without twisting to the front to make the rectangular sheet fuller and more pronounced.
  • Make a repeated pattern with both ends at the back and tuck it into different sides using an office pin.

How to Tie the Zahra Buhari Turban with Raw Silk

Step 1:  You must tie the normal Zahra Buhari turban using your Ankara alongside the rectangular carton sheet.

Step 2: Fold your raw silk in the same measurement as the Ankara fabric without putting any carton.

Step 3: lace it the same way as the first to the back and tie it to taste slightly above the Ankara so its design can be visible.

Step 4: Twist both ends of the raw silk, bring it to the front on the rectangular sheet, and tuck it in to taste. And you’re good to go. Also, as mentioned in the first guild, you can freestyle your raw silk at the back.

Moreover, it’s still fine if you want to use raw silk without an Ankara. All you have to do is to repeat the normal procedure of tying the Zahra Buhari turban style.

Top 5 Most Useful Websites Every Techie Need to Know

Top 5 Most Useful Websites Every Techie Need to Know

Irrespective of your reasons for using or visiting the internet, there are the top most useful websites on the internet you need to add to your frequent search options. Why? You wouldn’t want to spend 10 hours performing a task that could be achieved in 10 minutes, right?

Gone were when you had to engage in tedious research, grow your business brand on-site, or even perform automated tasks manually. With the advent of the internet, life keeps improving every day. Now, for every action you need to perform, an app, software, or website takes care of that for you—saving you more money and efficiency.

You’ll need this category of websites that takes the burden off your shoulders. Hence, you wouldn’t have to work your brain off searching for solutions. Also, it enables you to accomplish your search objectives at less cost.

The fun part is that it isn’t restricted to business brands or website owners; it applies to students, freelancers, stay-at-home moms, scientists, and social media influencers; you just name it; the list is endless. Let’s get started straight up!


The human mind is broader and more curious. Every second, thoughts and question that requires an answer run through the mind. Well, you can put an end to those curious questions bothering you by utilizing

This website is a knowledge engine for computing answers and providing valuable information. It works by using its vast store of expert-level knowledge and algorithms to answer questions, do analyses and generate reports automatically.

WolframAlpha is applicable at work, school, and home, among others. What’s more? It’s free to use for personal, noncommercial purposes. But for more advanced features, you may have to subscribe.

What questions can you ask on WolframAlpha?

Being a top most useful website, it offers various answers to questions across all fields. For an easy start, you could browse their “examples by topics” category for ideas which is broadly divided into:

  • Mathematics: Algebra, geometry, calculus e.t.c
  • Science and technology: physics, chemistry, biology e.t.c
  • Society and culture: people, art and media, history, money, finance e.t.c
  • Everyday life: personal health, surprises, personal finance, e.t.c.


I assure you that you wouldn’t have to worry about performing tasks manually when you have in your tool kit. This website uses an AI browser assistant that lets you automate business processes and share them with others. Axiom does this through a robotic process without needing any code.

Hence, you can use this AI to automate repetitive tasks in your business/organization, including the hiring process, purchase orders, and team member onboarding.

Additionally, Axiom has a free and paid version starting from as low as $15/month.

The features of this top most useful website include but are not limited to:

  • Visual web scraping
  • Automate any website
  • Data entry
  • Build a custom bot with no code
  • Spreadsheet automation
  • Connect to zapier, integration e.t.c

Open Source Alternative

Its name says it all as it’s an alternative open source to your proprietary software.

These alternatives allow customization to your preferred objectives in contrast to proprietary software. It can also be self-hosted, allowing you to keep your data on your server. With open-source you get access to:

  • 300+ open source alternatives to proprietary software
  • Search function and filters for popular categories, licenses, and language
  • SEO-optimized landing pages for every project
  • Daily updated GitHubmetrics

Here are a few of their alternatives for proprietary software:

  • Godot alternative to the Unreal engine, Unity3D
  • Strapi alternative to Contentful
  • Brave alternative to Google Chrome
  • Pipedream alternative to Zapier
  • Rocket. chat alternative to Slack
  • Ghost alternative to Medium, Substack.


Were there times you felt confused about how to convert a file to another format, edit a video, or simply manipulate an image? If yes, this top most useful website on the Internet is a must-have for you. is a free online conversion of files, videos, images, and more into any format and vice versa. Interestingly, you cannot restrict the task you can perform as it’s completely free.

Here is a glance at TinyWow features;


Convert PDF to word documents, spreadsheets, or PowerPoint presentations and vice versa. Also, merge multiple files into a single file, extract images and text from PDF, split PDFs, and many more conventions.


You can change video format from MP4 to GIF, WebP, and more. You can also download videos from social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram and edit, compress and resize videos to your preference.


Even if you haven’t learned how to become a photographer, you can still manipulate images using TinyWow. It allows you to convert images to documents, PDFs, or GIFs.


If you have a website or a business with an online presence, you must create a form asking prospects to carry out one action or the other. This includes registration, contact, order, application, feedback, and signup form. Previously, this action required learning coding, which can get the brain twisted.

However, with, you can easily create custom forms for all types of action. Its intuitive drag-and-drop user interface makes form building incredible and doesn’t require you to write a single line of code.

JotForm assists you in creating fillable PDF forms, publishing forms, integrating them into your site, and receiving responses by email. This powerful online application offers you over 10,000+ ready-made templates to get your form rocking.

Additionally, it allows you to add logos, custom colors, and stunning background images. Moreover, it comes with a free plan and has multiple subscription options.


It’s highly profitable to take maximum advantage of the internet by using these top most useful websites that provide solutions to any task you need to perform.

Interestingly, many cool websites come with free versions/trials, so you can experience their advantages before paying for more advanced features.

Should Parents Join Snapchat? Here is What the Experts Say

Should Parents Join Snapchat? Here is What the Experts Say

Social media has evolved to provide many intriguing features. One great platform that offers these features and more is Snapchat. Therefore, you’re not the only parent worried about their teen’s activities on Snapchat and who desires to monitor it. Should parents join Snapchat to keep an eye on their children? Let’s find out!

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a trending social media platform with features that allow users to exchange pictures and videos known as snaps, which are meant to disappear after 24 hours. Other features include games, news, entertainment, quizzes, and shows.

Additionally, one main advanced quality of this app is allowing you to beautify your pictures and videos by adding filters, lenses, and other advanced photo editing effects.

Moreover, it’s easy to sign up using your name and email address, and you’re good to go. 

Is Snapchat Safe For Kids

Snapchat, just like every other platform, has its benefits and downsides. Therefore, we can say it isn’t all that safe for teens since they can get exposed to many inappropriate contents.

According to Snapchat terms of service, the minimum age required to use the app is 13 years. But, at that age, kids are most vulnerable and still need proper guidance on how to go about social media activities.

Since it isn’t all safe, should parents join Snapchat? There are thousands of ways to keep an eye on your child due to the many downsides of the app.

What Are the Downsides of Snapchat?

1. The Myth of Disappearing Messages

Snapchat has made teens feel secure engaging in all sorts of inappropriate activities, from sexting to sharing Intimate videos and pictures. This is a result of its features that allow messages to disappear once they are viewed, hence teens are deceived into believing they won’t get caught since their messages will self-destruct.

However, it isn’t all true since the receiver of the messages can take screenshots of them, further share them with others, and use them as bait for cyberbullying, which can get messy.

2. Exposure to Bad Influence

Users are allowed to add as many friends as possible by uploading their contact, searching for friends, or simply turning on their notifications. In other words, they get to become friends with all sorts of people who may gain a negative impact on their lives through frequent communication. Also, they become vulnerable to scandal and cyberbullying.

3. Snap Map and Snapstreak Madness

Snap map allows others to access your location, which doesn’t sit right with most parents as this allows strangers to access their kids.

While snap streak, on the other hand, can gradually become addictive as teens might get lost in the fun of sharing photos with their friends for a long time to get a flame emoji and number.

4. Discover Features

This Snapchat feature allows users to connect with pop culture to keep up with trending celebrities, entertainment, and news. Although this varies, not all pop cultures are appropriate for teens. Oftentimes, kids get the wrong idea about certain issues like sex education, drug abuse, and more.

5. No Age Verification

While Snapchat terms of service say age 13 as a minimum, there isn’t any verification to confirm if that’s the exact age of the user. This makes it even more threatening as kids can lie about their age just to join the platform to have fun.

6. Questionable Privacy and Safety

Snapchat isn’t secured hence, user information and details can be shared with a third party. This isn’t proper as these third parties can choose what to do with your details. This implies that your privacy isn’t in good hands.

The safety bubble that chats and media disappear after 24 hours has burst since hackers and other third-party applications have a way of restoring old chats and media shared.

7. Risk of Addiction

The entire fun process can gradually become addictive as kids come under pressure to feel among and compete with their peers. This isn’t a good stand for teens as it can affect their self-esteem and emotional well-being.

Perhaps, you notice your teen looking stressed about the whole Snapchat thing; it’s time you step in as a parent before things get out of hand.

Should Parents Join Snapchat?

It’s your responsibility as a parent to ensure your kids are making the right decision, especially in their teenage years. This includes the hours spent on the screen and their safety on social media. 

Unfortunately, there is no way for you to see their activities like other social media platforms.

Should parents join Snapchat? Except you’re joining for the fun of it and nothing more, it isn’t a good option for monitoring your kid’s activities. Therefore, having a discussion about social media with your teens might be all you need. 

How to Monitor Your Kids on Snapchat?

No matter how you trust your teen as a parent, you still want to know about their activities on social media. However, fulfilling your parenting duty calls for a chat about Snapchat and social media in general before you allow your kids to join. This includes outlining the dangers, limits, and why this decision is best.

Similarly, making some important settings on the app saves you lots of stress.

1. Make It Impossible For Strangers To Contact Your Child

  • Open the Settings menu (marked with the gear icon).
  • Select My Friends instead of Everyone under Contact Me and View My Story.

2. Check To See If Your Child Is A “Recommendation.”

  • Tap See Me in Quick Add in Settings.
  • Toggle the switch to the off position.

3. Hide The Location Of Your Child

Open the Settings menu.

  • Select See My Location from the drop-down menu.
  • Toggle Ghost Mode on and off.

4. Keep Your Child’s Phone Number Safe

Open Settings.

  • Tap Mobile Number.
  • Untoggle the Let others find me using my mobile number option.

5. Install Parenting Control App

In addition to the setting put in place, it’s advisable to get parenting control apps that help you keep an eye on all your child’s activities even while you’re away. Interestingly, you get notified whenever your kids are trespassing into inappropriate sites or engaging in inappropriate acts. Also, you get to control their screen time and many more.


Should parents join Snapchat? The choice is yours to make as a parent, although you don’t have to go through needless stress to monitor your child. Likewise, you don’t have to cut them off from the fun and other benefits of this platform.

In response to this, just put the safety measures outlined above in place to help your kids use this app responsibly. Perhaps, you’re still tempted to join Snapchat as a parent. What might be your reason?

It may interest you to check out the ultimate ways of handling family problems.

5 Amazing Stress Management Techniques You Should Definitely Try Out

5 Amazing Stress Management Techniques You Should Definitely Try Out

Stress management skills are highly needed in our everyday lives because the body isn’t robotics in nature that has no feelings. There is a limit to what the body can do without burning out physically, chemically, mentally, or emotionally. The burnout period is termed stress. Therefore, the body undergoes stress when placed under unbearable anxiety and unrest. In addition, there are a number of ways of naturally reducing stress.

As a result of increased demand from jobs, family, friends, and the environment. Everyone experiences some level of stress depending on individual body resilience. Unfortunately, the stress in itself can’t be eliminated but rather managed. Hence, stress management skills are a necessity for healthy living.

What Are Stress Management Skills?

It’s the collection of approaches and programs aimed at assisting people in dealing more successfully with stress in their life, by identifying specific stressors and taking proactive steps to reduce their effects.

Extreme stress affects the body negatively. It often leads to immune system breakdown, distorted emotional coordination, poor reasoning, anxiety, anger, and cardiovascular diseases. It further increases adrenaline response (Flight/flight) and hinders a productive life. However, stress management skills serve as the essential techniques required to keep the chronic level of stress under control and improve your daily living.

Stress Management Techniques

1. Self-Analysis Technique Helps Reduces Stress

To effectively keep your stress level under control you must study and understand your emotions. What are the activities that trigger pressure in you? How do you react to sudden changes in activities?. The results achieved from self-analysis serve as a road map for you when applying stress management skills. Knowing your stress triggers empowers you to balance your life schedule to further regulate stress.

2. Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation is a natural method of controlling stress. It coordinates the mind and counter body pressure. Frequent relaxation keeps heartbeat rate low and regulates blood pressure. Fun when combined with mediation music like the new-age genre. Forms of relaxation techniques include belly breathing, mental visualization, meditation, and yoga. 

Belly Breathing                     

Constant belly breathing disengages the mind from stress, also known as abdominal breathing. This process involves the intake of long slow breaths and exhales repeatedly. Preferably, five seconds before exhaling.


Visualization is an effective stress management skill that utilizes the body’s imaginative faculty. It’s advisable you learn to take time off your daily activities at least 20 minutes to engage your imagination. Begin by creating a mental picture of things or places that portray serenity, love, happiness, and peace. 

Ensure your mind remains focused – best done in a distraction-free zone. Your mental picture could stem from places you’ve visited in time past, or lovely experiences you had or may have read about. Mental imagination calms the body with inner peace.


Over the years the act of mediation has been tagged spiritual. However, this helps the body exhale stress. In a real sense, meditation is the act of fixing the mind in the present while sitting comfortably without drifting into the past or future. This method helps combat anxiety, depression, and pain which are all side effects of stress. Meanwhile, it requires constant practice to experience transformation.


Yoga is an ancient art that combines a series of body movements and posture with rhythmic breathing. As crazy as it seems, it goes a long way in offering mental focus. However, some people still feel yoga is risky and shouldn’t be practiced. In contrast, its benefits are more compared to the risk involved in its mode of operations. Endeavor to take a series of yoga classes and a private tutor to guide you through.

3. Healthy Living Technique

The body burns out quickly when its immune system is weak, having low defense. Hence, a healthy lifestyle is one of those stress management skills that boost the immune system which in turn regulates the body’s stress.


All forms of exercise either aerobics or yoga, pump up endorphin hormones (feel-good hormones) in the brain and also disengage the mind from daily worries. Ensure you engage in exercise that is suitable for you either running, walking, swimming, dancing, or climbing, depending on your preference. After exercising you’d feel relaxed with the feeling of satisfaction and happiness.

Balanced Diet                                   

A nutritious diet counters stress by boosting the body’s immune system, lowering blood pressure, stabilizing sugar levels, and enhancing the secretions of serotonin— A brain-calming chemical. Examples of stress reduction diet include pasta, cereals, whole-grain bread, oranges, spinach, avocados, almonds, milk fatty, and black tea

Proper Sleeping Habit                

The body needs enough sleep to aid the brain and mind to relax better. While sleeping the mind immediately disengages from the chaos of life and worries. Afterward, your body gains stamina and concentration to handle the perplexing task at hand in the best way.  It’s detrimental to your health when you deprive your body of good sleep.


Drugs are in various forms. So while there are drugs that help reduce stress there are other forms that can increase stress. Stress-increasing drugs should be avoided like alcohol, cigarettes, and marijuana, among others.

However, sedative and antidepressant medications like diazepam, and triazolam, are recommended for stress reduction. They help combat anxiety, tension, and depression. Meanwhile, it should be taken based on medical prescriptions.

4. Organization Techniques Help Reduce Stress

A life without order is set to crash soon. This is because it becomes problematic to handle stress and stay healthy while going through daily activities. The body burns out fast when we attempt to merge numerous activities. To effectively organized your schedule check out the following:

Time Management                        

Being time conscious helps you set your activities based on the order of preference and plan your activities. However, become disciplined to stick to your setlist. Meanwhile, tedious tasks should be given more time compared to those that are less tedious. Furthermore, ensure to erase unnecessary activities with a low value from your schedule.

Reduce Distraction                    

Noisy environments promote distractions, make one lose focus on whatever is done at that moment, and distort mind coordination. Forcing the brain to concentrate in a noisy atmosphere often results in stress. The best way to combat this is by distancing yourself from a noisy environment when you have a task at hand to complete. In addition, cultivate a no distractions policy in your working space.

5. Practice Social Connection Techniques

Those with strong social support are less vulnerable to stress. Therefore, how connected are you to others? Humans by nature are social beings and derive some sense of motivation and inspiration when they interact with others. Interaction creates a conducive atmosphere to communicate your feelings— This could be rejection, sadness, frustrations, or depression. 

Therefore, connecting with others is one of those stress management skills you shouldn’t hesitate to practice. When you do this your body attains internal and external peace.

Time Out With Friends and Family                            

The most effective way of dealing with stress is by engaging in adventurous activities with loved ones. During this period the brain produces feel-good hormones (endorphin). This is because you’re around those who love and value you. In the process, you get to share your problems with a listening ear that provides you with advice and support.

Engage in Your Hobbies                                               

Don’t abandon your hobbies, instead, whenever you feel overburdened, retire from your regular activities and engage in the things that make you happy. You can do this alone or with friends depending on your preference. Things that ignite happiness in us are effective tools to disengage the mind from current problems.

Stay Motivated             

Motivation helps in building your body’s resilience and reconstructing the mind’s cognitive ability to fight against stress. Staying inspired keeps your energy renewed. The Source of motivation varies from person to person. However, many derive inspiration from nature, books, audio, or role models.


 Practicing stress management skills helps to boost your body resilience— the ability to recover quickly from depression, sickness, pain, and disappointment. Similarly, Learn to be in charge of your emotions. In addition, profitless activities shouldn’t get your attention instead be disciplined to set your mind on important activities.

Lastly, what are your best stress management skills?

How to Easily Turn Your Passion Into a Career

How to Easily Turn Your Passion Into a Career

I need you to look within and search for that one thing you could do a thousand times without getting bored or tired. Yes, each time you engage in that one activity, it seems as though a magical force drives you. Surprisingly, that force is called passion! But, have you ever wondered how to turn your passion into a career? Perhaps, you just love singing, writing, or painting for fun, without envisioning a lifetime career from that passion.

Notwithstanding, it is easier to succeed when you follow your passion. In other words, you can make a successful career out of your passion. Hence, this is what you should do if your parents are forcing you into a career that isn’t your passion.

What Is Passion?

Passion is a strong feeling, love, or determination towards something. Also, passion can be defined as a willpower that is always centered on focus. It is a force that drives or pushes people forward to achieve something notable. It will amaze you to know that passion is what drove Aliko Dangote to own a cement company today, Elon musk to head Tesla and SpaceX, and other great men we admire today.

The secret behind great men and women is passion. Life is boring without passion and you may never reach the peak of your set goals without being passionate about it. Most importantly, passion enhances focus and hope in one’s life— the knowing that something big awaits you if only you refuse to give up.

What is a Career?

A career is a pathway or one’s chosen field in life for the benefit of achieving purpose and earning a living. In other words,  a career is a journey that requires learning and proper training to attain the top skills that employers are seeking in that field. No one became great in any field without following the pathway of learning and training.

Furthermore, how to turn your passion into a career begins when you take bold actions to commit yourself to hard work. There are over hundreds of careers today, such as engineering, doctor, pharmacist, teacher, pilots, lawyer, accountant, etc. What matters most is your passion for any of these careers.

7 Ways to Turn Your Passion Into a Career

1. What Do You Love Doing?

Passion is that thing we love and enjoy doing effortlessly. Hence, one of the first things to consider when you desire to turn your passion into a career is to identify what attracts your undivided attention. What you love doing without being forced is a pointer to your passion.

Perhaps, you’re unsure about your passion, simply reflect on your childhood age, and think of those activities you enjoy doing. Therefore, it’s advisable for parents to help their children discover their passion before they grow into maturity. In addition, when you discover your passion, your potential unconsciously comes alive and active.

2. Subscribe to Learning

Learning is the process of acquiring new skills through experience, training, and study. It is also a process that leads to understanding and transformation.

It is very important to always cultivate the habit of learning because nobody knows everything. The moment you begin to think you know everything, sit back and have a rethink as failure that comes as a result of pride might be knocking at your door.  Moreover, how to turn your passion into a career requires continuous learning— a quest to acquire knowledge which guarantees power.

Therefore, subscribe to the attitude of continuous learning for you to develop or build a befitting career. Interestingly, you do not need to go back to school to learn, because life and technology have given us the privilege to learn every day.

3. Surround Yourself With Successful People

This is the most effective way to turn your passion into a career. How? Surrounding yourself with those who are more experienced in your field grants you the opportunity to gain insight into how to turn your passion into a career.

Successful people have tips and secrets that can guild and help you. According to Brain Tracey, “If you want to change your future, take action now”. Take action now, and create a healthy association. The earlier you surround yourself with quality people the faster your passion becomes a reality.

Also, ensure to avoid negative people as they can make you doubt your potential in building your career.

4. Quit Procrastination

Procrastination is the act of entertaining delay or laziness towards the accomplishment of something, hence, you keep postponing. Also, the attitude of procrastination might be conscious or unconscious. Therefore, combat this by creating principles that help you abstain from procrastination like goal setting.

However, one of the crucial factors in turning your passion Into a career is by embracing consistency. Living a consistent lifestyle can fasten your improvement in your field of career.

Furthermore, if you desire to achieve your goal, ensure to always start small and remain consistent. Consistency can create productive ideas, so avoid making excuses. Subsequently, it becomes easier for you to advance whenever you are passionate and consistent about something. Remain committed and avoid self-gratification.

5. Think Positive

Positive thinking and imagination are powerful. Surprisingly, the life of a person Is the reflection of their thought pattern, either positive or negative. It is good to always think big and as well picture yourself being successful—see yourself at the top in your field of career.

However, positive thinking doesn’t mean that you should abandon the situation, rather focus on the area you can change.

Furthermore, how to turn your passion into a career is made easier when you engage in more positive thinking and self-motivation. Hence, consciously practice positive thinking daily. Also, this method of meditation will help you fine-tune your body and mind positively.

6. Invest In Your Passion

The moment you have decided to shift your passion into a career, you need to start investing in your passion. Just as there is a financial investment there is also a personal investment.

However, personal investment goes beyond money, but entails your sacrifice of time and energy. In response to this, discover whatever you love doing and invest your time and energy in it.

7. Believe In Yourself

Belief is the act of accepting that something is true. The driving force of a career must always come from you as a person and not the people around you.

Sadly, the fear of failure has become a stumbling block to some people, who later misinterpreted it to mean a lack of finance, resources, or energy. Therefore, to combat this, learn to develop your self-confidence.

In addition, learning how to turn your passion into a career is Influenced by the amount of belief you have in yourself. Moreover, self-trust is one of the secrets of every great man you see today. According to Sean Aiken “The belief that you can have a meaningful career is the first step to finding one”.


How to turn your passion into a career is influenced by your decision regarding who you want to become in life. So, I advise you to settle down and develop yourself. Believe in yourself and your dreams. You could as well begin by reading personal development books.

I will leave you with this quote by Eleanor Roosevelt “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”.