Back Dimple Piercing is The Latest Fashion Trend in Town

Published: July 29, 2022
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Back dimple piercing or “Venus piercings” are indentations on the lower back just above your butt and hip region. These piercings are extremely beautiful and tempting, but before you go ahead to have this piercing, there are a few things you need to know.

This article will share everything you need to know before piercing those back dimples.

Will my Back Dimple Piercing Hurt?

YES! Of course. Ordinarily, you feel pain when piercing the nose so imagine layers of your skin being pierced with an instrument. Yes, do you see it?

Are you squeaking?

Do you have a cringe?

The good news is that pain is subjective, and people can tolerate this piercing. What hurts Aisha will not hurt Sandra, and what doesn’t hurt Sandra most definitely won’t hurt Fatima. If you’ve had other piercings and didn’t feel pain, you may have this piercing.

What Do You Need for This piercing?

The necessary equipment needed for back dimple piercing are:

  • A specialized and a capable piercer
  • Anti-bacterial lotion/sanitizer
  • A saltwater solution (saline)
  • A clamp for tightening the skin
  • Sterilized needles
  • Dermal punch
  • Piece of jewelry

Why I Decided Against Having a Back Dimple Piercing

I’m glad you are having the thought of having a back dimple. I had it too, and I decided against it after doing my research. My reasons are below:

  1. Your sitting postures can never be the same for some months or at least after it heals.
  2. To avoid contamination and pulling out of the jewelry, your favorite outfits must be avoided for a while.
  3. You cannot freely touch your own back anymore. Incessant touching can irritate the area and make it red, which you do not want.
  4. Oh, your sleeping postures have to change. This is quite tricky cause you won’t even know when you lay on your back and before you know it, you are having sleep paralysis, but your piercing gets worse and excruciatingly painful.
  5. You must go for frequent checkups to ensure the piercing is not affected.

If you ask me, that’s a lot of work. Pheew, I’ll stick to my leg chains, ear, and nose piercings. Next!

Side Effects of A Back Dimple Piercing

These indentations are drop-dead beautiful, but it comes with risk, which is listed below

1. You Risk Having an Infection

This is obtained through contact with bacteria from an inexperienced piercer, unsterilized equipment, or needle. This can be obtained from the jewelry piece or through improper care after piercing.

Body Rejection

Ever heard someone say, “my body doesn’t like piercing”? I have, from my friend. She got a nose piercing, and weeks after, she battled with an infection that brought out pus and dirt. She had to clean day and night to avoid further contamination until she gave up and let the piercing close.

Your body can reject piercing by pushing the foreign object out, discharge may be seen, and sleepless nights and days of sterilization which you most definitely would get tired of.

3. Displacement

The foreign object introduced to the layers of your skin may move around to other places if the insertion is not done properly and not deep enough.

4. Tearing of the skin

5. Tissue Damage

How Long Does it Take for Back Dimples Piercing to Heal?

Research says every piercing takes between 1-3 months to heal, but, in some people, it might take up to 6 months and maybe more to completely heal. The healing time depends on:

  • Your health and metabolism rate
  • The skill of the piercer
  • The care and attention you give to the piercing

Signs of An Infected Back Dimple Piercing

Due to the location of this piercing, cleaning this area might be difficult for you, especially when you leave alone. But if you have long magical hands or you have a friend, watch out for these signs:

  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Yellow/white discharge
  • Continued pain and discomfort
  • Itching

You may be able to control these signs at home by cleaning with alcohol but be sure to see a specialist when it gets worse or if it needs removal immediately.

How You Should Take Care of Your Back Dimple Piercing

Like going to the doctor, you have been prescribed drugs and told how to use them, right? It’s the same with back dimples piercing, the piercing tells you instructions to follow in taking care of the indentations, but here are a few to get you started.

Always ensure you have clean hands before touching the piercing area. When in doubt, wash your hands with soap and water or use an anti-bacterial hand wash.

  • Use salt water to clean the area at least thrice a day.
  • Wear-free loose clothes that won’t get in contact with the piercing area.
  • Change your bedding and bedsheets.
  • Avoid touching the piercing area completely.
  • Clean the area with Dettol or alcohol.
  • Avoid tight clothing.
  • Sleep on your sides.
  • Avoid contact with water and avoid the swimming pool
  • Do not play with the jewelry that was pierced into your skin.
  • Don’t change the jewelry until piercings are completely healed. After healing, ensure you get your jewelry changed by your piercer.
  • Do not change jewelry yourself.

If you change your mind, go to your piercer to take the jewelry out. Once they are out, you are free and be rest assured that your skin will grow back, but a scar is sure to be there. But worry less as the scar will most definitely fade with time but not completely.


Back dimples piercing is the latest trend, and it’s bound to make you look sexier and more attractive. But are you up for the task of risks, adequate and proper care, and safety precautions after piercing? If you are, let me know in the comment section how sexy you most definitely look with it.


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