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Updated: Jan 27, 2022
By Editorial Staff

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Bauchi state is one of the North-Eastern states in Nigeria. Bauchi state was part of the Bauchi-Plateau of the then Northern Region until the 1967 state creation exercise when together with Borno and Adamawa provinces, they constituted the former North-Eastern State. The state was then created in 1976 from the old North-Eastern state and consisted of the current Gombe state up until 1996 when Gombe was also given a state.

The state is named after the ancient Bauchi city. The city was founded by Yaqub ibn Dadi, who is of the Gerawa tribe and the only non-Fulani flag-bearer of the Sokoto Empire. The name was derived from a hunter called Baushe, whom the city was named after. The state occupies a total area of 49,119 km2, making it the fourth-largest in Nigeria. The state is bordered by seven states; Jigawa and Kano to the northwest, Kaduna to the west, Plateau, Taraba and Gombe to the west, and Yobe to the east.

Bauchi state is home to one of the most diverse people in Nigeria, with many tribes and ethnic groups living in harmony. The state was home to Nigeria’s first Prime Minister, Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa.

The Motto of Bauchi state

Pearl of Tourism

Population of Bauchi state

Bauchi state has a population of six million people (6,537,314) people according to the latest NBS projections made in 2017.

Present Governor of Bauchi state

The current Governor of Bauchi state is Bala Muhammad (PDP) elected in 2019, along with his deputy Senator Baba Tela.

Official Website

Bauchi State Official Website

Social Media Handles

Official Facebook Page

Official Twitter Account

Official Instagram Page

Ministries And Commissioners Of Bauchi State

The Governor of Bauchi state dissolved the entire cabinet on 9th June 2021 and named another one subsequently, and they are:

Aliyu Usman TildeMinistry of Education
Abdulrazak Nuhu ZakiMinistry of Local Government
Bello KirfiMinistry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises, 
Usman Abdulkadir ModibboMinistry of Finance
Abdulkadir IbrahimMinistry of Works And Transport
Hajara GidadoMinistry of Women Affairs and Child Development
Ministry of Culture and TourismMinistry of Culture and Tourism
Adamu Manu SoroMinistry of Youth and Sports
Jidauna Tula MbamiMinistry of Agriculture
 Samaila DahuwaMinistry of Health and Human Services
Ahmed Aliyu JalamMinistry of Water Resources
Dayyabu ChiromaMinistry of Information and Communications
Abdulhamid NuruddenMinistry of Solid Minerals and Natural Resources
Maryan Garba BagelMinistry of Power, Science and Technology
Umar Babayo KesaMinistry of Religious and Social Welfare
Garba DahiruMinistry of Commerce and Industry
Aminu HammayoMinistry of Budget and Economic Planning
Yakubu Barau NingiMinistry of Lands and Survey
Hamisu Muazu ShiraMinistry of Housing and Environment and Abubakar Abdulhamid
Abubakar AbdulhamidMinistry of Justice
Abdullahi Musa MMinistry of Rural Development and Special Duties.

Former Governors of Bauchi state

Mohammed Bello KalielMilitary Governor Of Bauchi StateMar 1976 – Jul 1978       
Garba Duba        Military Governor Bauchi StateJul 1978 –  1 Oct 1979
Tatari Ali  First civilian Governor of Bauchi stateOct 1979 – 31 Dec 1983
Muhammed Sani Sani   Military Governor Of Bauchi stateJan 1984 – Aug 1985 
Chris Abutu GabukaMilitary Governor Of Bauchi stateAug 1985 – Dec 1987
Joshua M. Madaki   Military GovernorDec 1987 – Aug 1990 
Abu Ali Military GovernorAug 1990 – Jan 1992 
Dahiru Mohammed Civilian Governor (NRC)Jan 1992 – Nov 1993 
James Kalau Administrator9 Dec 1993 – 14 Sep 1994
Rasheed A. Raji  Rasheed A. Raji  14 Sep 1994 – 22 Aug 1996 
Theophilus O. Bamigboye Administrator22 Aug 1996 – Aug 1998
Abdul Adamu Mshelia AdministratorAug 1998 – 29 May 1999 
Ahmadu Adamu MuazuFourth Republic Governor (PDP)29 May 1999 – 29 May 2007 
Isa Yuguda Fourth Republic Governor (PDP)29 May 2007 – 29 May 2015 
Mohammed Abdullahi Abubakar ‘Barrister’  Fourth Republic Governor (APC)29 May 2015 – 29 May 2019 
Bala MohammedFourth Republic Governor (PDP)29 May 2019 –      29th May 2023      

Bauchi State Local Governments and their Headquarters

Bauchi state is made up of 20 local governments as follows:

S/NLocal GovernmentHeadquarters
10.Itas/GadauItas Itesiwaju
13.KirfiKirfin Kasa
17.Tafawa BalewaTafawa Balewa

Tribes In Bauchi State

Bauchi state alone has about 55 tribes all of which live together in peace and harmony. Some of the tribal groups in the state include;

  1. Pa’a, also known as Afawa
  2. Warji, also Warjawa, Sarawa, Sirzakwai, Warja, found In Warji and Ganjuwa in Ningi and Darazo LGAS respectively
  3. Ciwogai, also Sago, Tsaganci, Tsagu found in Ganjuwa LGA and Tsagu Village
  4. Kariya, found in Ganjuwa LGA
  5. Mburku, also known as Barke, Barko, Burkunawa, Kariya, Lipkawa, Mburkanci, Wudufu, Wuufu found in Darazo LGA
  6. Miya, also known as Miyawa living in Miya town in Ganjuwa LGA
  7. Siri, also called Sirawa found in Ningi LGA
  8. Zumbun, also known as Jimbinawa or Jimbin found in Darazo LGA
  9. Ajawa also Aja, Ajanci which is extinct.
  10. Zaar, also known as Sayawa, Sayanci, Sayara, Sayawa, Seiyara, Seya, Seyawa, Vigzar, or Vikzar located in Bogoro, Dass, Tafawa-Balewa, and Toro LGAs
  11. Dass also known as Barawa, living in Akleri, Dass, and Toro
  12. Geji or Gezawa found in Toro LGA
  13. Polci also known as Palchi, Palci, found in Dass and Toro LGAs
  14. Zari or Zariwa found in Tafawa Balewa and Dass LGAs
  15. Guruntum-Mbaaru, also Gurdung, Guruntum found in Alkaleri and Bauchi LGA
  16. Zeem, or Chaari people found in Toro LGA. Speakers gradually turnig to Hausa
  17. Tala, found in Bauchi LGA, Kuka and Talan Kasa villages.
  18. Zangwal, also Twar, Zwangal found in Bauchi LGA
  19. Jimi, also Bi-Gimu found in Jimi village
  20. Boghom also Bogghom, Boghorom, Bohom, Bokiyim, Borrom, Burma, Burom, Burrum, Burum, Burumawa, mostly found in Plateau but found in some areas of Bauchi as well.
  21. Kir-Balar, also Kir, Kirr in Bauchi LGA
  22. Mangas, also known as Ma’as, Mantsi, Pyik Mantsi in Bauchi LGA and Mangas village
  23. Gera, also known as Gerawa, Fyandigere, Fyandigeri, Gerawa, Rawam found in Ganjuwa LGA.
  24. Jarawa also known as Bankalawa, Gingwak, Jar, Jaracin Kasa, Jaranchi, Jaranci, Jarancin Kasa, Jarawa, Jarawan Bununu, Jarawan Kasa, Lasjar found in Dass and Tafawa-Balewa LGAs
  25.  Kirfawa, also known as Bu Giiwo, Kirfi, Kirifawa, Kirifi, Ma Giiwo found in Alkaleri and Darazo LGAs
  26. Bolewa, Am Pìkkà, Ampika, Anika, Bolanchi, Bolanci, Bolawa, Bolewa found in Alkaleri, Darazo LGAs
  27.  Karekare also known Karai Karai, Karai-karai, Karaikarai, Kerekere, Kerikeri, Kәrekәre found in Gamawa and Misau LGAs along with neighbouring Yobe state.
  28. Kanuri
  29. Mbat also known as Bada’, Badanchi, Badawa, Bat, Garaka, Jar, Jarawan Kogi, Kanna, Mbada, Mbadawa found in Bauchi LGA along with neigbhouring Plateau and Gombe states.
  30. Hausa, Hausawa, Bahaushe
  31. Fulani, also Fulbe, Pulbe

Facts About Bauchi state

  1. Do you know Sa’adu Zungur, a poet and radical politician was the first to study pharmacy from northern Nigeria? He attended Yaba Technical College in Lagos, and was head of the Zaria School of Pharmacy in 1941. He was also the Secretary General of the NCNC, the first political party in Nigeria.
  2. Bauchi state is one of the few states in Nigeria with two vegetation zones, Sudan and Sahel Savanna.
  3. The founder of Bauchi, Yaqub ibn Dadi, who is of the Gerawa tribe and the only non-Fulani flag-bearer of the Sokoto Empire.
  4. Bauchi state is one of the states in northern Nigeria popular for their colorful dubar.
  5. The Emir of Ningi, His Royal Highness Alhaji Abdulkadir Wani, is one of the longest serving Emirs in northern Nigeria having spent 50 years on the throne in 2020.
  6. In 2012, the headquarters of Tafawa Balewa Local Government was moved to Bununu town for peace to reign in the region.

Tourist Attraction Sites in Bauchi state

Bauchi state is famed for its famous tourist attraction sites in Nigeria, one of the best in Nigeria. The state is named the pearl of tourism for its rich tourist attraction, some of which include;

  1.  Yankari Game Reserve
  2. Wikki Warm Springs
  3.  Emir’s Palace Bauchi
  4.  Tafawa Balewa’s Tomb
  5. The Bauchi Durbar
  6. Shau Shau Iron Smelting Works
  7. Marshall Caves
  8. Tunga Dutse
  9. Sumu Wildlife Park
  10. Maladumba lake
  11. Gubi Dam at Firo
  12. Ganjuwa Cave
  13. First Yakubun Bauchi Mosque
  14. Gongola River
  15. Jama’are River

Notable Figures and People From Bauchi State

  1. Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, First Prime Minister of Nigeria
  2. Sa’adu Zungur, Poet and Activist
  3. Adamu Adamu, Politician and Minister of Education (2016-2023)
  4. Yayale Ahmed, Former SGF and Head Of Service of the Federation
  5. Maikanti Baru, Former GMD NNPC
  6. Yakubu Dogara, Former Speaker House Of Representatives
  7. Abdul Ningi, Long Time Senator
  8. Suleiman Nazif, Once the youngest Senator in Nigeria (2007-2015)
  9. Muhammad Bulkachuwa, who at 79 became the oldest Senator in Nigeria (2019-2023)
  10. Ibrahim Lame, Former Senator and Minister of Police Affairs
  11. Muhammad Ali Pate, Global Director for Health, Nutrition and Population at the World Bank Group and Director of the Global Financing Facility for Women, Children and Adolescents (GFF)
  12. Abdulmuminu Maishanu, Chairman/CEO at AYM Shafa
  13. Bala Mohammed, Former Senator and Governor Bauchi State
  14. Isa Yuguda, Former Governor
  15. Ahmad Adamu Mu’azu, Former PDP Chairman and Governor
  16. Muhammad Abdullahi Abubakar, Former Governor
  17. Danladi Umar, Youngest Serving CCT Chair
  18. Mahmood Yakubu, INEC Chairman
  19. Tatari Ali, First elected Governor of Bauchi
  20. Aminu Gamawa, Legal Expert and Former Commissioner
  21. Dahiru Bauchi, Religious Cleric and Statesman
  22. Mariam Katagum, Ambassador, Permanent Delegate of Nigeria to UNESCO and a Minister of State for Industry, Trade and Investmen
  23. Air Marshall Sadique Abubakar, Former Chief Of Air Staff
  24. Suleiman E. Bogoro, Executive Secretary TETFUND
  25. Sule Katagum, Chairman Federal Civil Service and Police Service Commission
  26. Dr. Habiba Muda Lawal, Former Acting SGF
  27. Dr. Aliyu Tilde, an Academician, critic, writer and a politician.
  28. Muda Lawal Umar, at 32 was one of the youngest House of Reps Member

Natural and Mineral Resources Found In Bauchi State

Some of the Mineral resources found in Bauchi state include; Gold, Columbite, Wolfram, Gypsum, Coal, Limite, Limestone, Iron ore, Gum Arabic, Granite etc.

Other crops grown also include; maize, rice, millet, groundnut, cassava, guinea corn, Cotton, Ginger, Sugarcane, Sunflower and Beniseed.

Ceremonies and Festivals In Bauchi State

1. Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha

2. Bauchi State Festival of Arts and Culture (BAFEST)

4. Hawan Sallah (Durbar)

5. Dambe (Traditional wrestling) and Kokawa (Traditional Boxing)

6. Kyaro war dance performed by the Warjis

7. Afizere dance of the Jarawas

8. Takai dance popular among the Hausa-Fulanis

9. Amanya, a naming ceremony festival among the Badawa people

10. Lawurba dance peculiar to the Sayawa people.

Tertiary Institutions In Bauchi State

  1. Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, (ATBU) Bauchi
  2. Bauchi State University, Itas-Gadau (NSU)
  3. Abubakar Tatari Ali Polytechnic
  4. Federal Polytechnic, Bauchi
  5. College of Education Azare
  6. National Open University, Bauchi

Emirates in Bauchi state

Bauchi state is one of the 19 northern states, have Emirates. The foundation for the Emirates where laid when Yaqub ibn Dadi, who is of the Gerawa tribe and the only non-Fulani flag-bearer of the Sokoto Empire was given the flag by Shehu Dan Fodio. The other Emirates later sprang up. Currently, Bauchi state has six emirates, and they are Bauchi, Katagum, Misau, Jama’are, Ningi and Dass.

  1. HRH. The Emir of Bauchi, Rilwanu Suleimanu Adamu, The 11th Emir of Bauchi and Chairman Bauchi State Traditional Council of Chiefs
  2. HRH. Alhaji Umar Muhammadu Kabir Umar (Baba Umar Faruk), The 12th Emir of Katagum
  3. HRH. Alhaji Ahmed Suleiman, mni the Emir of Misau
  4. HRH.  Alhaji Ahmadu Wabi III The Emir of Jama’are and the longest reigning Emir in Northern Nigeria having being on the throne since 1970.
  5. HRH. Alhaji Yunusa Muhammad Danyaya OON, The Emir of Ningi, who has been on the throne since 1978.
  6. HRH. Alhaji Usman Bilyaminu Usman, The 8th Emir of Dass.

Major Markets in Bauchi State

  1. Alkaleri market
  2. Sabon Kasuwa
  3. Muda Lawal market
  4. Wunti market
  5. Yelwa market
  6. Bauchi central market
  7. Azare main market
  8. Railway market
  9. C&C market
  10. Gwalameji market
  11. Digare market
  12. Gaji market
  13. Rukuba market


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