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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name 'Northpad' means?

North signifies northern Nigeria, while the pad symbolizes a writing pad. This is what we are all about; journaling northern Nigeria

What's your policy on working with brands?

We are selective in the kind of brands we work with. We work with brands who will add value to us as well as the community. If you think you are one, drop a message to [email protected]

How can I join your team?

If you are dedicated, hardworking and committed to journaling northern Nigeria, then don’t hesitate to send us a message and a CV to [email protected]. We will get back to you.

Do you only cover northern Nigeria?
We are a lifestyle journal of northern Nigeria, we only report all good things about northern Nigeria.
Is Northpad a non-profit blog?

Northpad is a profit driven blog which has the interest of northern Nigeria at heart. Our pursuit of profit however doesn’t derail us from our main aim of being “the lifestyle journal of Northern Nigeria”

What's the Mission of the blog?
To be the lifestyle journal of North Nigeria
Who owns the blog?
Northpad is owned by Nigerians commited to promoting northern Nigeria.
Are there requirements I need to know before I become a sponsor?
No requirement. Just contact the Northpad team.
Is the blog accessible in all regions and time zone?
Yes it is
When was the blog founded?
Northpad has been in existence since 2014 as “Mutan Arewa”. It later metamorphosed to “Message Arewa” and now Northpad. The name might have changed, but the values remain the same.
Do writers get paid to write for the blog?
Yes, our writers get paid for every article they’ve written.

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