How to Make Dambun Shinkafa (Rice Couscous)

Written by Fatima Sani

Fatima Sani is an enthusiastic writer. She loves writing, basically on delicacies - Northern Nigerian delicacies to be specific. More so, she derives joy from sharing her kitchen expertise to those in need.

July 10, 2022

Dambun Shinkafa recipe otherwise known as Rice Couscous is a northern Nigerian delicacy and is widely consumed by northerners. The recipe is made with braised rice. I love this recipe and I learned how to prepare it from my step mommy.

Let’s get cooking.

Equipment Needed

A pot or frying pan.
A local warmer
A bowl
Grater or blender
A piece of rice bag


5 cups of rice
1 bunch of moringa leaves
Fresh pepper
3 moderate size onions
4 tablespoons of fried groundnut
Seasoning cubes and salt
1 cup of vegetable oil (optional)
Cabbage and cucumber (optional)
Little water

Procedure for Making Dambun Shinkafa Recipe

STEP 1: Firstly, put your rice in a tray and remove the stones, and braise.

STEP 2: Pour the rice into a blender and blend not to powder form but just enough to crush all the rice.

STEP 3: Turn the braised rice in a clean bowl and soak it for 20 minutes.

STEP 4: Pick the moringa leaves from their stalk, wash them, and set them aside.

STEP 5: Pound or grind the pepper and slice the onions and set them aside too.

STEP 6: Wash the rice properly and drain it. After that;

STEP 7: Get you’re your cooker, turn it on and put your local steamer on it.

NB: The local steamer consists of two pots – the one below and the one above. The one below is just like a normal pot but the one above (which is usually inserted into the one below) is perforated at the bottom and then has a lid. See the picture below:

STEP 8: Pour water into the lower pot and insert the second pot into it. Get a clean piece of rice bag and cover the perforated area of the pot above.

STEP 9: Add your braised rice on top of the rice bag and spray a little water on top of the rice. Get your linoleum and cover the top of the rice then close the pot and allow to steam for 40 minutes.

STEP 10: When the rice gets soft, pour the cooked dambu rice in a blow and allow it to cool for 5 minutes.

STEP 11: Add the moringa leaves and sliced onions to the bowl. Also, add the grinded or pounded pepper and a little salt. Stir everything well with a wooden spoon.

STEP 12: Spread the content in STEP 11 into the pot again. Allow to steam up for 15 minutes. When done, take it down.

STEP 13: Put a clean empty pot or frying on the heat and add the vegetable oil and chopped or sliced onions. Allow frying for 3 minutes.

STEP 14: Pour the cooked dambu into a clean bowl and add the seasoning cubes, curry, and salt to taste and stir very well.

STEP 15: Pour the fried oil on top of the dambu and mix it again, very well until every ingredient is properly mixed.

STEP 16: Dish on a plate and garnish with cabbage, onions, cucumber, groundnut, and grinded pepper, and eat.

How to Serve Dambun Shinkafa Recipe

Serve it preferably on a bowl-like plate and garnish it with cabbage, onions, cucumber, groundnut, and sweet yaji (grinded pepper).

Dambun Shinkafa recipe is best served hot with a chilled bottle of water to go with it and also to avoid cases of choking.

Occasions to Serve Dambun Shinkafa Best

Dambun Shinkafa can be served any day any time. However, it is mostly prepared on Kauwaya Day which is usually done one day before a wedding ceremony in Hausa communities.

How to Store Dambun Shinkafa Recipe

This delicacy can be stored locally by spreading it on a tray or bowl and covering it with a sieve to allow fresh air into it. This can make it last for a day.

You can also store it in a refrigerator and can last for a few more days.

Nutritional Value of Danbun Shinkafa

Danbun Shinkafa recipe promotes good health, boosts energy, and replenishes glycogen levels after exercise, as well as easing the digestive system.


This concludes how to make Dambun Shikafa recipe. If the above-mentioned steps are followed strictly, there won’t be any mistake in having a perfectly made Dambun Shinkafa.

In addition to how it can be served, instead of using fried groundnut, you could alternatively use grinded Kuli-Kuli (Garin Kuli).

You are always welcome to Northpad Nigeria for more local Northern Nigerian delicacies.

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