Full List of District Heads in Katsina State

Updated: Jan 13, 2022
By Editorial Staff

The Emirate of Katsina is one with a long and rich history. Along with being one of the original 7 Hausa states founded by Bayajidda and his sons, the emirate is the largest emirate in Nigeria. The Emir of Katsina controls 29 Local governments, with almost 50 district heads, making it the largest emirate in Nigeria. Daura Emirate, another separate emirate in Katsina has over 11 district heads as well. The Emirate of Kano was previously the single largest emirate in the country, until the creation of 4 new emirates in the state.

Top 13 Longest Serving Emirs in Northern Nigeria

In regards to that, it is important to know the full list of all the district heads in Katsina, the largest emirate in Nigeria.

Katsina State District Heads

1. Kauran Katsina Hakimin Rimi Alhaji Nuhu Abdulkadir

2. Galadiman Katsina Hakimin Malumfashi Justice Justice Sadik Abdullahi Mahuta 

3. Yandakan Katsina Hakimin Dutsinma Alhaji Sada Muhammad Sada

4. Durbin Katsina Hakimin Jikamshi Alhaji Aminu Kabir Usman

5. Magajin Garin Katsina hakimin cikin Birni da Kewaye Alhaji Aminu Abdulmumin Kabir

6. Sarkin Maskan Katsina Hakimin Funtua Alhaji Sambo Idris Sambo

7. Sarkin Musawa Hakimin Musawa Alhaji Muhammadu Gidado Usman Liman

8. Kankiyan Katsina Hakimin kankia Alhaji Musa Hassan Sada

9. Sarkin Sullubawan Katsina Hakimin kaita Alhaji Abdulkarim Kabir Usman

10. Sarkin Shanun Katsina Hakimin Charanchi Alhaji Abashe Abdulkadir

11. Sarkin Yamman Katsina Hakimin Faskari Alhaji Aminu Tukur Usman

12. Sarkin Gabas din Katsina Hakimin Mani Alhaji Babani Isah Mani

13. Sarkin Arewan Katsina Hakimin Jibia Alhaji Rabe Muhammad Rabiu

14. Sarkin Kudun katsina Hakimin Danja Alhaji M T Bature

15. Makaman Katsina Hakimin Bakori Alhaji Idris sule Idriss

16. Sarkin Pauwan Katsina Hakimin Kankara Justice (rtd) Adama Bello

17. Kogunan Katsina Hakimin Sabua Alhaji Kabir Garva

18. Katukan Katsina Hakimin Dandume Alhaji Ja’faru Ibrahim

19. Mallamawan Katsina Hakimin Batagarawa Alhaji Dikko Dalhatu

20. Magajin Malan katsina Hakimin Dan musa Alhaji Dadda’u Yakubu

21. Marusan katsina Hakimin Dutsi Alhaji Lawal Sani Dutsi

22. Sarkin Ruman Katsina Hakimin Batsari Alhaji Tukur Mu’azu Ruma.

23. Maradin Katsina Hakimin Kurfi Alhaji Dr Ahmadu Kurfi.

24. Dan Yusufan Katsina Hakimin Bindawa Alhaji Muhammad Bello.

25. Bebejin Katsina Hakimin Kusada Alhaji Nuhu Yashe.

26. Fagachin Katsina Hakimin Matazu Alhaji Iro Mai kano.

27. Iyan Katsina Hakimin Mashi Alhaji Kabir Aminu Ibrahim.

28. Sarkin Fulanin Dambo Hakimin Ingawa Alhaji Abubakar Sule Abubakar.

29. Dan Galadiman Katsina Hakimin Kafur Alhaji Rabe Abdullahi.

30. Dan Barhin Din katsina Hakimin Doro.

31. Dan Madamin Katsina Hakimin Daddara Alhaji Usman Usman Nagogo.

32. Majidadin katsina Hakimin Tsageru Alhaji Garba Usman Nagogo.

33. Dan Isan Katsina Hakimin Rimaye Alhaji Yusuf Yakubu.

34. Sarkin Rafin Katsina Hakimin Mairuwa Alhaji Sani Idris Sambo.

35. Sarkin Fulanin Dangi Hakimin Yantumaki Alhaji Abubakar Atiku Maidabino.

36. Gado da Masun Katsina Hakimin Wagini Alhaji Dikko Muazu Ruma.

37. Danejin Katsina Hakimin Mahuta Alhaji Bello Abdulkadir Yarmama

38. Jarman Katsina Hakimin Tsiga Group Captain Abubakar Bala (Rtd).

39. Kanwan Katsina Hakimin Ketare b Usman Bello.

40. Barden Katsina Hakimin Ajiwa Alhaji Bello kabir Usman.

41. Sarkin Kurayen Katsina Hakimin Kuraye Alhaji Abdullahi Ahmadu.

42. Gatarin Katsina Hakimin Zaka Alhaji Sani Zaka.

43. Yariman Katsina Hakimin Safana Alhaji Sada Rufa’i

44. Ubandoman Katsina Hakimin Yandoma Alhaji Muntari Dambo.

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