Why Northern Nigerians Are Getting Married During Introductions (Kai Gaisuwa)

Published: September 7, 2022
Bappa Al-Ameen is a Geographer and an Educationist. He loves to write in his leisure time - mostly on relationships, weddings, and personal growth, and do computer related tasks. More so, he is a dedicated fellow, very time-conscious, easy-going, and down to earth.

One of the wedding traditions in Hausa culture is the ‘Kai gaisuwa’, which loosely translates to formal greetings. It is the official introduction of both parents to each other and where and when the wedding date is usually fixed. The average time is usually between 3 to 6 months, though some might be less or more. To marry a Hausa lady, this important tradition has to be done.

These days, most parents just go straight to tying the knot between the couple with no hassle or unnecessary festivities.

Like every other thing, there are a lot of opinions on this issue. Some think it is the best thing as it avoids weddings’ unnecessary expenses. Like a random male said, “it’ll be perfect and devoid of fanfare and westernization,” most men share the same sentiment.

Another male said, “For me to send my representatives means I’m ready to be your spouse.”

One female was also of a similar opinion “fewer expenses which means more money to my account.”

A lady also said, “It saves you the unnecessary pressure and attention that comes with planning a wedding, so it’s a big yes.”

Others are of a contrary opinion that those who still want an elaborate wedding still have one even month after tying the knot, which negates the whole purpose of a shotgun wedding.

While many agree, some think one needs to prepare mentally and physically. “I need time to process the whole getting married thing,” one lady responded. Another lady believes it depends on the situation. “Unless I get a heads up, then no.”

A different opinion was, “if we’ve been dating before the introduction, then let’s not waste each other’s time.”

From the opinions of those sampled, at least 70% wouldn’t mind the idea of getting married during Kai gaisuwa, while only 30% are against it.

While it is easier and saves everyone time (and money), it doesn’t give both families time to conduct proper investigations.

Threading with caution is better, especially when it comes to marriage. A stitch in time saves nine, after all.


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