Hausa Traditional Titles and Their Meanings In English

Updated: Jun 15, 2024
By Editorial Staff

Before the advent of colonialism and British rule in Nigeria, Hausa society is an organized one with each individual having specific roles and functions. Take, for example, the emirate system of governance. While the Emir—who can be likened to a President in a presidential style of governance— is the overall head, he has subordinates and other officers who assist him. You can call them Ministers. In this article, I will be providing you with a list of Hausa traditional titles and their meanings in English. You will be learning the meanings of the various titles in Hausaland, including the meaning of Sardauna in English.

Let’s go.

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List of Hausa Traditional Titles and Meanings in English

  1. Sarki – Emir (President).
  2. Waziri – Vice President.
  3. Sarkin Fada – Chief of Staff.
  4. Garkuwa – Chief of Army staff.
  5. Al-qali – Chief Judge
  6. Wali – Minister of Justice
  7. Sa’i – Minister of religious affairs
  8. Sarkin Ruwa – Minister of water resources.
  9. Ma’aji – Accountant General.
  10. Sarkin ‘Kira – Minister of Power and steal.
  11. Sarkin Dogarai – Chief of Defence staff.
  12. Duba gari – DSS (Leken Asirin cikin gida).
  13. Hakimi – Governor.
  14. Mai gari – Chairman.
  15. Mai unguwa – Councilor.
  16. Majalisar Sarakuna – Senate or House of Representatives.
  17. Galadima – Interior minister (cikin gida).
  18. Madaki – Inspector General of The Police (IGP).
  19. Sarkin Aiyuka – Minister of Works.
  20. Sarkin Noma – Minister of Agriculture.
  21. Jakadiya – Minister of Women affairs.
  22. Sarkin Malamai – Minister or commissioner for Religious affairs.
  23. Sallama – ADC.
  24. Sarkin Dawaki – Minister of Culture.
  25. Magatakarda – SGF (Secretary of the Federation).
  26. Sarkin Kofa – Protocol.
  27. Sarkin Yaki – Army Commander.
  28. Sankira – Special adviser on media and publicity
  29. Mai shela – Minister of information
  30. Sarkin tsabta – Minister of health

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