10 Healthy Foods You Can Take for Suhoor

Updated: Apr 15, 2022
By Amina Abubakar Hussaini
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The month of Ramadan is here and the preparation of food to eat for Suhoor becomes a necessity for the need to get spiritual uplifting is at its peak. The abstinence from bad vices, food, and drinks from sunrise to sunset makes the period a holy one.

Ensure that you eat healthy, as it is essential to keep fit for the period and even after. Eating healthy food during Ramadan is paramount.

We get that it is sometimes tiring to decide on what to eat, so we bring to you the best food to eat in Ramadan for suhoor.

10 Healthy Foods to Eat for Suhoor

1. Rice and Stew

Yes, rice and stew would be a great idea to work. You do not need to break the bank to make this popular dish but include vegetables in the making of your rice. You should also dice your carrots, green beans, and peas and steam them into your rice when almost done. Again, if you want, use it instead in your stew.

rice and stew as food to eat for suhoor

2. Danwake and Tamarind Juice

Ohh yes, Danwake served the right way is a good food to eat for suhoor. Cabbage, boiled egg, tomatoes, cucumber is the major ingredients. Wash and chop these vegetables into your cooked Danwake dish. Tamarind juice is beneficial to one’s health as it helps curb your cholesterol level and reduces the accumulation of unhealthy fats present in the food you consume.

3. Boiled Potatoes and Fish Sauce

Potatoes are rich in carbohydrates, water, and protein and are a filling food to eat for suhoor. Ensure, to add vegetables to your sauce to make it a complete healthy food.

boiled potato as food to eat for suhoor

4. Okra Soup and Swallow

People who love to eat swallow regardless of when are not left out from our suhoor ideas. Swallow such as wheat, paired with fresh okra soup, or even dried pending on preference. Make sure to add vegetables like Ugu, or a dash of washed bitter leaf.

One of the best foods to eat for Sahur

5. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a very filling food choice. The soluble fibre helps to reduce the feeling of hunger and the stomach from emptying quickly during the day. Add in some dates, bananas, and strawberries as toppings, to your oatmeal.

oatmeal as food to eat for suhoor

6. Milkshake

According to research, a glass of milk can keep a person full for exactly five hours. Therefore, you may especially prefer milk for your suhoor meal. Milk, on the other hand, will keep you full and provide you with the minerals and vitamins you will need during the fasting period.

milkshake as food to eat for suhoor

7. Bread and Avocado Toast

It is recommended to eat whole wheat bread due to its health benefit of helping to get rid of body waste. As it is fibre-filled, it helps you eat less. Adding a filling of Avocado with Egg makes it the perfect food to eat for suhoor. Avocado is enriched with an excellent source of monounsaturated fat and vitamin E, and is a good source of folate. They also supply more soluble fibre than other fruit and contain several useful minerals including iron, copper and potassium.

bread and avocado toast as food to eat for suhoor

8. Spaghetti

You can either cook your spaghetti with sauce or Jollof and don’t forget to complement it with vegetables. Spaghetti is rich in fibre, protein, and minerals like calcium, iron, phosphorus, and magnesium.

Most importantly, it does not contain any cholesterol and saturated fats, making it one of the ideal foods to cook for suhoor.

spaghetti as food to eat for suhoor

9. Boiled Yam and Egg Sauce

Egg sauce made with tomatoes and boiled Yam is an Ideal food to eat for suhoor. Remember that you are better off boiling your yam than frying as fried food makes you thirsty and hungry.

boiled yam and egg sauce as food to eat for suhoor

10. Smoothies

Smoothies are not only simple to make during suhoor, but will leave you asking for more and are packed with fruits that contain fibre, and magnesium which are also replenishing food to eat for suhoor.  I recommend, Mangoes, bananas, and date smoothies.

smothies as food to eat for suhoor


Staying hydrated during suhoor is very important. Avoid caffeine and carbonated drinks, instead, fruit juice should be taken, reduce your sugar intake, and avoid fried food. Not only are they not healthy for suhoor, but they also make you dehydrated. Again, drink water and eat in moderation.

Of course, food to eat for suhoor should be healthy.


What should not eat in suhoor?

Avoid salty and fried food during suhoor.

What is the best food for suhoor?

Food that is best for suhoor includes vegetables and fibre-filled food such as whole wheat.

What do you eat in Ramadan in the morning?

Note that, unlike breakfast, suhoor is a meal that is eaten to sustain you throughout the day till sunset. Therefore, eat healthy fat and oatmeal that would give you the necessary nutrients to remain filled up throughout the day.

What is the best thing to eat during Ramadan?

During the Ramadan period when the food eaten is right, it is beneficial to one’s health. As stated above, vegetables, whole grains, and lots of fluids should be included in meal plans.


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