10 Incredible Honeymoon Destinations in Northern Nigeria

Updated: May 13, 2022
By Lois Samari
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Northern Nigeria is more than just farmlands, settlements, and herds of grazing cows. It is rich culture buried in sceneries of beauty portrayed by nature at its best. Contrary to popular belief, Arewa is blessed with destination sites that will make your vacation worthwhile and give you a treat for your time. Planning to spend some time off with a loved one soon? Then you should check out these Honeymoon destinations in northern Nigeria. You might be surprised how much adventure is trapped in these locations.

10 Incredible Honeymoon Destinations in Northern Nigeria

1. Yankari National Park

Also called Yankari Game Reserve, this stunning wildlife park is an intersection point for people to see wildlife in its habitat and all its glory. This savannah makes it the perfect place to enjoy all that nature has to offer.

A large, warm spring with clear water flows into the Gaji River. Sandstone caves from early human settlements to explore and of course, the marveling presence of hippos, monkeys, over 300 species of birds, and a host of other animals.

The park also boasts suitable accommodation for groups, individuals or families. Services such as safaris, museums, restaurants, and bars are sure to keep guests entertained during their stay making it one of the best Honeymoon destinations in northern Nigeria.

Photo Credit: Wiki warm springs

Location: Bauchi State.
Attractions: Wikki warm springs, Safari ride, museum
Accommodation: Available on park grounds


Check out my experience in Yankari National Park

2. Shere Hills

There’s a place to visit when you need something out of the ordinary. Somewhere that’s as breathtaking as it is formidable, courtesy of nature. The Shere Hills rock formation at Jos is a collection of massive rock piles that splatter across the landscape for miles.

The real thrill of these rocks is in climbing to the highest formation: Gog and Magog. It’s a whopping 1829 meters above sea level. Not to worry, you don’t have to carry out this expedition on your own.

The Mountain School of Citizenship and Leadership training (Man ‘O’ War Bay) is facilitated to provide training and supervision of this kind.

Photo Credit – alchetron.com


Location: Jos city, Plateau State.
Attractions: Gog and Magog formation
Accommodation: Available (surrounding hotels and Man ‘O’ War grounds)

3. Jos Wildlife Park

One of the country’s largest wildlife conservations, the popular Jos Wildlife Park is home to lions, giraffes, reptiles, and birds. It’s all of nature’s goodness in a confined environment for you to enjoy.

The gate fee is affordable and you’re sure to have an amazing time there and is sure one of the best honeymoon destinations in northern Nigeria out there.

Photo Credit: tori.ng


A review of Wildlife Park would help educate you more.

Location: Jos – Miango Road, Plateau State.
Attractions: Exotic collection of wild animals
Accommodation: Available (surrounding hotels)

4. Mambilla Plateau

Breathtaking. That’s nothing short of the view of the Mambilla Plateau. An extensive landscape of flora and fauna covers the hills. The mountain chain, the simple green scenery, and the stunning waterfall are the main tourist attractions on the plateau.

Then there’s the historic site of Ndumyaji Cave, Mbamnga’s most famous cave. It boasts one of the best weather conditions in the country, which is cool and pleasant all year, in contrast to other sections of the country, which have temperature extremes during the day and night.

This fact alone makes Mambilla Plateau one of the most exquisite and perfect honeymoon destinations in northern Nigeria.

Mambilla Plateau is one of the Honeymoon destinations in northern Nigeria
Photo Credit – Nigeria Galleria


Check out a review of Mambilla Plateau.

Location: Taraba State.
Attractions: Mountain, Waterfall 
Accommodation: Available (surrounding hotels)

5. Kajuru Castle

Be royalty for a day, a weekend, or however long you choose and Kajuru Castle is there to provide the treatment you deserve. This destination offers the full feeling of a medieval castle infused with modern-day luxuries and the privacy to enjoy it all as a couple, group, or individual. You get to be the master of the castle and its sauna, swimming pool, towers, and everything else. One thing not to miss out on is a hike in the morning to bask in the sunrise.

Most importantly, don’t forget your camera because this is one of the most romantic spots for honeymoon destinations in northern Nigeria.

Kajuru catsle is one of the Honeymoon destinations in northern Nigeria
Photo Credit: Wikimedia.org


This review is all you need to know about Kajuru Castle.

Location: Kaduna State.

Attractions: Medieval styled castle with relaxation and food  

Accommodation: Available (in the castle or surrounding hotels)

6. Ancient Nok Settlement 

Encased by awe-striking mountains is the small village home to one of Nigeria’s most famous and historical carvings: The Nok terracotta carvings. To preserve this culture and history, several museums have been built around and in the village.

These museums are opened to the public to see the remains of the once-buried village. Logically, people want to visit the community known for its vast amounts of ginger plantations and stunning views of the mountains.

Honeymoon destinations in northern Nigeria
Photo Credit – Travel Nigeria


See more about the Ancient Nok Settlement

Location: Jaba LG, southern Kaduna State.
Attractions: Nok terracotta village, museums  
Accommodation: Available (surrounding hotels)

7. Matsirga Falls

If you are in Kaduna state or just passing by to your destination, you must see the electrifying site of the Matsirga waterfalls. Impossible to miss, this riveting sight is visible and audible from the Kafanchan – Kaduna road. It is an entire scene of beauty with sparkling clear water, falling from a 30-meter high rock into a pool that streams downward.

If you’re in luck, you might even catch a view backed up with a rainbow as is reported to be seen on some days.


Here’s more on what you need to know about Matsirga Falls.

Location: Kafanchan, Jema’a LG, Kaduna State.
Attractions: Mystic waterfall  
Accommodation: Hotels in the neighbouring city or village

8. Gashka-Gumti National Park

The only thing better than one national park is two. That’s what the Gashka-Gumti national park is. A merging of the wonder of Gashaka Game Reserve and the beauty of Gumti game reserve.

A mixture of grasslands and vast mountains and rainforests make up this national treasure. Lush forests, broad sweeping grasslands, cold highland plateaus, steep melancholy mountains, plentiful wildlife, and diverse ethnic cultures can all be found within the park’s boundaries.

There are so many activities to enjoy on a trip like this. They include horse riding, visiting lakes, forests, hippo pools, hot springs, and more. This is a perfect honeymoon destination in northern Nigeria if you ask me.

Photo Credit – independent.ng

Review –

Gashka-Gumti National Park’s complete guide is available.

Location: North-east of the international Cameroon border and North of the Mambilla plateau 
Attractions: Horse riding, Hippo pools, Fishing, Mountains, Rivers
Accommodation: Available at tourist camp at Serti

9. Gurara Falls

This famous tourist site just 3 hours from the country’s capital lives up to its reputation of being astonishing. It is so accessible and allows for great activities like picnics and barbecues at the sandy shore.

Sunbathing at the rocky foot of the waterfall is a must. Feel the sun on your skin, hear the water thunder around you and revel in nature at its best. In the early hours of the morning, it is possible to see fishermen at work and possibly experience fishing for yourself. 

Also, a tour guide is available.

Photo Credit: wikipedia.org


See more on Gurara falls.

Location: Minna-Abuja expressway 
Attractions: Waterfall, picnic, and barbecue on a shore   
Accommodation: Hotels in the neighboring city

10. The Capital City Experience

The capital city of Abuja is packed full of exciting areas for sightseeing and entertaining experiences. These spots cater to different activities that will keep you excited throughout your stay, making it the ultimate choice among the honeymoon destinations in northern Nigeria.

i. Jabi Arts & Crafts Market

Lovers of art will find this place a haven. One can buy different beautifully handcrafted items for gifts here and enjoy the amazing craftsmanship of the locals.

Photo Credit: Our Travel and Tour


Find out more about Jabi Arts & Crafts Market

Location: Jabi Lake off the ring road, near Life Camp 
Attractions: handcrafted items and gifts    
Accommodation: Hotels in the city

ii. Almat Farms

With the integration of agriculture, hospitality, and lifestyle, this resort is a getaway destination from the noise of the city. Exposing you to scenery sponsored by agriculture, the farm provides gallant horses for horse riding, quad bike riding, board games, picnics, sporting activities, kayaking, and more.


All you need to know about Almat Farms.

Location: Kuje Area Council
Attractions: kayaking, board games, animal pet farm, horse riding  
Accommodation: Available on farm grounds

iii. Magic Land Amusement Park

Abuja’s number one amusement park has something for everyone. from crazy rides to indoor games and spots to eat and relax, you don’t want to miss out on the experience.


See what the buzz about Magic land

Location: Kukwaba Hills, Wuye, Abuja

Attractions: Rollercoasters, water splash, flying tower, bumper cars 

Accommodation: Hotels in the city


Honeymoon destinations in Northern Nigeria are available in abundance. You just need to explore and enjoy all that they have to offer.

Have you enjoyed any vacations in the north before? Kindly tell us your experience in the comments.


What is the most visited travel destination in northern Nigeria?

Yankari Game Reserve is easily the most popular and most visited travel destination in northern Nigeria.

Where can I find accommodation at a tourist site?

Most sites have accommodations available for guests on or near the site. For those that don’t have, hotels and guest inns are usually available a short distance from the site.

I’ve never been to a destination before, how do I find my way around?  

Tourist sites usually have service centres that provide guides for your trip. These guides know the history and terrain of the entire location and its environs. They will lead you through every spot or location and answer any questions you have on the way. You can make bookings for a guide before you arrive.

What is the most romantic honeymoon destinations in northern Nigeria?

The exclusivity and enchantment make the Kajuru Castle arguably one of the most romantic honeymoon spots in northern Nigeria. Although this is up for debate because of personal preferences.

I’m on a budget, can I still have a destination honeymoon in the north?

Yes of course. All destinations permit you to stay only as long as you want to and usually have affordable fees for touring and sometimes accommodation. You are sure to find something that suits your budget.

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