How to Overcome Low Self-esteem

Written by Fatima Sheikh

Fatima is a techie who enjoys writing. An avid reader with a passion for innovative impact in her community.

April 28, 2021

My previous posts are detailed and full of bits of advice, recommendations, and tips on how to
stand out and be comfortable in your skin. While I cannot stress enough the importance of self-confidence, we cannot also deny the existence of low self-esteem. But hopefully, this article should help you on how to overcome low self-esteem.

Low self-esteem can creep up on you unannounced and make you doubt how you look, how you talk, make you question your hours of prepared speech and self-worth. Low self-esteem is a very tricky topic to discuss because it has a lot to do with your psychology and how you measure your worth in respect to what you might define as the normal standard which is directly or indirectly influenced by what society have set as a standard of conduct.

I am not a professional sociologist, but an individual like you working on her self-esteem, so if you feel extremely negative about yourself or your life, I recommend you see a professional in the field.

Tips I Have Researched to Help You Manage Your Low Self-esteem

1. Practicing Positive Affirmation Helps to Overcome Low Self-esteem

We all have that tiny voice that always screams out loud when we are trying something new, and when you are battling low self-esteem, that voice seems to scream louder than ever. This calls for daily positive affirmation. Make it a habit of telling yourself positive words every day. Before starting any new project, focus on your strength and achievements and keep picturing them in your mind while telling yourself you are a winner and you are going to excel in everything you put your mind to.

2. Failures are Parts of Growth

Never beat yourself hard for failing; if you have never failed in life, then you have not started your journey to success. Always accept that failure is a part of life and failing does not mean you are a loser and might never be better, you failing simply means you are human just like everyone else and on a path to achieving greater things.
“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” – Robert F. Kennedy

3. Look Inward to Discover the Cause of Your Low Self-esteem

You cannot overcome low self-esteem if you do not have an honest talk with yourself. Most people battling low self-esteem are victims of emotional abuse from family, loved ones, colleagues, or random strangers. Have a one-on-one conversation with yourself; dissect all the words, names, and attributes you have been associated with and list out your strengths, and compare to see how these negative attributes do not line with who you truly are. It‟s your life so write your scripts.

4. Look at the Bigger Picture

As a perfectionist, I cannot stress how overthinking every situation, conversation or circumstance can ruin so many things for you. Ignore those tiny little words and stop overthinking what never and might not happen and focus on the bigger picture. Find peace and look beyond every situation.

5. To Overcome Low Self-esteem Stop the Comparison

You might wake up at the right side of the bed, excited about the day ahead, and all of a sudden feel low because you ran a thought in your head comparing yourself with friends, family members, or random online strangers you have and might never meet again. Clear your head and mind and focus on the moment. We are beautifully unique in our way.

6. Doing What You Love the Most Helps to Overcome Low Self-esteem

This final tip always works for me. Doing what you love gives you a boost of confidence and excitement which is all you need to feel better about your self-esteem. Discover your talent and hobby, set achievable goals and pursue your dreams, and don‟t look back.


When it comes to topics concerning overcoming low self-esteem, there are never enough tips to recommend to you to help you overcome this temporary weakness. You are not alone on the journey of low self-esteem,

According to a book by Dr. Joe Rubino titled The self-esteem book, 85% of the world’s populations are affected by low self-esteem.

Don’t beat yourself, think positive about yourself, focus on your strengths, work on your weakness and do what you love doing. Furthermore, what are the things you love doing that boost your self-esteem?

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