I am A Muslim And I Don’t Fast in Ramadan

Published: April 19, 2022

By Mystery

Mystery is a writer who believes writing is a way of life. She writes fiction and loves to hang out with people. She is a student of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria and most of all, loves animals.

It may seem shocking to you but I am a twenty-seven-year-old Muslim and I do not fast. You may think I would have a medical backup or a particular reason why, but I don’t. Fasting is not for me; I just couldn’t do it as much as I have tried.

I grew up in a home where everyone, to the youngest, fasted. As a child, I could not withstand 15 hours without food. I’d mostly end up feeling feverish and dizzy by 8 am even if I had eaten around 4 am that day. It was unbearable and still is.

Then, I mostly broke my fast secretly; I would hide it from my parents and pretend to be fasting like everyone else. They did catch me eating or sneaking food into my room a couple of times, however, they thought it was all childish. Most children cannot endure the hours, especially during their first few years of fasting, and so I grew up in that fashion.

I know of a few people who try to avoid fasting by claiming to have a medical condition like an ulcer or something related, which we all know is a sham because this ulcer is periodic and only comes around during Ramadan. Besides, there are ways you can keep ulcer patients free from attacks.

On the other hand, do not have a reason apart from not being able to hold me.

Over the years, I have grown comfortable with not fasting at all. A lot of people have tried their best to advise me, preach to me, and even tell me how important it is to fast as a Muslim. I am not going to budge and I’ll proudly tell anyone willing to listen that: I don’t fast.


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