I Fell Out of Love

Updated: Feb 8, 2022
By Faixatu
Married to An Abuser

Married to An Abuser

I didn't blame Maryam Sanda when she was found guilty of stabbing her darling. I wish I had her courage. I am in shackles. They used to have roses growing on them before now but all have finally become rusty old chains around my neck, arms, and feet. I cry all the...

Married to An Abuser

A Leap of Faith

I scrolled through Facebook reading posts to keep myself away from boredom, reacting to funny posts and commenting on some. "I will take a leap of faith and settle down!" These were the exact words written on the post. The man who made that statement had found his...

Married to An Abuser

I Am a Female Drug Addict and No One Knows

One night, the whole family was watching the television after dinner. As usual, I was with my phone as Telenovelas were not as interesting as Kamal, my new boyfriend. My dad had walked in. My brothers had whined in protest before my dad even held the remote. We knew...

Married to An Abuser

I Almost Slept with My Sister

There I was in front of Umaima's house, waiting for her to come outside. I have been coming to see her for a month now. I hoped to make my intentions known to my parents as soon as possible. Little did I know that Umaima would be getting married soon. She sent her...


He bore his eyes into her welled-up ones searching for the truth and nothing but the absolute truth. Kamal wants her to falsify the newfound information and he’d believe her without question regardless of the proof his sister has put forward.

He knew his siblings never liked Khadija from the very start. They didn’t want him getting married to her for reasons only they knew but they know better than to question or try changing his mind.

Khadija shivered to the burning stares and glares that are being shot at her by her in-laws.

“Talk! Why are you suddenly quiet?” Fatima blast huffing out a hiss. Fatima is Kamala’s maternal aunt that has always wished for her daughter to get booed up with Kamal, so yeah! She also didn’t like Khadija.

Khadija and Kamal met on the plane on their way back to Nigeria. Their first start was kinda messed up but after coincidentally bumping into each other at Cold Stone well, things happened.

They got married two years later after a long time relationship.

“Baby please” He pleads dying to hear her deny his siblings’ accusations.

Kamal has been everything a husband is expected to be off. Caring, loving, supportive, you name it. He deserves more than her and she knows that. The least she could do is not go behind his back and have a sort of Haram relationship with Non-Muharram.

Khadija is so blinded by materialistic things and not that Kamal hasn’t given her enough, no! In fact, he gave more than you could imagine but then it still didn’t stop her from forsaking him.

Along the way of their unholy matrimonial, the couple got to know about Kamal’s inability to conceive, as the doctor only a miracle could make them both become parents.

The Duo had ‘the’ talk with Kamal offering to set her free regardless of how much he loves his wife, he couldn’t let his selfish reason of loving her get in between her dream of someday becoming a mother. As of that time, Khadija was saddened by the fact that he thought that ill of her.

Nothing could come between her feelings for him, so she had him discard such mad thoughts. That only elevated the respect and love he had for her.

So it didn’t make any sense to Kamal why his wife would go ahead and have an affair to the extent of getting pregnant with another man’s child. What an absurd allegation they laid upon her.

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After what seemed like forever, Khadija nods her head in agreement tearing, shattering, breaking every piece of Kamal’s heart.

“NO!” He barked erasing the distance between the two of them, making sure to place his hands on her shoulder urging her head up to meet his harden gaze.

“Don’t lie to me Khadija. This isn’t the right time for your silly jokes, so please just deny all this and I promise to” he stopped and sighed out a frustrated breath. “I promise I’ll believe you”

She could sense his disheartened emotions just by his tune. He is more like, losing his sanity.

She shook her head. “It’s true, I did it” she admits. There is no point in lying to him anymore.

His body set firm, taking his hands off her as a lone tear steal its way out.


Her lips quiver, only if she could go back in time and correct her mistakes, but as they say; it’s too late to cry when the head has been chopped off.

“I fell out of love” was the response.


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