Profiles of The iHatch Cohort One Startups Selected by NITDA

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September 7, 2022

The first cohort of the iHatch startup incubation program ended in August 2022 at the National Center for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (NCAIR) in Abuja, Nigeria. The iHatch cohort 1 startups are those successful ICT innovative startups that make up the program’s first cohort.

The program was developed through lectures, boot camps, and mentoring sessions to help Nigerian entrepreneurs improve their business plans and create scalable ones.

What is the iHatch Program?

Idea Hatch also known as iHatch, is a 5-month free intensive incubation program organized by the National Center for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (NCAIR) in partnership with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

The program emphasizes ICT innovations and entrepreneurship to hasten the process of bringing creative ideas to life, creating jobs for the teeming youths, and advancing the Nigerian Digital Economy.

iHatch Cohort 1 Startups in Nigeria

1. eDokta Healthcare

eDokta is a connected telehomecare delivery system that involves teleconsultation and homecare support for seamless access to standard healthcare by patients through mobile and Internet technologies.

Services include:

  • Antenatal care
  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • HIV
  • Others health issues

Key personnel Includes:

  • Jameel Ismail Ahmad—CEO
  • Barroon Isma’eel Ahmad—CTO
  • Nasir Sani Inuwa—CFO
  • Murtala Jibril—CMO
  • Salihu Ibrahim Ismail—CIO

You could contact the eDokta by mail:

2. EveryFarmer

Everyfarmer is an agricultural financial technology company.  A credit scoring solution makes funding available to smallholder farmers and other participants in their value chain. As one of iHatch cohort 1 startups in 2022, they provide access to the premium market and credit score data.

As an individual farmer, you can sign up with Everyfarmer to develop and run your farm on your own. You can join a farming community to grow and market your produce as a group, just like the Flingz network.

Additionally, you might invest as key industry participants and add value along the entire value chain of agriculture.

Key personnel Includes:

  • Luna Bawa—CEO & co-founder
  • Salihu Umar—CTO & co-founder
  • Jamila Umar—CFO/CCO
  • Dr. Jumoke Ogunniyi—COO
  • Etoniru Chibueze—CPO

3. Tech & Identity Solutions Lab (Xtid)

Xtid is an automated identity and background check platform. They focus on automating digital background checks (police character certificate PCC), issuance, and authentication solutions for Nigerians.

Xtid stands among its competitors because they provide its service with accuracy, in less time, and at a cheaper rate.

Key personnel Includes:

  • Shettima Ali Kyari —CEO
  • Ila Bappa Ibrahim—CTO
  • Halima S. Al-Hassan—CLO
  • Anas Yaro Musah—COO
  • Aliyu Tanimu Muhammed—CFO

You can learn more about Xtid by visiting their site

4. Xolani Health Limited

Xolani is an AI-assisted tool that supports clinical decision-making for healthcare workers in low-resource settings.

To help the radiologist choose a personalized patient protocol and give the radiologist a second viewpoint, Xolani Health offers an AI Model called XolaNets. This AI Model facilitates the reporting process and links text, pictures, and numerical data.

Key personnel Includes:

  • Gbenga Abejirin—CEO
  • Prince Sunday—CTO
  • Dr. Banke Abejirin—CS/IO
  • Dr. Akin Orunmuyi—CO/MO

You can learn more about Xolani Health Limited by visiting their site.

5. BetaLife Health Service

BetaLife is a health technology startup that connects donors to patients in urgent need of a particular type of blood, providing 24/7 real-time blood donation tracking and blood request sharing services.

BetaLife health service is one of the iHatch cohort 1 startups and Africa’s foremost health-tech company integrating blockchain technology & artificial intelligence aimed at improving life expectancy.

Also, it enables real-time communications, strengthens patient safety, facilitates quicker emergency response, streamlines healthcare procedures, and encourages healthier lifestyles.

Key personnel Includes:

  • Mubarak Ayanniyi—CEO
  • Okwoli Matthew—COO
  • Otu Emmanuel—CFO
  • Favour James—CGO
  • Pedro Joseph—CTO

You can learn more about Betalife health by visiting their site.

6. SolutionMed

SolutionMed is a patient-centered healthcare delivery platform. However, to access their services, you will be asked to register by filling out a form with required details such as your name, location, and health conditions, among other relevant information.

Key personnel Includes:

  • Dr. Modupe Olanrewaju—CF/CMD
  • Tijani Mukhtar Olatunji—CF/LTS
  • Oseni Mohammed Abiodun—LBD

You can learn more about SolutionMed by visiting their state.

7. Authentic QRTech limited

This tech startup is a mobile app for product authentication. Authentic QRTech limited is a solution to authenticate fake products, adulteration, and counterfeit goods.

8. Afrinet Power Tech

Afrinet Power Tech is a DC-powered cleantech solution that enhances energy efficiency for affordable electricity access. Their solar power solutions and services include solar home systems, solar-powered refrigeration, solar street lights, and cameras.

Afrinet Power Tech headquarters is at 83 Ralph Shodeinde St, Central Business Dis 900103, Abuja.


All the iHatch cohort 1 startups have been empowered through iHatch intensive training to give back positively to their society. This is achieved by solving perplexing problems with their technology-related startups and creating more job opportunities.

Perhaps, you have ICT-related startups that require empowerment; ensure you register for the next iHatch cohort training program—it’s worth it.

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