Kings and Queens of Arewa TikTok Influencers

Updated: Jun 17, 2024
By Editorial Staff

Since its emergence five years ago, TikTok has become widely popular globally. There is nowhere where the fever is more pronounced than in northern Nigeria.

With over 2 Billion views and millions of videos, ArewaTik Tok is a phenomenon. And it’s all because of these people. After several months of researching and observing Arewa Tiktokers, lo and behold, ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the Kings and Queens of Arewa TikTok in no particular order.

1. Eshert Aleeey

This sweet-voiced lady is one of the most popular and most-followed people on Arewa TikTok. Admired of her pleasant voice, she is also good at acting, making 115k people follow her with over 583k likes.

2. Mc Raheena

This popular MC is perhaps northern Nigeria’s most famous female MC. With almost 300k followers on the app and over 1.5M likes, she is indeed a star.

3. Itz_Hadiza_shehu

While she doesn’t have more followers like her counterparts on the list, she has 1.9m likes, thanks to her videos for Abuja Car, a Car dealer ownership.

She’s also one of the talented content creators on Arewa TikTok, as well as one of the top female polo players.

4. Bilkisuisah0billy

This is one of the most famous faces on Arewa TikTok. Her 4.0M likes, and 433 followers will testify to that. Her short videos are always informational and educative.

5. Safeeya_yusuf

While we have maintained that no celebrity makes the list, we have to make an exception for Safara’u, or Safa, as she prefers to be known. This actress turned singer has taken the platform by storm, from one controversial video, song, or dance to another.

While other videos of her are found on other accounts of her fellow dream chasers, her modest 245k followers and 1.3M is enough testament to her popularity on Arewa TikTok.

6. Abis Fulani

This guy has it all; looks, talents, creativity, humor, versatility, and he is one of the most liked people on Arewa TikTok, with over 8.6M likes.

7. Ali Nurudden

His top three videos alone have 96 Million views. That’s higher than most people’s total views. The fact that he has been at it since 2020 speaks to his consistency. His verified badge sure helps, and so do his 4M followers.

8. Mubarak_uniquepikin

There is no telling what this guy will do next. From skits in Almairi schools to acting scripts, there is nothing he doesn’t do. He is indeed a Home of Comedy, as he described himself. With 363k followers, he’ll surely reach the 1m he’s clamoring for.

9. Realeedrees1

Easily the most controversial on this list, this TikToker rose to stardom through ‘body shaming’ unclad ladies on TikTok. His unorthodox ‘preaching’ has earned him 241k followers on the platform and almost 3 Million likes.

The less said about him, the better.

10. Alameen_ay

Another verified fellow; this guy has over 600k followers. The influencer also has 5.4million likes.

11. Saronia_umm

A beauty in her way, she makes her stand not just on TikTok but also around northern Nigeria. Having a massive 861k likes, she’s also making waves on other social media platforms.

12. Mxxgolden1

This sweet face lady has over whooping 727k likes with an audience of 142k Followers, which will testify to her fresh-looking page.

13: Xeeyusuf

While most of the people on the list are single, this queen has found herself a king. One of the most beautiful ladies on Arewa TikTok, Xeeyusuf is known for her straight forward simple short videos full of fabulous styles.

Her 521k likes say something about elegance.

14. Aliwambai

If we are talking about looks and enthusiasm, this user on Arewa TikTok has it all. This Nigerian/Niger Arewa TikTok, with over 30k followers’ is loved mainly by ladies, thus garnering over 213k likes.

15. Zainabnagoggo

A beautiful young model and one of the most popular ladies on Arewa Tiktok, she’s well-known for her astonishing pictures on Instagram before gaining fame on TikTok with over 1.4m likes.

16. Ahmed xm_

This famous TikTok is known for his videos asking strangers random hypothetical and realistic questions; his 1.5m likes show how entertaining and hilarious his videos are, making him one of the most popular guys in Abuja.

17. Hauweeexx

An open-hearted lady appreciated by her 411k followers, her content is entertaining with over 1.4m likes. Can’t say her videos are top quality, but her hard work, dedication, and confidence in acting pass out the message.

18. A Nik Star

The famous Asian-looking TikToker has an unbelievable 7.5m likes, making him not only one of the top TikTok stars in Arewa but in Nigeria as well. His contents are top-notch, including dancing videos, comedy, fashion, and lifestyle.

He’s also one of the few with a verification badge. His 671k followers surely adore him.

19. Safeeraabba

While mingling with one of the famous kings, she’s gained a reputation by making duo videos, earning her 533k likes and 53k followers.

20. Sultanañazif

If you’re a social media user in Nigeria, chances are that you’ve seen at least one picture or video of this beautiful lady grasping the attention of people where ever she goes. She has almost 50k followers and almost 500k likes.

21. Captainmooh

One of the big boys in Arewa Tiktok. While living a lavish lifestyle, he grew his fame by creating content based on his lifestyle and other creative videos making him one of the most liked Arewa on TikTok with over 1.2m likes.

22. Abbnuu

This famous Arewa tiktoker went ghost, but her 1.1m likes represent how admired she was, leaving 174k followers in sadness.

23. Blackmelaniin

This Kano-born Tiktoker is obsessed with her melanin skin, hence her name. Living in Lagos, she is also a model.

24. Daddylola

From being an influencer and a blogger, this popular content creator with 650k likes and close to 50k followers is
known for his diverse videos, from funny to vibes to relatable in a sensitive way. He has a passion for what he does.

25. Official Farida bukar4

Due to her bulk uploads and consistent posts, the Kanuri lady has acquired more than 85k followers with 518k likes.

26. Khadeeja268

She has always seen standing talking to her phone and sometimes dancing to some cultural songs; she has almost 100k followers and half of that as likes.

27. Cutie_Tyha

As in her bio, Sharrif Fatiha Aminu is “Here for the fun and entertainment,” 189k followers decide to ride along with her; she sure has attracted 1.2m likes along the way.

28. Chadian incense

This businesswoman is known for her women’s body products that she advertises and sells with the help of her 248k followers. 928k people so far seem to give her a positive review.

29. Ayshadasuki

You can’t be on TikTok and not be blessed by this beautiful face, even though most of her videos have been taken down, her 1.2m likes is still quite visible alongside 219k followers.

30. Bro shakurr

With 3.7m likes, this young “Mufti Menk” blazing through with his recitations and quotes of the Holy Quran, he creates his contents where ever he feels and is praised by his 225k followers.

31. Mujaibrahimkunya

You can’t view Arewa Tiktok’s star videos with the maximum volume up as this lady doesn’t know when to keep quiet. This made her gain 7.5m likes, always blabbering about something. She’s also good at acting and miming songs.

32. Suddenly

This Arewa Tiktoker has 277.3K followers and over 2.6m likes. She is another lady who vibes to songs and posts videos of day-to-day life/style and is known for her controversial stances.

33. Najuzerotension

Naju makes skits, funny and humorous content and has 258.8K Followers and 2.1M Likes.

34. Khadynurse

With 58.8K Followers and 186.2K likes, this nurse makes consistent uploads and vibes to songs.

35. Zuhrakurfi2

Now known as JyKurfee, this lady has 53.2K Followers and almost 300k Likes. She is constantly criticized for her mode of dressing, and now she advertises body and skincare products as well.

36. Faredaagamalafiya

Talking about the queen, she should be crowned as the most talkative person on Arewa TikTok, full of gist. This got her a
bit of recognition with about 200k likes and 61k fans.

37. Ramsey Cool

Even though she’s not as famous as others, she has gained 67k followers, with most of her content being business-related. Her pinned video is definitely eye-catchy, though.

38. Alpha Charles Borno

This Borno lady is known for her responses to trolls and critics. She has almost 330k followers and over 2.7 million likes to her credit.

39. Maryam Haidar

This famous Arewa Tiktoker chronicles her daily life living in the UK in a witty and relatable way, all while constantly battling trolls. For that, she has amassed 30k dedicated followers and more than 260k likes on the platform.


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