Ladies, This is How to Keep Your Man Happy

Updated: Apr 16, 2022
By Khadija Garba
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How to keep your man happy huh?! Just like men wonder what women want, women also do ponder on what would make men want them, focusing more on what will keep them happy and forever in one place. Some people do mention good food and crazy intimacy but is that enough? In today’s world, they can definitely get those two anywhere, any time of the day. Now, what exactly appeals to men enough to keep them happy, and satisfied? Here’s a draft of what I believe will keep him feeling fulfilled around you.

Tips to Keep Your Man Happy

1. Respect

I can’t think of anything more important than this when considering how to keep your man happy. Respect is supposed to be a mutual thing in whatever type of relationship you’re in. But, trust me, this gender needs the respect gushing in more than we do. They have an ego that needs feeding and the most satisfying fast meal is respect. What is respect in this context?

Respect equates to knowing where, when, and what to say, how to act, etc. When you respect people, there is a line you’ll try so hard not to cross no matter how riled up they get you. Respect creates stability, stability brings about peace of mind. How?

When you respect your man, you know things like cursing/cussing him even in private are wrong not to talk in the public. Not even during fights as a couple, respecting means adhering to their principles and boundaries even during peaceful moments.

When your man knows you respect him, he feels safe (stability) and doesn’t have to fear the possibility of you disgracing him in front of his friends/family/colleagues during misunderstandings so he becomes at peace with his surrounding (peace of mind). Respect really is an important venture in any form of relationship. Not to talk of long-term relationships.

2. Food

They say the fastest easiest way for a man is to get his stomach on your side/as an ally. Well, let’s just say men have a crazy appetite when they’re in the mood so make sure to learn, and grasp those kitchen ropes to the best of your abilities if you are really bent on learning how to keep your man happy. Make efforts to learn his favorite meals, perfect them and serve them to him each time you feel like giving him the royal treatment.

Even if you’re not in the mood for spending more than two hours in the kitchen, here’s a tip; the average man loves beans. He’ll eat anything that comes with beans in them. So, except if your man expressed allergies, keep those normal meals Incoming with beans in them. After beans, quite a handful of them loves yam.

Pounded yam is probably their best swallow, then maybe “tuwon shinkafa”. So if you feel like giving them a swallow, get yourself a yam pounder machine or reserve those energy to pound them yam once in a while. Okay, how about its month-end and you feel like giving him a treat from your payslip? Get those meat, and fish and start preparing those pepper soups, peppered chicken, etc. Men never go hungry for meat. I know quite a handful that can live on only meat if they’re changed.

Now, I know it’s the 21st century and we women have a lot on our plates to the extent a lot of us believe cooking is a luxury they don’t want to give to their men. Trust me, when you like him, you’ll genuinely want to take care of him. Men are so careless and carefree, sometimes, they have to be reminded it’s time to take care of themselves. And our mothers used cooking as a way to squeeze extra everything from our fathers because good food was a trusted point on their “how to keep your man happy” list, that trick of theirs is worth trying out.

3. Other Room Madness

Other room here simply means bedroom business. One of the easiest ways to vibe with your man is to be creative during bedroom escapades. Some people will believe this is an integral part when it comes to how to keep your man happy. If he’s the type who has got some serious hot energy, make efforts to match up to his madness. Be bold enough to take charge once in a while. Dominate him, you don’t have to wait until he comes for you. And even if he’s the low-key type, okay! How about you initiate trying out new things to spice up your escapades.

In a Universe dominated by the internet and technology, all you have to do is make research, take notes and implement them later. Surprise him by bringing something new to the drama once in a while. Another is you investing in that crazy lingerie you’ve seen being advertised online.

Get one, see if you can get some candles, and a little spring of flowers. And even if you can’t invest in flowers & candles to make your evening western romantic, just get that new sexy lingerie/nightwear. I’m positive your mind will come up with something cool, something enough to renew those vibes to send him into a frenzy.

4. Control Those Nags

One famous characteristic women are known for is being chatterboxes. It’s scary how we never get tired of talking, we never run out of topics when we get in the mood. So one thing we have to watch out for is unnecessary repetition. Most guys are not talkative so you really need to know the kind of conversing you do around them.

Nagging is just too much even for men who enjoy talking. So you complain to him about something he needs to do? Something of his you don’t like? A new thing you want him to get you? How about you give him time before you send in the second reminder. Unless of course, he’s the one who requests you remind him more often, try hard to hold in those constant reminders. It’s worse when you start adding sneaky remarks to those complaints. So keep those nags at a minimum.

Hearing you nag can get annoying and this, in turn, frustrate you, therefore tempering with peace of mind. When it comes down to you wondering how to keep your man happy, I want you to know Men love their peace of mind so keep off doing anything that’ll put a strain on it (Unless straining it becomes a necessity).

5. Let Him Have His own space

As much as we women enjoy the attention, those cute hugs, cuddles, etc we still have days we just want to be alone. On Moody days we are not in the mood to connect with anyone. Now men have it worse. When they land themselves in some sort of trouble, or business isn’t progressing as it should, they start spacing out, away from their environment. There are days when all is well with them but stress hit them so hard that they just want to be left alone for a while, get their head cleared straight up, or something like that.

Now I am not in any way implying you leave them completely alone. Things could get worse when they get too cut up in being alone. By all means, try to see if you can get what’s wrong out of them, it’ll make your whole work of cheering them up easier Just learn to ignore them when you pick up signs like less participating in conversations with them or worse, they start to annoy you with their words (not everyone enjoys taking when they’re moody). Remember how mothers let their toddlers loose but don’t allow them out of sight? How about you adopt those techniques!

Take care of them, communicate to them you are right there while allowing them the freedom to feel themselves. Females are wired clingy but you just have to try. Give him space while still reminding him you are available and you care. Another instance is during their football games. Sport and politics I’ve heard have a really special place in men’s hearts and lives. So if it’s time for his games, let him be. Giving him space will be of more benefit to you in this kind of situation. Let him enjoy the things he enjoys.

And please refrain from making fun of him if the game doesn’t go in his favor. Allow him to mourn for say 24hrs before you start with the tease/jokes. Things tend to get ugly when football is at stake. Lastly, allow him some boy time with his friends. Knowing when to drop the clingy gene is an important tip to how to keep your man happy. And I am positive your man will really appreciate your understanding of his needs.

6. Keep the Affection and Compliments Coming

Now, this may sound funny and out of place because we all know men are strong creatures who don’t need assuring/validating from anyone. But that is not entirely true.

While their need for compliments dwells on their need to feel capable and appreciated, ours dwells on the need for attention (we want to be noticed especially on days we go the extra mile). So if he goes out of his way to do something for you, get something for you, don’t forget to trade in those praises. He might show you it does not matter but trust me, deep down, he’ll be happy and would make efforts to do more next time.

Men have been programmed to portray these strong beings’ images in terms of emotions so you hardly see them being unnecessarily emotional. But hey! We are humans so we all have our rollercoaster of emotions always close to you so, make sure you show your man you’re really fond of him through praises likewise actions. Some of them like being ogled at openly (PDA). Either way, Baby your man!

I mean it when I say as much as men don’t fancy being controlled, they enjoy being babied. Babying is a swag of showing affection and when might be the perfect timing for this? How about you’ve noticed he’s stressed? Try massaging him while having silly flirty talks. Doing this amongst others during stressful moments will remind him of how much he is cherished. When he feels cherished, it’ll uplift his mood likewise relieve some of those stress.

So, once in a while, remind him how you appreciate everything he’s doing for you, the family, people, etc in words and actions. You don’t have to wait until he makes extra efforts, always appreciate the little moderate ones he put in. Where you feel appreciated is where you’ll likely want to linger around. Oh! At least I forgot, compliments are another way to get your man doing things your way.

So you like him wearing a kaftan and he just can’t seem to get obsessed with them to that degree, how about you overdose him with those sweet compliments and unnecessary affection each time he dons one! He’ll slowly but surely start yielding to that dress code you want. They have an ego after all. All you have to do is flatter and appeal to that ego. You can try this method with other errands or favours you want from him. So if you’re looking for how to keep your man happy, compliments and affection will undoubtedly score you points.

7. Have His Back

Be your man’s die-hard fan; always interested in what he’s up to. Remember, not everyone is comfortable with talking about their dreams/goals just like that thus, make inquiries. And if he starts spilling, engage him the best you can to keep the conversation flowing. Another bonus is him opening up more.

When he notices you’re interested and don’t want to be left behind, he’ll be so eager to share the latest with you (progress or problem) and likewise get your opinion. How to make your man happy! Knowing you’re very much interested in him is another way to make him feel important. So, be your man’s first supporter.

Being a backup requires you to be less judgmental in really crappy situations, it requires the right words and actions to lessen the burden, and make them feel better. Be that voice and action your man needs to calm his nerves down during heated/unpleasant situations and I’ll say he won’t be going anyway away from you.

Some people believe you can’t keep a man who does not want to be owned, not even marriage or children will do that for you. Everything you’ll do to him, for him will only keep him on a temporal stay. Eventually, he’ll find a reason to walk away, sometimes without you even realizing he’s gone. This does not in any way mean we should not try.

I mean sometimes, they probably leave because they don’t feel fulfilled enough. Meanwhile, we females can’t help but want to be extra to people we have some sort of attachment/feelings for. When we love our men, we always think of ways to make them happy. We are nurturers by instinct after all…


Before adopting all the points on how to keep your man happy, just make sure you know “your man” is all in for you or expect nothing in return (not even the barest minimum) when you decide to go all out with the affections. Do it because you want to do it.

That way, more fun less disappointment.

If you enjoyed this, check out 13 proven ways to make someone love you.

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