Naziru Ahmad’s Caps

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September 15, 2022

Naziru Ahmad, more commonly known as ‘Naziru Sarkin waka’ or simply ‘Sarkin Waka’ is known in the North for his songs. He is a songwriter who also sings for the Kannywood industry; he also sings a lot of political songs.

He constantly flashes his riches on Instagram.

Naziru has a lot of peculiarities and unique habits and things. One of those is his unique cap style.

The singer wears mostly colorful and expensive Tangaran caps.

Another thing that is peculiar to him is the angle at which he tilts his caps. He folds just the top right side of his cap instead of a whole side and tilts it slightly to the left. The singer has popularized this style, and it has now been turned into a trendy one.

As a celebrity, it’s only natural that many of his male fans try to copy and emulate the way he wears his cap. And copy they did.

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While he uses this for caps, the singer now appears to prefer turbans since early 2021 and has been going on since. How long he intends to keep wearing them is a debate for another day.

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