No Matter What Happens, Don’t Do These Things in Front of Your Kids

Written by Happiness Hassan

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July 22, 2021

Training children Is a hectic job to do as there are lots of do’s and don’ts to be addressed to them. Kids are extremely sensitive and are fast learners, they are mostly action followers in the terms of behavioural traits that’s why there are things you shouldn’t do in front of them. The saying “ practice what you preach” is very important as a parent because kids are mostly affected by your actions and to ensure their good and productive upbringing, you have to be careful with what you display in front of them. Below are seven things you shouldn’t do in front of your children.

What You Shouldn’t Do in Front of Your Kids

1. Avoid the Use of Foul Language When Communicating With Your Kids

The use of foul language such as “you are useless”, “ stupid child ”, “your are a mistake”, ”I wish you were never born”, etc, on a child, leaves a bad mark on his mental health which also leads to a lack of confidence and fear towards you. A child being treated in such a manner yields little or no productivity, he also develops fear towards you which makes it hard for him to share his little problems with you as his parents and he tends to treat people he comes in contact with, in such a manner.

So as a parent, you ought to mind the words to say in front of your children.

2. It’s Wrong to Argue With Your Spouse in Front of Your Kids

In every relationship, arguments are inevitable, one thing leads to another causing exchanging of words, yelling, slamming of doors, and at times physical fights, but as parents, you ought to try and control your temper when in front of your children.

Every child needs love and care but constant arguments make the atmosphere unconducive for the child’s upbringing, most times the child becomes moody or sad so that’s why arguments, misunderstandings should be managed properly.

3. Avoid Smoking and Drinking Alcohol in the Presence of Your Kid

Most people do this to calm their nerves down but as a parent, doing this in front of a child isn’t advisable at all. Smoking and drinking don’t just affect your internal organs but also your mental health and social well-being.

No parents would be proud to see their children practicing such activities due to the consequences afterward so to avoid that, it has to start with you. 

4. Never Ill-treat or Speak Poorly of Others in Front of Your Kids

Like they say; charity begins at home. Most ill-mannered people you come across with are due to their bad upbringing. One of the duties of, a parent is to train your child to respect and treat people with humility in his everyday life but when you as a parent constantly treat people badly or speak poorly about them in front of your children, they develop such character.

5. It’s Irresponsible to Spend Too Much Time on the Screen While Your Kids are Watching

We are in a computer age and this has not only become a problem for children but adults (parents) too, because the time being spent on gadgets is excessively too much. Wastage of time, yielding little or no productivity, depression, etc are the results of spending lots of time on gadgets.

A child spending lots of time on gadgets more than his books scores low in test and this makes the child feel like a failure so as a parent you have to control the time been spent on gadgets for your child and yourself as they follow in your footsteps.

6. It’s Improper to Compare Your Kids to Others

No one likes to be compared to someone who appears better at doing things than you. Children need encouragement when they fail at something rather than being compared to other kids who did better, as a parent you shouldn’t compare your child to other kids because comparison only reduces the child’s self-esteem and confidence.

Children need encouragement to do things better especially when trying new things, so the comparison shouldn’t be done in front of them because it only discourages them. 

7. Telling Lies in Front of Your Kids Gives You a Bad Image

As earlier said, one of the parents’ major duties is teaching the child morals. Telling lies in front of a child, no matter how petty it is, teaches the child that there is nothing wrong with lying. To train your child’s tongue, it has to start with you.


In conclusion, parents should be cautious with what they do or say in front of their children. Children learn every day so it’s your duty as the parent to teach them good morals in a healthy and conducive environment and we should always bear in mind that whatever has been displayed In front of a child appears right to them.

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