What Kind of Person Are You During Ramadan?

Written by Aisha Gali

Aisha Gali is a computer scientist turned writer. She specializes in writing fictional stories. In her free time, she enjoys watching football, reading and sleeping. She believes life should never be taken seriously and nothing is that deep.

April 19, 2022

Ramadan is here again and this is the time when we all abstain from food and drink which can get us all in different moods. A time when all our personalities come to play. Find out what type of person you are in Ramadan with this quiz!

Also, find out what kind of person are you in secondary school.

It is the first day of Ramadan, what describes you best?

What do you do during Sahoor?

What is your favorite thing about Ramadan?

Do you have a set of goals to achieve during Ramadan?

Do you find it hard to wake up for Sahur?

Do you stay until Tarawih is finished or you duck once you get tired?

Do you struggle to stay away from your usual bad habits?

What happens during Iftar?

Do you experiment with recipes during Iftar or you play it safe?

How eager are you for Eid?

What type of person are you in Ramadan?
You are a Foodie
The best thing about Ramadan for you is the food. For food and food only is your mantra. What keeps you going is the fact that you are going to eat at the end of the day.
You are the Hangry one
You are the best definition of "a hungry man is an angry man." You find it hard to be productive or do anything because, well, you are fasting. The whole world knows you are fasting because all you do is complain 'ear and dear' about how you are fasting.
You are a reward merchant
You are all about the reward. it is all that matters. You try hard to maximize the blessings that come with the holy month and there is nothing that makes you feel better than the coming of Ramadan.

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