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Updated: May 26, 2022
By Editorial Staff
100 Hausa Proverbs ( Karin Magana Tsantsa)

100 Hausa Proverbs ( Karin Magana Tsantsa)

If you are in search of pure Hausa proverbs then you have come to the right. This set of Karin magana tsan tsa is original, authentic, and coined by native Hausa speakers. Some of them are also full of wisdom, just like the 100+ Karin Magana full of wisdom. 100 Karin...

100 Funny Hausa Proverbs (Karin Magana Guda 100)

100 Funny Hausa Proverbs (Karin Magana Guda 100)

Here are 100 Karin Magana (Karin Magana guda 100) that will get you rolling on the floor without even knowing because of laughter. You could even have your eyes full of tears because of the joy they carry along. Sit back, relax, and go through them one after the...

100 Funny Hausa Proverbs (Karin Magana Guda 100)

100+ Hausa Proverbs (Karin Magana) Full of Wisdom

Hausa Karin Magana, otherwise known as Hausa proverbs are very rich just like their English counterparts. When you hear them, sometimes you wonder how the people that originated them came up with them. They are so full of wisdom as they encompass proverbs on all...


Karing Magana in Hausa are wise sayings created by intelligent people. While some karin magana are full of wisdom, others are in the form of funny and rib-cracking proverbs There are also karin magana na soyayya (karin magana on love) In this article, we will look at some sababbin karin magana (new Hausa proverbs)

Sabon Karin Magana (2022)

  1. Garin dadi na nesa, barawo ya hango akwatin zabe
  2. Kasa ta Birkice, Bamuga ta zama ba takara  takama mai goyo
  3. Rufe  mun border, Baba ya ga talaka da tumbi
  4. Ina bambamcin yau da jiya, Dan Najeriya ya tuna mai Nasara
  5. Aikin banza, talaka na APC
  6. Aikin banza, gama kasha kudi a akwati da dinner, a kai amrya gidan haya
  7. Gaba da gabanta, bestie ya yi arangama da late comer
  8. Ta nan muka fara, wai karuwa ta ga yar Tiktok
  9. Bar ganin ka yi Sahur, kiyayi bayan la’asar
  10. Rahin hankali, zagin Annabi (S.A.W) a Sokoto
  11. Ganganci, aje aikin ka shekara guda kafin zabe
  12. Samun matsayi, wai dan fashi da tuhumar malam da sata

Which of these sababbin karin magana do you like the most? Comment with the latest sabon karin magana you know in the comments!

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