The Story Behind Safa’s Depression

Published: September 21, 2022
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The music, dances, and performances. All in a bid to mask away the pain. This best describes the situation of Safeeya Yusuf, now turned Safa.

But what does one expect anyways? She has had her nude video leaked, was fired from her job, and couldn’t go out for three months at one point. That’s right, three months. The actress revealed so in a recent BBC Hausa interview where she also mentioned that she almost deactivated her social media accounts.

According to her, If not for her mother, she wouldn’t have made it. But the artist probably exaggerates her words when she says she’s past that phase.

She’s not.

In a post she shared on Tik Tik on 7th September 2022, the Kwalelenka singer can be seen driving with a gloomy face. The caption of the video #depressedsouls speaks volumes.

This perhaps confirmed what many were insinuating in another video she shared on 12th August with the caption *sighs*.

She has since restricted her comments. The fact that she rarely posts on social media, unlike before, and is overly private means she’s taking a much-needed break off social media to detox. This also probably influenced her dress style.

These measures, including having an emotional support dog, might be effective only for a short time. The fact that she’s openly coming out to voice her troubles, unlike before, however, means the singer has matured emotionally.

And while that singing, and conquering and her quest to becoming the next ‘Davido’? might keep her occupied for now, but it won’t fill that void that made her join the singing industry in the first place.

Or will it?


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