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October 18, 2022

Sani Musa Danja is an actor and singer born in Kano state. He was born in April 1973 and is one of the oldest and most influential entertainers in Kannywood. With all his achievements over the years, it is no surprise that Sani Danja net worth is 750 million Naira.

NameSani Musa Danja
Date of birthApril 20, 1973
StateKano state
OccupationActor, director, musician, producer
Net worth750 million naira  
Marital statusDivorced
Ex-wifeMansurah Isa
ChildrenIman Sani Danja


Sani Danja’s journey to the northern entertainment industry started as far back as 1999 when he starred in the movie ‘Dalibai.’  Since then, he has starred in over 500 movies in Kannywood and Nollywood, making him one of the few actors who appeared in both industries.

Some of his recent films include; Kawayen Amarya (2018), Ana Barin Halak (2019), Amina (2021), Aisha (2022), Daughter of the river(2012), Nimbe (2019), Coming from insanity (2019). He also has a series, ‘Gidan Danger,’ which has been making waves since its release. 

Sani Danja has many awards and accolades to his name, including the Best Actor of the Year and the Best Kannywood Producer of the year 2013 at the 2013 City People Entertainment Awards.

Apart from his expertise in the movie industry, he is also a singer and an entrepreneur. Some of his songs include; Gani Gaka, Aure, Rawar Masoya, Gasar Maza, Mairo, Soyayyar, Joy, Mai Farin Jini, Beautiful, Samarin, and Wasa Wasa.

He owns a car company called Sani Danja motors which deals with the sale of automobiles and spare parts.

Endorsement Deals

Considering Sani Danja’s influence, it is no surprise that brands have approached him over the years to endorse their products. He has signed several multimillion-dollar deals with popular brands such as Aspira Nigeria limited (2 million), Baffi furniture, Gtext home properties, Three crown, e.t.c.

The actor also has a contract worth millions with telecommunication companies Starcomms and Globacom.

Sani Danja Cars and Houses

Sani Danja has a Toyota Tundra Limited V8 worth about 12-17 million and a 2013 Chrysler worth about 8 million naira among other cars, in his garage.

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Sani Danja’s house is reported to be valued at 200 million Naira.

How Rich is Sani Danja?

Valuing his house, cars, business, endorsement deals, and income from the 500 movies he has stared in and his singing career, Sani Danja net worth can be estimated at 750 million naira making him one of the richest actors in Kannywood.


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