10 Creative Ideas for a Bridal Shower

10 Creative Ideas for a Bridal Shower

Are you tasked with planning a bridal shower for your friend or sister and you’re looking for ideas? If yes, then this article is for you. Since bridal showers are becoming increasingly popular in arewa weddings nowadays, the bride would want it to be different and stand out. It is typically a gathering of the bride’s close friends and family (usually girls) where they can eat, play games, have fun, and give wedding gifts to the bride.

Planning a shower could be a lot of work and would need you to consider all the guests invited and try to make it fun for everyone. On that note, we’ve got you covered. I have compiled for you, 10 awesome bridal shower ideas that will surely bang!

Bridal Shower Ideas

1. Fancy Pants

Fancy bridal shower idea

Feeling fancy? You can go all out and have a dramatic, full-blown event with a hall, catering and everything extra.

If you don’t mind spending a lot of bucks on the shower, you can organize a bridal shower fit for a queen. You could make it even fancier by making it a black-tie occasion. I know for sure girls always want an excuse to look extra, then this is a perfect one where they can go all out but still look classy and chic. The groom and his friends could also make an appearance looking all suave in their suit and ties.

Dressing up all fancy doesn’t have to mean the shower has to be all seriousness. There are lots of fun things you could do like playing games and dancing. Of course, there has to be food and maybe cake. You can also top it off with a photo booth or station with an adorable photo card.

2. Outdoor Party

Outdoor bridal shower idea

Maybe you wouldn’t want the shower to be overly dramatic. Then, you have an easy peasy solution. You can opt for a bridal shower idea that won’t have you thinking too much about the bill. Having an outdoor party in a backyard will definitely spare you the cost of renting a space. Decorating won’t also be a problem since it is outdoors.

Introducing dainty floral arrangements would do good to the space since it’s already outdoors. If you’d like a dress code also, it could be really casual like just anything with flowers or jeans and a coloured shirt.

You can organize some outdoor games that will appeal to everyone at the shower, including the bride of course. There could be music and of course food because any gathering is incomplete without food. It could be finger foods and drinks or even some party Jollof that would have the guests reminiscing for days.

Personally, I don’t think you could go wrong with an outdoor gathering since it could be fit for guests of any age.

3. How about a Girls Night In?

Girls night in bridal shower idea

It could be a last-minute plan to have a bridal shower, or you’d just want to surprise the bride. It could even be because you have little to spare in the wedding budget for a bridal shower.

Don’t you miss having sleepovers with your friends when you were little? When all you did all night was just eat and talk about who has a crush on who and end it with a scary movie. Good times right?  Having a sleepover-type shower would basically cost little to nothing since it’s just the bride and her girls sleeping in and having fun. Also, if thinking of a dress code is bringing you some headache, all everyone has to show up in is their pyjamas of course.

You can also have fun and games and bust some moves with the bride as you send her off. It would definitely be fun even if some of the invites are meeting each other for the very first time. I’m so sure with all the fun everyone will be having, it will be a night to remember!

4. Day Out With the Girls

Girls night out shower

Another good one of many bridal shower ideas is taking your girl out. What better way to celebrate the last few days of not being married than a day out with the bride’s closest friends and cousins? For this though, it would be wiser to not have a large number of people around.

You all could have a fun day shopping for everything and anything, then have brunch at a cafe, hang out at a beach, and end it with a movie at the cinema. It’s definitely always more fun to watch a movie at the cinema with friends giggling at almost every scene and making fun of the actors (just make sure not to get kicked out) Lolz.

If none of the above bridal shower ideas really spoke to you, then maybe this next one is for you.

5. A Themed Party

90s themed bridal shower

Maybe you want to stand out even more. Then you can introduce a theme to the party. It could be a 90’s classic theme or something from a movie or book or even a festival. I’m sure it would be a lot of fun figuring out what to wear to match the theme. But it could be difficult if the theme is really complicated like something otherworldly.

You would also want something that everyone on the invite list would relate to and would want to be a part of.

6. Why Not Go Cultural?

Cultural bridal shower idea

Sometimes, it’s just better to stick with our more traditional customs. For example in the typical Hausa wedding, there is the “sa lalle” event. It directly translates to “putting henna”. This is self-describing as the whole occasion is the adornment of the bride with henna designs on her palms, the back of her hands and feet to make her more beautiful. It’s strictly for ladies and they also get themselves adorned with the lalle.

Of course, the bride’s lalle would have to look way more elaborate than anyone else’s because it’s her day. It’s usually done a day or two before the actual wedding (Daurin Aure). This is surely one of the bridal shower ideas you may need.

7. Destination Bridal Shower

Destination bridal shower idea

This one is definitely for you if you don’t mind the cost of having a very good time. Why not have a weekend getaway with the bride and her close girls for a whole weekend of showering the bride with fun and presents? A really good place would be a game reserve, or maybe a different city with amazing sights to see just for a good time.

Just imagine, travelling with your friends and just going all out with the fun and everything. It would definitely be packed full of adventure and exploring places, foods, and more.

Of course, your parents are going to have to be okay with letting a bunch of girls travel. You’ll have to get a chaperone or someone your parents can be comfortable with if they’re in charge.

8. A Virtual Shower

Virtual bridal shower

This is one of the bridal shower ideas you may need. Doesn’t sound like fun right?

You can make it fun for real. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been certain restrictions in movement or gatherings. This could be a difficult one to tackle if you really want to hold a bridal shower.

Worry no more. An easy way to hold a bridal shower is via an online video conference call from the comfort of your home. It can also solve the problem of some of the bride’s really close friends being in places far away. Thanks to platforms like Zoom, you can easily hold a shower with lots of people in attendance. You can have a few fun online games or have the bride open her presents if you send them to her prior to the shower.

If you can make it a lot of fun and have everyone keeping up, I’m sure it’s really something to consider.

9. An Abaya Affair

Abaya day bridal shower idea

What do you think of borrowing from another culture? Abayas are classy and very comfortable clothes women wear and are said to originally be a form of Arabian women’s items of clothing. Everyone could just throw on a pretty abaya and come around for some sweets and tea. You can add some dark colours to the space you’re using and some Arab features, carpets, and music (if you don’t mind it) and just have a good time.

Last but not the least fun bridal shower idea we have is … drumroll, please…

10. A DIY Shower

DIY Bridal shower idea

Of course, a do-it-yourself activity may not be a typical bridal shower thing to do, but if the whole point is to celebrate the bride and have some fun, then what’s the harm in trying?

I once attended a DIY-type shower for one of my friends. The bride was a total foodie and loved getting dolled up. Because of that, we started by baking some chocolate chip cookies by ourselves following a recipe online. It was so much fun and when it was done, it didn’t taste too terrible. Lolz

After the cookies, we went on ahead to make our faces up following YouTube tutorials (they make it look so easy but it’s not). I picked a smoky eye makeup tutorial and tried so hard not to look like a raccoon but failed. Sadly.

Besides that, we had so much fun and put on some music and danced around like there was no tomorrow before calling it a day.


Likewise, you can try anything you think will be loads of fun in throwing a one-of-a-kind bridal shower. Just make sure it’s an amazing and doable bridal shower idea and your job is done.

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