5 Apps That Can Convert Airtime to Money

5 Apps That Can Convert Airtime to Money

Mistakes happen and one that every Nigerian hates is recharging more than they wanted to. Imagine adding an extra zero while trying to recharge a thousand naira airtime from your bank app. Phew, that’s intense. In this article, I’ll be sharing the best 5 apps that can help you convert airtime to money.

Now you have ten thousand naira airtime and you wanted just a thousand naira, what do you do? Is there a way to get your money back? What can really be done? I got you, stay with me and I’ll put you through.

This is 2022 and tech has been making life easy for years before, till date and it will continue to. Hence, I say this with glee, there are now applications that can convert extra airtime to money.

5 Apps That Convert Airtime to Money

1. Patricia

When you firstly open Patricia’s website, the first thing you would probably see is the “Crypto is Oxygen to Us”. Yeah, no lie detected. Patricia is one of the top leading platforms used for crypto business. However, the app can also be used to convert airtime to money.

This app has an excellent rating and it is so easy to use. They weren’t joking when they said they are “in the business of creating solutions that are simply mind-blowing”.

You can download it from Google play store or IOS.

2. Airtime2Cash

Just like the name suggests, this is an app that converts airtime to cash (kudi, ego, and owo). The process to getting this conversion is less than two minutes. Airtime2Cash has an amazing app speed and is one of the top apps in the country that does this conversion.

Furthermore, with this app, you can even offer to receive payments from people with airtime. All you just have to do after is convert it to money from the same app.

Use Airtime2Cash and reduce your worry about over-recharging.

The only downside to this app is that it doesn’t work with IOS yet, asides that, it’s a good app that converts airtime to money.

3. Recharge2Cash

Recharge2Cash is also one of the apps that convert airtime to money and it boasts of doing this in Nigeria at a good speed rate with 99% automated transactions. The app is quite hassle-free and highly reliable. It has other features where you can buy data from the app directly also.

However, Recharge2Cash charges a rate of 13% on each airtime amount that is converted.

Tap to download Recharge2Cash.

4. AirtimeFlip

AirtimeFlip flips (convert) your airtime to money with a profound and on-the-go process. This is the only feature it has unlike all the other three that have been listed above. It has a usable interface and is a good app to use to convert airtime to money.

To get to using AirtimeFlip, start here. You start with registering and following through with other processes requested of you.

5. AimtoGet

AimtoGet is an airtime-money conversion app that lets you finish up a process in no time. Why AimtoGet? It is fast, secure, and reliable. “We promise, our service is top-notch” and believe me, their website reviews show that they haven’t broken their promise.

This app can also be used for airtime or data purchase, airtime swap (yes, you can swap airtime, that’s so cool!), bank transfer (has an N25 charge fee), airtime payment, and even bill payment.

The name might sound confusing but it does get the job done well.

Download AimtoGet here.


Let’s aim for things to get easier. Tech is doing the job quite well so fret not as your over-recharged airtime can be converted to cash. So cheers and get acquainted with the apps that convert airtime to money!

I hope this piece was enlightening. If it is, drop a comment in the comments section below.

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