The Northy Letter Week 4, January 2022

The Northy Letter Week 4, January 2022

Hello everyone. Here I come again with a recap of what happened last week that you must have missed – the Northy Letter Week 4. Stay with me as a cruise you through.


It’s still the beginning of the year. Most of us have plans on how we want to spend this year. Some of you want to start a family, learn a new skill, or do something such as stop a bad habit, express yourself more, etc., some also want to start or improve an already existing business. There are various ways to do this, which is why I think you should head on to this lovely article How to Register Your Company with CAC

Apart from your own views and opinion, do you care about others? Learn to communicate more and understand how other people think and feel. This helps you have better relationships with those around you. Don’t know where to start? You can start with this wonderful article written by Precious Alex-Toji5 Actionable Tips to Develop More Empathy.

Have you ever been battling or coping with teamwork? If yes, worry no more as Aisha Jibril has come to your rescue with an amazing article on 10 Tips to Work Better as a Team.


Indeed we are in the 21st century and I must say so many things are still very alien to us. The need to make life more efficient and easy has led to the use of advanced technology to the extent that we now have self-driving cars, maybe flying cars too. Talking about making life easier, robots are now being created to assist in house chores, cooking, and more. That’s apart from doing complex tasks in the industrialized system. All You Need to Know About Robotics will fill you in on Robot Technology.

If you haven’t heard of clean energy, then you must have heard of carbon emissions and greenhouse gases which are depleting the atmosphere due to pollution. Clean energy is a way of producing reusable energy while trying to fix the problem of pollution and the destruction of the atmosphere. To get more on this clean energy you need to read this well-written piece by our tech-savvy Umar Farouk Kabir on What Clean Energy Is All About

And who wouldn’t like to improve on their personal life? Are you looking for something to read that will help you become a better person? Then I got you covered as these are the Eight Books That Changed My Life. I didn’t say so, Aisha Jibril did. I am not much of a reader but I am definitely going to check those books out to experience that change. You should too.


Nature is filled with wonders, beauty, and magical healing powers. Yes! You heard right. Although you might ask, is there a magic wand? Yes, there is. This is because plants can serve that purpose. Plants like Moringa have been used to cure ailments and do other things that improve health. Find out the Benefits of Moringa Plant.


Old school Thursday! As usual, it is about the culture, traditions, and heroes of our past. Something is always looking strange. Something is always trying to make us curious. How about names? We hear a new name if not every day but at least once in a while. Some names sound really cool while others are odd. Sometimes due to cultural differences, we spend time practicing its pronunciation. But most times we don’t really know were these names mean. Here is a guide to a few of these names so next time you know the meaning of what you’re saying lest you bite your tongue. 150+ Hausa Names and their Meanings.

Since I was a kid, I loved to dress up. I’m telling you, Cultural Day is the best day of school for me. I always adored cultural attires so much noting their similarities and differences with other cultures. The Hausa Royal Attire is always beautiful. What they represent is mind-blowing. It’s so beautiful that you could tell someone’s rank by the colour of their clothes and the turban is glamorous. I think I’ve said too much. You should read all about it.


Yes! It is the best day of the week and this is what I have for those who don’t know what Gifts to Give out during Naming Ceremonies. Sometimes, it is hard to pick gifts for other people and naming ceremonies are no exceptions. Just gave out a wonderful article to help you out.

The Harmattan monsters are upon us. Just kidding. Although the weather doesn’t go easy on our skin and our health. Our lips are not left out. The harsh, dusty, and dry wind leaves it dry and chipped. No more. Read how to make your own Homemade Strawberry and Lemon Lip Balm and also Homemade Peppermint Lip Balm with Aisha Zakari as she shares this sweet recipe and never suffer chipped lips again


One of the things that allow disrespect by our significant other to take place is when we don’t set boundaries. Should we set them or nay? You can go ahead to find out Why Setting Boundaries in a Relationship Is Important.

Apart from that, if you are going on your first date and you want it to be fun then this article is for you – Fun Things to do on a First Date. I promise you this will help you gain a space in their hearts that’s if you don’t steal it completely.


There are lots of recipes I want you to try out. Though you could be working a 9-5 schedule and you are quite busy. If that’s the case, please save this article for one of those experimental days – How to Prepare Kunun Gyada written by Abu Hafsah; I was surprised to know it’s coming from a guy, yes a guy! The drink is very nutritious, delicious, and great for everyone in the family. That’s not all. You could also learn How to Make Beans Porridge (Faten Wake).

That’s a wrap! The Northy Letter with all these interesting reads for you to pick from. Next week, I’ll be back with more. Once something is good, we all want more of it. It will only get better from here. I am excited. I will be expecting you next week.

How to Prepare Beans Porridge (Faten Wake)

How to Prepare Beans Porridge (Faten Wake)

Faten Wake, otherwise known as Beans Porridge in the English language, is a food consumed basically by almost all tribes in Nigeria. I seriously don’t know any tribe that doesn’t. To be more specific, the Yorubas are the major consumers of this type of recipe. This article seeks to walk you through how to prepare bean porridge (faten wake).

The primary ingredient for this delicacy is beans. Of course, it has to be because the name of the recipe implies that.

What are we waiting for? Let’s get started on how to prepare bean porridge!

Equipment for Making Beans Porridge

Cooking potYesGet ItGet It
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Ingredients for Making Beans Porridge

2 cups of beans
Spices (maggi, curry powder, etc.)
Vegetables like pepper, onions, tomatoes, etc.
A small bunch of spinach (optional)
½ cup of vegetable or palm oil
Boiled or fried meat or fish (optional)
Salt to taste

Procedure for Making Faten Wake

STEP 1: Pick the dirt out of the beans

STEP 2: Wash the beans well. Then;

STEP 3: Over medium heat, put the washed beans in a pot and allow them to cook. Do this for 30 minutes. If you wish, you could add kanwa (potash) to it to speed up the process.

STEP 4: By now, the beans are soft. Wash the beans well with clean water and put them in a bowl. Set this aside.

STEP 5: Put a clean pot over medium and pour in your vegetable or palm oil.

STEP 6: Slice your onions, tomatoes, and pepper and put them into the pot in STEP 5. Allow to fry for 10 minutes. Ensure you stir gently from time to time to avoid sticking to the bottom of the pot.

STEP 7: Now, add a little water to the pot and pour in your meat or fish. Remember, adding meat or fish is optional. Allow it to boil for 5 minutes.

STEP 8: Add your boiled beans to the pot and stir gently. Leave to cook for another five minutes.

STEP 9: Now slice your spinach and wash thoroughly before you add it to the pot. Allow to simmer.

STEP 10: Add in your salt, Maggi, and other spices like curry powder. Allow it to cook for 5 minutes too.

STEP 11: Taste the meal and add spices if need be. Turn off the cooker, and your Faten Wake is done.

How to Serve Faten Wake

Faten Wake recipe is served with soaked or raw garri (soak the garri and eat with the beans or pour the raw garri on the recipe and stir, then eat), bread, water, etc. You could also eat it with fried plantains, fried chips, boiled or fried eggs, and lots more.

Don’t forget to serve it hot, as it tastes better when hot.

Occasions to Serve Faten Wake

Faten Wake can be eaten as breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Yorubas even serve it at naming ceremonies, weddings, festivals, etc. Basically, Faten Wake is for all occasions.

How to Store Faten Wake

Beans have a high tendency to spoil; as a result, ensure you make just enough for immediate consumption. However, if it is more than enough, you can store it in a refrigerator, and that will make it last for days to the detriment of its delicious taste.

Nutritional Value of Faten Wake

Because the major constituent is beans, Faten Wake helps in repairing the body as it contains protein; it helps in making healthy red blood cells, and it helps in preventing neural tube defects in a fetus during pregnancy.

In addition, people who consume beans on a regular basis are less likely to die of heart attacks or other cardiovascular illnesses. It also helps in reducing the risk of cancer, stabilizing blood glucose or even preventing diabetes, preventing fatty liver, and lots more.


As you have seen, how to prepare Beans Porridge (Faten Wake) is like a walk in the park if you follow the above-mentioned steps. If this recipe is new to you, I hope you try making it soon so as not to miss out on its amazing taste.

If you find this article helpful, please leave a comment in the comments section below.

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