Best Ways to Make Money on Youtube (2021)

Best Ways to Make Money on Youtube (2021)

There is money on YouTube but how do you get it? Getting paid on YouTube is an amazing way to be rewarded for the good and engaging content posted on the platform. It’s 2021 and YouTube is a good way to make money. I will show you how to monetize your YouTube channel in 2021.

You are thinking of starting a YouTube channel but you have no idea how this is going to get you money. Or, you have already started and you are confused as to how to monetize your YouTube channel?

Welcome to my YouTube channel!

This article is just for you. Consider it as a guide in your journey to making money with YouTube. I’ll be showing you how to monetize your YouTube channel in 2021.

Things You Need to Achieve Before you Monetize Your Youtube Channel

You need to have 1,000 subscribers on YouTube.

4,000 hours of public watch time in 12 months.

Comply with the guidelines and policies made by YouTube.

Create and link your Adsense account.

Kindly note, public watch time is the duration of time (in hours) it takes users to watch your public videos. Deleted or private videos are not included.

How to Enable Your YouTube Account for Monetization

  1. In your YouTube menu, there is a drop-down by the top right of your screen, click on it and you’ll see “YouTube studio”. Tap it.
  2. Clicked on the “YouTube studio”? By the left side of the screen now, you should see “monetization”. Click on it.
  3. Once the “monetization” window opens, click “start”

The moment you click on it, you have agreed to the terms of the YouTube partner program. The next step is to link your Adsense account to your YouTube channel.

What does an Adsense account do?

It is the Google account that you link to YouTube for payment.

In continuation of the process, click on “start” in the “Sign up for Google Adsense”. The Adsense account you created will be linked here. If you haven’t created any, you can create one by following the instructions showing on the screen. An Adsense account can be linked to more than one YouTube channel. After the account has been linked to YouTube, a green “done” will appear on your screen.

The next thing to do is wait.


The “done” shows that all application process has been finalized but has also placed you on an automatic review queue. The review will be done by humans and it takes 30 days or even more. There have been cases of 6 months waiting on review. While waiting, don’t leave YouTube. Keep uploading engaging content and focus on Search Engine Optimization, just like every social media algorithm. It favours consistent users.

Your review may be rejected due to non-compliance with the policies and guidelines of YouTube. However, you can re-apply 30 days after the initial trial.

The good news you’ve been waiting for me to share is once you get into YouTube partner programs, you can now update your ad preferences, enable monetization on your uploads and make money while at it.

Ads have been the most known way of making money with YouTube. However, there are additional ways that you can do this:

1. Sell Merch on Your Channel

Most video content creators sell products on their websites. They produce products that they know their viewers will be interested in buying. Make your viewers aware of what you’ll be selling. Advertise wisely and you could even set a poll question on what they will buy from you if you start selling. Cute things most especially sell a lot.

Create an online store for the merch you create and add it in every of your video descriptions, backed up with a catchy call to action.

2. Make a Sponsored Video

Even a YouTuber can be an influencer. This is a popular way that makes money for YouTubers. All you have to make is have direct communication with the brands and get paid for advertising their products in your video content. You’ll be paid for doing that.

Brands that see your engaging and large audience would even come to you themselves. This is one excellent way to monetize YouTube in 2021.

3. License Your Video Content to Media

What does this even mean?

Let’s imagine your YouTube video gets viral, news outlets would want to get their hands on a copy of the video. And they are also well aware that they are to pay to get the copy from you.

Having said this, it is wise to update your contact details on your about age on YouTube. It’s that simple, in order to license your work to the media, you just have to make yourself easy to find and connect with.


Conclusively, if you read all of this, congratulations. Cheers to making money with YouTube.